New Writers on their WriteNow Experience

the right now scheme has literally I would say it's definitely been a life-changing experience I think the biggest impact right now is head-on me personally is in my confidence I've made a compared this to the book that's huge when I found out that I've been accepted on the mentoring scheme I was in a supermarket cafe and I really had to resist the urge and dance right there and play for the moon I still think about it now and this cart stops mine I was in the queue in a coffee shop and I got the email through and I let out a huge squeal and jumped around and then ordered my copy since the skinny short story I finished the book and I got a book deal my book the reinvention of Martha Ross is coming out in the summer the biggest impact of the right now program for me has been the impact on my confidence as a writer I never felt like I could get published before this and now it's kind of giving me hope I've got some direction so now I'm going with this even if it seems like an endless task if I have to describe my right now experience in one word it would be transformative typical and that is one word when I wrote it comforting because it feels like I have wrapped around me a protective cloak that helps me sit down and write with confidence and guidance it's been just amazing to have people actually believing in me and believing in my book my life my advice for anyone who's wanting to apply for right now this year is to just do it have confidence in yourself have confidence in your story and just go for it

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  1. Is being working class good enough criteria to enter? I'm an aspiring writer, but I'm also white-British, straight and male, and unsure whether I'm the target demographic in a way I guess? Genuine question – I'd love to enter but wouldn't like to bother putting in the effort sorting out a decent excerpt to have it rejected on the basis of not meeting the specifications.

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