New Book Debunks President Donald Trump’s Deep State Conspiracy | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “New Book Debunks President Donald Trump’s Deep State Conspiracy | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. And other books do not debunk it…..point? Other than Left in full terror mode now that DOJ is investigating the Russian collusion hoax….

  2. Rudy Giluminati, Atgolf Twitler and Clown Prence Milky-Mike walk into a bar. Plenty of water-felon, IM-peaches, agent-orange, banana Republicans, fruitcake, going-nuts, milk and Rudy awakenings went down.

  3. This sucks…bits and pieces of these shows. I will watch "full" episodes, not bouncing around for 5 min clips.

  4. Here's a qustion: Why wouldn't "deep state" beurocrats — civil servants working at all levels of the public sector — be every bit as loyal and dedicated to their code of honour and civic duty as, say, military personell?

  5. Ron Johnson is a nut-job. He's Senator from my state, but I didn't vote for him. Just watch him and listen to him, ranting like a madman, talking over the interviewer. He's the unhinged face of Trump's Republicans. The Republican Party is dead.

  6. 'Do unto others before they do unto you.' is Trump's Strategy here. Accuse those who can/will accuse you. 'I'm not corrupt YOU"RE corrupt. Mango Molester forgot that facts are real.

  7. The leaders of The Deep State are: Donald Trump, William Barr, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham. Now, let's arrest 'em all, try 'em traitors, 'n LOCK 'EM UP!!!!

  8. Trump is an impulsive psychopath who blames, bullies and diverts attention from his own dysfunction and “sick soul “. Why else would he have 3 Trophy Wives, golf courses, mansions, golden towers and his fancy facade of a comb-over? Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

  9. Trump is delusional and those who still support Trump must enjoy being lied to. The press is not corrupt and is not fake unless they are playing videos of Trump speaking. Trump lies are the best examples of fake news on most networks and newspapers.

  10. Deep state is going down BIGLY! Normies, get ready to be Red Pilled. You will soon find out what these creeps have been up to behind the scenes. WWG1WGA

  11. What the f*** are you talking about this man was directly asked if there was a deep State Yesterday by another liberal news reporter and he said yes there is so how does that debunk trumps conspiracy theories of a deep State he actually affirmed it not debunked it

  12. 'Deep State' is and has been Russian propaganda. The President of The United States of America, The Commander in Chief is and has been spreading Russian propoganda for Political gain. Who has Trump brought down that's a member of the 'Deep State'? The only individuals who have gone to jail worked for Trump and/or have been Trump's friend or business partners for years.

    George Papadopoulos
    Rick Gates
    Michael Flynn
    Michael Cohen
    Paul Manafort
    Bill Cosby
    Jeff Epstein
    Richard Pinedo
    Alex van der Zwaan

  13. "DEEP STATE" is a talking point , and contrived excuse for the neo-neo-cons' to dismantle the governmental institutions that stand in the way of the Corporate agenda to privatize everything. Deep state is really just Government employees who keep their oath to uphold the constitution. When these come up against a lawless President, it looks like a conflict, and in a conflict, anybody can make a claim of wrong doing.

  14. I like they all come using the same words. They e-mail each other . Now it's kangaroo court. None of them can think of their own those are your leaders.

  15. Of course intel officials were 'deeply prejudiced against Trump.' They're intelligent people who value the country, ethics, and law and order/justice. There are no intelligent, ethical, uncompromised people on this planet who do not despise Trump. The issue is whether any of them take illegal measures to act on that sentiment. "Deep State" is a piece of Bannon fiction, sucked on and swallowed by feebleminded Deplorables. Because it echoes the pablum they watch on CBS, and makes them think they understand more than they do.

  16. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President he is a Traitor and works for Putin; what a “Coup d'état” by Vladimir Putin. Trump has had business ties to Putin in organized crime endeavors, for decades. See for yourself

    by : I. P. STANDING

  18. I would be kind if I called Sen. Jhonson a fool. The only thing that is deep, is the hole the republicans are digging for themselves.

  19. They throw out names that most people would not know have resigned. Many would think they still work for the administration.


  21. Gotta love trump… he's got the demorats running around like a rats with their heads cut off!!! 😂 trumps right when he said "Dems the do nothing party"…

  22. @ Books are made up to move people to their opinions, like the main news media like MSNBC, you control the news, you control the citizens minds that do not think objectively.

  23. Good show last night Lawrence! I can't wait to get the book! And we the Tax Payers are paying for Barr to get trash on Mr Biden? Just flying around the world! 🤔

  24. You can see the Republicans projecting their guilt on every facet of Investigation in the country. They are the traitors, investigating of Muellers investigation, how dare they attack their own Country. TRUMP IS MAKING the dems, and anyone who has an opposing argument as HITLER DID to the JEWS. SAYING WE ARE THE ENEMY TO HIS BASE IS INCITING VIOLENCE

  25. The dems haven't figured out yet, the more you attack trump the stronger trump becomes… thanks dems for helping trump win 2020…😁

  26. He could have made this real easy! Visit all those indicted. ☝️🎙🧐🎩 wasting TAXPAYER dollars. He should be removed and DISBARRED ⚖

  27. I decide to watch this MSNBC to see just what fake news is. WOW, this is so scary, there are a lot of citizens that can be drawn in to this show. Heavenly Father let Your Will be done.

  28. Trump is more popular than ever and still packing stadiums. 70,000 tickets were purchased to see Trump in Minneapolis. Keep up your witch hunts, because you are giving Trump a lot of free air time. No publicity is bad publicity, as the saying goes.

