New Features for Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill

26 thoughts on “New Features for Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill

  1. There are a zillion how-to videos out there but JKost's are just right for me. Clear, efficient, not too much detail, no rambling intros.

  2. The content aware fill doesn't exist, I only see content aware scale and fill. using photoshop cc 2018 v20

  3. Why am I getting scared? Oh, yea… AI, robots, terminator, self-awareness, human extinction. Ok… maybe that's it. Stop making programs smarter! 😉

  4. i remember the days before content aware and the spot heal – when all we had was clone it taught you how images work, it actually created an entire generation of actual digital artist – not just people that know how to use a program

  5. This is the best update I have seen so far. Good job Adobe! I was wondering when was it possible to control which areas will be sampled.

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