are you ready for this sickness let's get into it hey guys welcome back to economics and comics this is your new conflict day early access video for eight seven nineteen now look I'm gonna show you every book dude there's like 240 plus covers every publisher and all the keys related this is it don't forget to sub I was just looking at my analytics right now 40% of you watch it and then you don't sub are you insane let's hit that sub button leave me a comment and like this video guys we're gonna get right into it I just wanted to say to the people are asking are you forgetting publishers no I've checked them all if it's not in here it's not coming out that's the way the previous guy is sometimes it's come out late some kind of it come out early whatever mister you know step pulls here chilling we're gonna get right into it and make sure to watch the video that comes after this this will be the video for 731 to get your goodies okay so from I DW guys we have Dick Tracy for ever number four we have HG Wells the island of dr. Moreau number one I like this book I actually like this regular cover there is a 10 copy variant and it's a new book and it's a black and white now my little pony feats of friendship number one the cover a it's the first appearance of swift foot so key if I was gonna pick a cover though I guess I would pick cover because that is fire excuse my language star wars adventures number 24 cover a and cover B by branchy and there's a 10 copy variant cover right there ok another book to look out for teenage Ninja Turtles number 95 second printing this is one Jenica becomes a new turtle key still second printing might want to get your hands on a couple i don't know ii printings are weird transformers number 10 cover a bye dear it states there is a new bad guy okay cover b and a 10 copy variant which if I was gonna get any of them I'll get that one transformers ghostbusters number three cover a I like that one the best it's the first I believe it's the first full appearance of Autobot ecto Tron he's on the cover right there I believe I'm pretty sure it's him I don't know and there's a cover be okay dub step will agrees okay now we're moving on to it's alive comics okay you tell me anyone ever says it's a lot of comics I do see it read range Pirates of fire world world number one it could be the first appearance of red mask tour on and see talk I love step full I love cover a by jock that was that it's a new book cover B by Olsen kind of looks like step pool cover C by Steven Harris cover D by Ramon Perez cover e by Chris scenic cover F by Bozek and cover G by elegiac okay from boom Studios we got Angel number two second printing Buffy the Vampire Slayer number seven regular cover looks like Scully from x-files cover B cover C is lie oh and I don't have a cover for D there's a fo see Mercado Slayer variant and if there was any cover I liked it's the FOC vant variant which is right there now I'm not 100% sure but giant days number 53 I think is the final issue I'm not sure I'm over garden-wall soulful symphonies number one new book there's no cover for the first one this is the young cover if anything I will get this cover the full art Oh cover dude I don't know why but I bet you this book hot usually when I say that it is look at it it's so simple so there and the pre-order pain you're covered now Ronin Island number five is coming out this is the Anka cover the main cover and I like the next one which is the pre-order cover okay here we go from red 5 there's a big mix-up against the book got pushed I don't know that's how it works sometimes Dark Age number one this book is gonna be fire period okay but something I didn't see before is a 10 copy variant dude that thing is sick look at step pool and afterburn crossfire number forces is the conclusion of the storyline now also this is what's weird to arcades number two's coming out and it says key secrets of the monolith is revealed but what's even better even though that covers cool is cover be there are the 10 copy parent which is cool I like the 10 copy variant veter for number one try to get that okay that's what she said okay from dynamite comics we have Charlie's Angels vs. Bionic live in number two that's covered by Staggs cover be by my food it's my food and the black and white buy my food there's a 20 copy variant which I like the best out of them all and the 30 copy ok this is frickin crazy sick ok from dynamite death-defying devil number one okay this is cover a by Federici listen to me very carefully this is the best of all artists doing covers on a book that I've ever seen before every artist is a big-ass name so have fun at your store pick the one you like it's unbelievable wait to see this so we got Federici as cover okay we got cover be by Perillo we got cover see by Kirkman and a virgin cover which is a 10 copy we have covered deep by Ben Oliver and a 20 copy virgin I like that one okay I like that one