Nicholas Sparks Discusses the Novel Learning Series

hey there I'm Nicholas Sparks and I'm here to talk to you today about a project that's very dear to my heart the novel learning series education is always been a very important part of my life at you can literally say it's been one of my passions is so much so that my wife and I ended up founding a school in my hometown of New Bern North Carolina and I volunteered significant amount of my own personal time at in the public school setting as well and one of the things that are our guiding principles when we founded this school was the belief that that we want to get students to learn to love to read and part of the way to do that is to introduce them to reading and teaching through novels that they're already that they already love or with novels with which they're already familiar novels that I guess they feel as if they could be the characters you know I try to write my novels with just such ideas in mind and so with the help of my brother and the help of one of the leading educators in the in the field of English language arts we've developed a fabulous way to bring not only my novels into the classrooms but to help your students prepare for to meet the the common core standards assessments and to make life easier for you as a teacher as well you know when we first set out to design the product we tried to put ourselves in the teachers mind how would they want to teach the book and at the same time we wanted to get into the students mind what's the best way for them to actually learn the material so if you're a teacher basically you'd essentially say read the first three sections or the first four chapters or whatever it is because it's all broken down and then at the end of each of these sections we have a series of questions they are based on the common core standards which are required now to be taught in the classroom there's going to be assessments of course coming up on exactly this and a lot of people aren't you exactly how to teach them well we with the assistance of someone who's literally designed the common core standards and she's writing the assessments she's the one who helped us put these questions together so these questions cover exactly those core standards at the same time they're framed in the way that the s80 and the a.c.t are framed so you're your students who are struggling for instance they learn the core standards you know you're meeting them at the same time you're more advanced students or your average students there at least prepping for this the s80 or the a.c.t finally not only do we provide you with the you know what's the question about what course standard are we teaching and here's the question but then we literally teach the student how to find the answer you're not going to find anything else like that then when you throw in these fabulous writing rubrics with you the essays three literally the same essays but at different levels of quality you've got a level one ap quality and a level three ap quality and a level 5 you know your students now know what they need to do you they'll know how they have to improve to do it we tossed in some critical reading questions again that's because students who were prepping for the s80 need to do that and yet that also goes back to one of these core standards you know this is what this is what education is is becoming it in the English language arts you're going to have these assessments this is what we're supposed to be teaching and this is really the only integrated product that makes it easy for the teacher and delightful for the student I mean we're incredibly proud of this product and over time we intend to have even more of them

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  1. How are you going to make a couple fall in love and then kill the girl off too cancer that fucking made me cry just now

  2. It is a pity that people never think of scientific field, which is in such need. I wish Mr. Sparks with give it a chance…

  3. Love you Nicholas You're Awesome (L) i really Like your books, they make the difference in my life. Thanks! Send a big kiss to your parents and tell them that they made a great job!! 😀 Kisses Bye.

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