New Order – Blue Monday lyrics

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  1. its okay. I mean its not terrific anymore. It was more than terrific when it was released originally and we were all dancing to it. then it was better. I don't know. that's how it feels.

  2. Hey! I'm not a native speaker so I can't quite understand these lyrics:

    "Turn away no more"

    "I see a ship in the harbor
    I can and shall obey
    But if it wasn't for your misfortune
    I'd be a heavenly person today"

    Can somebody explain them to me, please?

  3. I was a metal head in the 80's, dising top 40 as a disease in HS. I hear these songs now AND LOVE THEM! To be clear, The Cure was always cool! ! !

  4. Still better than 90’d electro haha forget “I’m blue a de de blah blah” garbage compared what these guys pulled off in the 80’s

  5. Someone said I should try this for Karaoke, so I came here to check it out to find that it's 7 minutes long…

  6. Still listening
    Year 3867 in my spaceship (day no. 158; months were deleted a long time ago)
    What was with the 80s and taking instead of singing

  7. You’ve got to give up to new Order cause there wouldn’t be BLADE The Movie cause opening scene is BANGIN !!!

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