you have a cover ebuy Lee in Hyuk Lee and a virgin and the Federici virgin and the 30 copy blue virgin that's what she said and the 40 cover crimson variant virgin and the high-end Perillo variant virgin and to top it all off Alex Ross 50 copy very dude every one of those artists on that on that book is the top dogs sick I didn't see Archer in there what's going on but anyway or Middleton but everyone else the sickest covers have fun buying one next up Elvira mistress of the dark number 8 now the key to this book if anything is she comes face-to-face with the devil and that covers sick by the way my favorite the Cermak variant boobies the royal cover that's kind of cool I bet you that's hot because of Frankenstein and the photo cover variant right his ear oh yeah Oh face kiss n number for cover a by Sega that's my favorite cover there's a brown cover a Schoonover cover there's the photo covered there's Deadpool sleeping the 10 cover variant you gotta buy tend to get that you gotta buy 20 to get this one they're all virgins and 30 to get this one I can't ever see myself I'm 30 just to get that obey me number 5 cover a and I like cover be red Sonia number seven Connor virgin cover I love it okay and now there's the regular cover the Linzer cover we all love Reds on you the redheads are crazy step pull the fam cover the Turner cover which is cool kinda looks like a little J Scott Campbell action going on the cosplay variant which hey-oh Deadpool snip what step well I think that's pretty decent cosplay not usually because it is real double Windsor virgin cover black and white the 20 copy variant right there the 30 copy variant that does not look like a 30 copyright and the 40 oh well wait whoa okay that last one was Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica number three that a cover by Dalton okay now we have this one which is the B cover by hack we have this C cover by Baraka the D cover by apparent the heat cover by stags it's kind of cool and the Dalton virgin cover I like that one the Stags variant virgin cover this just goes on and on the 20 copy variant the 30 copy variant and the 40 copy variant now I want to give you guys a little tip little economists and commas to try to teach little step pull over here you didn't like comics that's all good what teach them some stuff if he goes into accomplished or and he sees any of these books just laying out their version covers and you watch this video like I'll do those virgin covers and its cover price buy it and then go to ebay because you're not gonna keep it and look I'm not doing that okay I sell to you guys in its old books but if you're speculating and you're using this for you get those and you flip those on eBay and you pay for the complex you picked up that weak sick step hold okay next from from Dark Horse Comics we have a new book called beserker unbound now this I think is gonna be fun and cool could be hot this is the do dot o cover it's a magical sword warrior goes through a wormhole and comes to our time yeah that's right and it's like Conan with magic and he went through your wormhole that's what she's it and then there's a Mignola cover to which is gonna be hot but i like cover a better no one left to fight number two it says the severe tutelage of mistress harga so she's gonna be trained probably Kill Bill style that type of stuff that's my thought on that I don't know because I didn't read it but I'm sick so trust me next image comics here we go birth right number 38 okay now here we go I'm gonna tell you now this is one of my pics I just I get a feeling sometimes deep underneath inside my special place and it tells me Bill mister economics mister step pulls psychic coffin bound number one is gonna be hot okay so I'm gonna say it's one of those feelings trust me or not I don't know I could be wrong 50/50 for the point it sounds cool it's image it's number one you know all that stuff goes guys I would say if you have an extra four dollars or three dollars buy it that's like I say about that thing hey crowded number eight cover a and cover B I'd say but I hate this book sorry guys died number six cover a I like that cover the best a new story arc begins and the cover B by Momoko now there's a bunch of image first this you know dollar books yeah criminal number one Guinea and falls this all reprints ice cream man Isola oblivion song which is gonna be a show first trees and Oh trees unnatural number one that might be fun hey now kick-ass number sixteen cover a I like it the I like that cover the best but it says New Mexican enemies si local and you know what those are the best card so that could be a key step who likes chimichangas and the cover be black and white you do it by the way and the Bengal cover now we have outcast number 42 postal deliverance number to see if stars number two section zero number five cover a and cover B II and if I had to pick I would pick cover C because that is sick