Netflix, Youtube could face crackdown on Australian content

online streaming services Netflix and YouTube could face tighter rules about showing Australian content following the a triple saved landmark report into digital platforms the government is considering its response to the report which makes 23 recommendations to reform tech giants to curb market power and better protect privacy one thing the government is considering is changing how local content rules apply to online publishers Communications Minister Paul Fletcher agrees there needs to be greater transparency around the company's business operations it's very clear that the report finds that Google and Facebook have substantial market power they have a pervasive presence in our economy Australians may well not understand how they are using the data they've set up these platforms to operate and they're sort of styling themselves as as being people who just have got no control over things and that's their entire approach which ignores the fact that they've created these platforms they control the algorithms that make a lot of money out of them and fundamentally they don't take enough responsibility so it's time for government and for regulators to step in to address that real problem the report also recommends an independent regulator be appointed to monitor the reliability of news content shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland says fake news needs to be tacked but it must be approached with caution you don't want anyone coming along a regulator for example who is censoring what actually goes out to people because the whole idea of the Internet as we know is that there's freedom of information and democratization on that platform so your exercise we're gonna Google to do this themselves the a Triple C clearly does not in many aspects I think that again the very fact that these organizations are there to make a profit the profit motivation is the primary driver

8 thoughts on “Netflix, Youtube could face crackdown on Australian content

  1. Profit is not the primary driver. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other mainstream media is owned and controlled by the same cabal.

  2. Never vote for the globalists feminist mangina liberals and vagina labour parties or vote for and help white women. Meetoo, feminism victim culture and hatred of white men has made them all too toxic.

  3. Check out what Milton Friedman said on regulation. Big tech is aiming to make social media a regulated sector as their lobbyists will write the legislation, stifle innovation and increase the barriers to entry for competition.

  4. You mean boring Australian content, football rammed down your throat, excessive advertising, etc. Jetnavigator also said it right, Australian Government will absolutely stuff it up.

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