  29. So you are saying Barr is not supposed to travel the world and investigate because someone said it's all baseless conspiracy? Pfff… I suggest the police and everybody in the justice system act the same way, see how you like it when this "method" will be applied to you. You will not be defended because your version of events will be just conspiracy. … You are destroying justice and democracy in the U.S.

  30. My father had dementia towards the end of his life. I tried to explain to him that his mother was dead for 40 years, but he got confused. The doctor said I shouldn't try to disabuse him, but should just enter his reality and try talk using his demented logic. In that spirit, let's talk about Deep State. Trump needs to be impeached because he's shown himself to be utterly incompetent to root out the Deeps State operatives from the Executive Branch. We never had a problem with Deep State under Obama.

  31. Trump's playbook is Mein Kampf.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

  32. So, just because Trump or Bannon mentioned it, you all will pretend politicians and big business are never self-serving. It's good fortune for the government that the masses don't think. 🙂


  34. The Intelligent agencies knew what Putin was doing…..and Trump is his sucker….and puppet.
    Sen. Johnson is an unpatriotic American and anti-Constititutional…. and defends Putin's Trump!

  35. According to this joker, the investigation of the President did not begin until Comey was fired. According to Comey, he was investigating the President at the January 2017 meeting and lied to the President about it.

    Also, that is an incredibly dishonest way to frame the issue. The issue is when did the Obama administration begin spying on the Trump campaign. There is still no definitive answer, but it had to be the spring of 2016 the latest as Misfud was set on Papadopoulos in March 2016. This man and this network are absolutely shameless. They take their viewers as idiots.

  36. All Good Americans want, need, support and love OUR President Trump all the rest of you ding dongs can kiss my grits !!!

  37. I BELIEVE IN THE Deep State, it is True ! So is the N/W/O, The Illuminati, The Rothchilds, The Old World Order, The Conspiracy Club 4 Nit Wits ! The Dumbells Of America For Trumply ! All True ! !

  38. You people are seriously delusional. There is a Deep State and MSNBC is part of it. The American people aren't ALL stupid, just the Left.

  39. When they take that traitor out in a strait jacket kicking and screaming" I am innocent". " I order you to arrest Perry , Graham, Guiliani they are the ones who started this whole thing" Oh, and don't forget Pence." trump is going to throw everyone under the bus including those clueless children of his.I hope they can get him to resign, but giving all that power up without a fight would be difficult for such a person. I wonder if anyone recalls Michael Cohen telling the committee that trump said this is his country. Cohen was trying to let everyone know trump thought by being elected he owned this country and it was going to be run like his businesses."Get Out" trump.

  40. Didn't the Republicans get the message. Steve Bannon admitted that the Deep State conspiracy theories were all BS and just made up to rile up Trumps base. Oops..

  41. The Left is now defending the CIA after their Murdering and torturing campaign in the middle east and also the FBI with their targeting of minorities especially African Americans!
    This are strange times indeed!

  42. William Barr traveling on behalf of the white house investigating himself using on public money. How much pressure is he putting on these countries. God knows how high are the stacks. No telephone call recordings. I hope theses countries record their meetings because this is treason.


  44. Its not impulsely or idiosy..He wants Russia to invade everyone they want! It was his deal with Putin for meddling in the election!

  45. They would not have this opinion, if there was not a threat to national security and most democrats in this country want our country to be safe for our children and their children. If republicans cared about these fundamental rights, they might be able to realize we just want America to not fall to a putin related regime.

  46. It was common knowledge in the world's of journalism and finance that Trump was beholden to Russia long before he ran, The FBI would have been remiss in their duty if they didn't investigate.

  47. If Deep State was true, why isn't tax evasion on the list for impeachment? follow the yellow brick road (gold)

  48. It's easy to say the deep state but where is the evidence it's strange that only the right wing nut jobs who scream deep state give me a break some people are just so dumb.

  49. No cooperation = obstruction of Justice and obstruction of Congress!! If your call was so "perfect" trump then why are you not giving Congress what they want so you can shove it up their a$$???? Yeah it's because you're a criminal and you know that you screwed up and now you need to pay the price which is impeachment!!!! Oh and Jim Jordan I'm from Ohio and you will NOT get my vote!!!! You and many other republicans are just as guilty as trump!!!!

  50. The two cabinet members who Rod Rosenstein thought would back using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump were John Kelly and Jeff Sessions, according to this author.

  51. LIES — the CIA was created to serve the President, not the People and not designed to conspire against the President.

  52. The tribulation is coming for you all. I can't wait to sit back and watch as all these DS satan worshippers get publicly hanged. If you really want to know what I'm talking about, look up a documentary called: Agenda: The Grinding Down of America. If you watch that, you will have a much better grip on what's been happening (for over 100 years); and, what's about happen. Because if you don't know what's about to come, then you will be so shocked I can imagine there will be huge amounts of confusion and civil discourse due to the truth being so unbelievable. Starting in 2021 we will start to see the world as we know it be shattered and humanity as a whole will realise that almost everything we think is true, is in fact based on lies and manipulation. Agenda. Go watch it and actually start your 'woke' journey.

  53. The cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias is so strong with CNN, ABC, MSNBC viewers that its like watching a parody of a parody.

    "These people are so stupid" – PRESIDENT Donald Trump.

  54. This just in: A guy who’s opinion carries the same weight as the counter argument tells you you’re crazy. Go pound sand MSM

  55. Forget this as a news story, you pink skins should be investigating what you are and who engineered you, not what Trump is doing. Honestly, you keep following lies and deceit. Keep following lies and deceit dont you.

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