that reminds me a step pull and an alien mixed together it looks like step pull farted on them any second okay that happens space bandits number to cover a bicycle era is my favorite cover of the space bandits there is a legend variant actually that's the black noise Clara here's the legends very and here is the young variant okay that's kind of cool next thumbs number two second printing thumbs number three just why is it paused go okay on earth number one second printing and Witchblade number fifteen now from Zenescope we got Dragon's Blood number four it's a key because it's the conclusion of the story that's the regular cover that this is the very cover to Li Bao if I was gonna pick a car her this is the cover of a pic cuz it's got a girl on it she's hot for a cartoon and that Tigers just looking at me and I like it next there's a video Reno cover as well see a blood something that I was gonna grimm fairy tales number 30 cover a by chin we all like these to cover be by cocolo and if I was gonna pick a cover it would be living hump day cover man that's a demon I'd like to meet and then the duty cover as well no I'm do me I mean do any excuse me okay step pool this is an interesting book from American mythology we're in American mythology now we have eternal thirst of Dracula to number one it's a new chapter in the story it says sensual evil of a bride of Dracula revealed now why does it say that because I want the cover be which is this one boobies there's gonna be boobies and we like he likes boobies he's sixteen he likes boobies now you know I like boobies for a log we should talk about this he probably liked boobies before that okay so there's two books coming out also really fast these are really cool there's the I don't have the covers for him but it's Pink Panther number one the Robin checks sign variant there's only 50 copies of that and it's celebrating something and pink panther cartoon our special no more on gallant sign cover which is 75 sign covers now Zorro look at that look at that century of swashbuckling number one cover a that is the hundredth anniversary issue dude her back is way too buff Auto what do you think I don't even think he can see and the limited edition there's 350 of those and the black-and-white there's only a hundred copies of those these books are kind of expensive I mean that one right there's $30 okay aftershock comics we have baby teeth number 15 it says one of the biggest moments in baby teeth history key descendant number four origins origins stories key trust fall number two cool cover action lab comics we have adventure finders edge of empire number one there's going to be tons of first appearances in this book I don't know they're gonna buy it but whatever and Herald Lovecraft and Tesla bundles of joy number one that's gonna be a weird story straight-up period from mad cave Studios we have battle cats volume 2 number three okay now don't lady sleepin step pools mom from valiant we have fallen world's number four now it states in here rise greatest enemy as a new form key this is the regular cover this is the crisp cross cover and this is the Harvey cover which is my favorite cover there's also a pre-order bundle cover if you buy all four or if you whatever you you have to get all of them I guess to get the the variant I don't have that covered now here we go we've all been waiting for this book absolute carnage yeah there are some sick-ass covers for this book for Marvel okay I'm gonna tell you there are some good ones I'm gonna tell you mall I'm gonna tell you my two favorite when I get to him so this is cover a it's sixty pages spoiling eight dollars art germ cover art germ virgin that is my first favorite there's a Bagley cover there's a Bradshaw cover of course as a blade cover always pick them up blink solo print a del Auto variant dude that is fire that's my other favorite one it's sick yeah there's a do dot Oh covered now they're all good but darts are version and then the other one of my favorite and there's a grand off cover they a lot of you are gonna like as well there's also a Christopher action figure which is kind of funny there's a hot connecting cover which is dope by the way but you know let's hope being all freaky there's a cooter young guns varying cover and a limb variant cover and that's it for that absolute carnage pick one up guys so arrow number one second print variant and arrow number two comes out it says they're gonna arrow and wave we're gonna test their powers see what other stuff that can do there's a reason there's that they're together agent atlas number one new book first aren't going series of these guys and it's the first appearance of Isaac Ikeda akkada ki Oakland Madonna and the PACU Leone variant cover I like the Sooyoung very rare he looks like Bruce Lee the Holts got a mohawk and the young cover which is actually pretty cool and the wave cover okay now black cat number three now that covers fire we love it cuz this J Scott Campbell okay but it's the regular cover so if you want to get jiggy with it and make some money you don't buy this cover the show you by the Enya Klee cover that's what the money's gonna be look at the definition of those legs I mean they he he he you know you see the muscles and the fat and the tissue and hey Champions number eight here we come return of the freelancers guys key cosmic Ghost Rider destroys Marvel history of number six I love this cover the best it's the conclusion of the story and there's a jacinto cover as well it's cool daredevil number nine I love the regular cover it kind of says that it's like a new devil daredevil running around and there's a Johnson variant as well dead man Logan number ten return of Logan's oldest foe it says Fantastic Four prodigal son number one second printing I didn't have that cover for it I do have the cover here though for future foundation number one a new book the atlanteans the mutants the moloids and the androids get all together in there a team Alex and Julie show their powers whatever dude new book regular cover there's the Christopher figure covered and the Miyazawa cover that's my favorite one and they're all bad house of x number one second printing guys House of X number two get ready this is the regular cover this is the Christopher action figure of variant this is the Davis character decades cover this is the Pacelli flower-covered it'll it's this flower thing or not the Loras virgin cover and the Yasmine poetry connecting cover I like that one immortal hope number twenty second print Oh e-excuse me there is also the young cover okay now a mortal hope number twenty second printing come on show me the second printing I'm more down there it is I kind of like it it's like the pencils it's kind of dope more to hope number twenty-two regular cover guys sure there's some sort of key I don't know I mean whatever but the variant is fire sick dude look at that just take a damn look step step that's dope dude so I want do to you and you misbehave invincible woman invisible woman number two okay it's a team up with the Black Widow that's my favorite cover cuz it's sick sick and there is the Conner variant as well as your school major X number zero we thought it was gone but it's not he's back we gotta have to have a number zero after we're all done with everything else makes no sense do a minus one don't do a zero yeah first appearance of watchtower I think that's the regular cover if there's any cover I would get it would be that one which is the life fill variant amazingly enough congratulations ISIL and the pissed core variant and you could tell that's very piss-poor piss-poor excuse me major X number six second printing how to do one more just for you guys old men quill number eight Punisher number fourteen Savage Avengers number one third printing number three second printing it's kind of cool whatever savage manners number four okay he's gonna be using the symbiote sword in this we'll see what happens that's a regular cover I like this fino cover is fire dude and there's a Bianchi cover okay next I have a real hard time picking of which book of the week to do maybe it will do two but I'm picking this one okay sensational spider-man self-improvement number one now that's a really stupid title but it's a key it's a story that was lost that's never been told about the black suit like he has a black suit before Secret Wars so I don't think it's Simba I think it's just he had a black suit I don't know I'm interested to read it though spider-man annual number one second printing school spider-ham and a bunch of dudes on there to see it Star Wars number 70 there is a Christopher a configure variant and the Simonson greatest moments Frank now look guys if you like Star Wars you buy that book Return of the Jedi at the end when Vader throws them off and he gets all electrocuted that's it that's dope whatever I don't care you buy it dude you see the ribs thought oh s— number three second printing thor number fourteen second printing war the realms number six second printing look you know I gotta say it dude quit second printing you're making the books worthless and you've already printed a million very upset milk at the teat of the Americas in the world Wolverine exit wounds number one second printing you could refill that cuz that book stick alright we're almost done step oh thank the Lord Archie comics ready to go Archie married life 10 years later number one cover II by parent ever be by bone cover see by Frank Ovilla cover D by hack if I was gonna pick a cover I would pick cover e by Lopresti cuz they're playing video games the father and the son are playing video games the daughter is on her iPhone and the moms like what but you know what's fake about that whole thing is the mom would be sitting on the couch with a cellphone to fake news okay what do you think stiple you heard sixteen year old I'm trying to train him but it's not working okay world of Archie jump up comics digest number 91 okay we're done with Archie let's move on to the final countdown yeah in a Stoke so DC Comics we're gonna finish without you guys look I'm gonna finish off with DC Comics check out the video later look if you guys haven't subscribed do it you are gonna lose money by not watching this yeah call your store after this 1213 days or before it comes out I want that Midtown eBay he's mine you big league before whatever did 40% unsubscribed you're a bunch of thieves okay DC DC Comics here we come so we're start off with Batman number 676 that know that there's more than two counter companies oh you're so it's a damn shame that's why you step pool okay that's the card stock variant which is fire sick okay it says flashpoint Batman on there's probably a key and then here's the regular cover it's cool but whatever how many times are gonna have Batman beating his back broken Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles three number four let's cut that was cover a I think it's like the first appearance are the smile clan I'm not sure you can see him smiling I like to other color better this is the variant deceased number four now that's the regular cover this is the horror cover variant and there's the Joker I ordered that a long time ago that's the card stock fairy that's fire huh sure step pool then we got oh I'm so excited I am so excited to announce this guy's just I've been waiting for this forever step ball you're lucky to be here now I love this cover this is Deathstroke number 46 variant cover Jericho uses his new powers but I want to show you something because I'm so proud I'm so proud of you I am so proud I don't wait for this book Jericho uses his new powers ready the regular cover there it is folks the original regular cover I need this book to be hot so I hope it is but there it is that cool stemple yeah that's the original art only one of those step we'll doesn't understand I understand he understands okay here we go we're gonna finish up now to show off a little bit economics of Commerce listen o steffel do patrol weight of the world's number two regular and I like the variant cover right there dreaming number twelve Green Lantern number ten oh this is a key probably lanterns multiverse and they're trying to help ante a man or so I don't know what's going on there and the card stock variant cover which is dope Harley quit number sixty-four that covers dope dude I think that's a super-powered Harley Quinn it says that she doesn't use the powers but I think she's on the cover and the regular cover I gotta say it Joe I love you but dude what I don't understand what you're doing I don't I see him at comic-con every year if you remember me tell me bill why'd you say that I'm trying to help you man I just don't know there's something wrong dude Justice League number twenty-nine I like that cover the best and here is the that was a very here's the regular Lois Lane number two regular cover which is cool America and the variant cover I like better Sinestro you're the villain number one and to finish up that's what she said that reminds me of the Muhammad Ali car when he fought my homily Superman up in the sky number two it's a key because it's reprinting Superman giant number five and six okay and it's a cool cover now look if you haven't already that's my stuff that's my special stuff I mean this says I love beaver beaver Utah we stopped in I got a shirt I thought it was cool but that's sick wait that is sick you can get shirts you get all types of stuff do you know what you know teespring link below can't find any books eBay link below oh there's a bunch of discounts and stuff below but watch this video next okay and please hit that sub button step oh thank you for joining us sick hey guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed that video please hit that like button and subscribe now here's another video for your sickness entertainment have a great one bye bye


  1. "Beserker Unbound" seems too much like "Birthright" to me, just can't get myself to bite the bullet and grab a copy… but I agree 100% with you about "Coffin Bound", (feel the same way about "Collapser") pre-ordered 2 copies of "Coffin Bound" and both versions of #1 for "Collapser". I think they both have some potential.

  2. Sick video. This video was soo sick, i went a took a dump and was like….that video was so sick it made me literally shit my pants.

    Hey, if you can get absolute carnage Gabrielle Delatto issue 1 variant…i will trade you for something sick. I dont have an lcs near me and i really want it bad.

  3. Awesome as always Billy next month coming around the corner you will definitely be getting my support on Parton brother your top tear . thank you for all you do like seeing your early access. Awesome thank you brother.

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