Nerf War : Hello Neighbor vs PBT Squad (Spell Book Found 2019)

– [Boys] Previously on Twin Toys. – I wanna do more with
the magic wand, okay. We wanna see if there’s
any more hidden secrets. There’s a letter, oh my goodness! – [Eli] I saw some magic.
– Magic, P.S., thanks for leaving the
game room door unlocked? – [Eli] Game room door
unlocked, haha, lol, haha. – [Dad] Oh my gosh, wait
this is from Hello Neighbor! Didn’t you say he came
through the game room door? – Yeah. – [Dad] So wait, we have to go downstairs. Oh my goodness, he’s
trying to find the wand. I wonder what this would
do on Hello Neighbor if we used the spell on him? What was the magic words, though? Oh my goodness! We got caught by Hello
Neighbor, didn’t we? – No, we didn’t.
– Wait a minute. Eli, where’s the magic wand? The wand’s right there. He’s not coming, is he? Oh my goodness, he’s comin’! He’s comin’! Did he find the spell? No Eli, get back here,
where are you going? No, no, no, get back here! Wait, stop, what are you doing? (mechanical wind blowing) No, stop! (dramatic percussion music) (bouncy piano music) – [Mom] Hey, guys, I just saw Hello Neighbor leaving our house. He’s going across the street. You guys okay? Why aren’t you moving? What’s wrong? Hello? Oh, wait a minute. I remember, last time
you guys used the remote. Okay, you guys stand still, don’t move. Oh, yeah, I guess you can’t move. Okay, I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go get the remote. (chants foreign spell) Unpause. (boys pant) – [Dad] Oh my goodness! What just happened? – The neighbor!
– The neighbor! – [Daddy] Wait, wait, Hello Neighbor? Yeah, Hello Neighbor! Was I supposed to, oh hi hun. – Hi. – [Camden] I need that. – [Dad] What in the world? Oh, do you have the remote? – Yeah
– Okay so we’re gonna give it to him, give it to Cam,
give it to Cam, give it to Cam. It’s okay, he can be the
protector of the remote right now. – [Eli] What?! – [Dad] But guys, what happened? Didn’t we see Hello Neighbor? – Yeah! – [Daddy] And then he took our
wand and he took the spell? Isn’t that what happened? – He took the remote too. – [Dad] Hun, I’m sorry, we have
to put you up to speed here. So Hello Neighbor knew
that we had the magic wand in the house and he was
trying to get it, right? – Yes he was, was gettin’ it! – [Dad] And then he got
it, but we’re like okay, that’s no problem because he
doesn’t know the magic spell. But then we realized that
he needed to find the spell. – Mmmhmmm. – [Daddy] And we’re like,
oh he’s not gonna find the spell at all, but
then we can’t remember where we hid the spell, right? We hid the spell somewhere, right?
– Yeah – [Dad] And then all of a
sudden, he found the spell and the magic wand and we
tried to hold him, right? So then he ran for the door because he knew he had both items and we tried to stop him, but then he froze us! Wait, time out, wait a minute. Don’t you have the magic wand? – No, Hello Neighbor got it!
– What magic wand? – [Cam] Hello Neighbor has it. – [Dad] Well wait, how
did you, wait a minute, let me see this, let me
see this, let me see this. Pause. (zapping sound) Okay, so it works, and unpause. Okay good, okay. So, how did you put the spell on the remote control without the magic wand? – Well I found this ring
while I was up in the attic and I thought oh, it’s
pretty, so I just tried it on. (Mom gasps) – That’s interesting.
– Maybe it has magical power. – [Kids & Dad] Maybe it does! – [Dad] Okay so now we don’t
need the magic wand anymore. – Yeah.
– Yes. – But instead–
– We have a ring. – [Dad] So you’re like
a wizard or something. – Ooooooo. – [Dad] Mommy’s got like
magic enchanted powers. – I need that.
– Oh that’s so cool. – I need this.
– Okay hold onto it. – Hold onto it, hold onto it. Okay so this is interesting. – [Mom] It’s beautiful isn’t it? – [Dad] It is, it is very nice. – [Eli] Can I see, can I see?! – [Dad] I think there is too
much power going on here. There’s too much magical powers going on. I need to start researching this stuff and see what’s going on here. – Okay. – [Dad] Okay, let me go downstairs. I’m going to research that. Twins, you come with me. Cam, you stay up here with Mommy. You guys have more fun
with the remote control. See anything else you can
pause and have fun with. – Okay, we’ll play around
with it and see what happens. – So, me and the twins
are gonna go downstairs and try to research how in
the world is this going on. This is nuts, what’s
goin’ on Twin Toy Army? Thank goodness we’re free and everything, but can you believe
Mommy was able to enchant or put a spell on the remote control without the use of the
wand, isn’t that nuts? That’s kinda cool, though. And she found it in the attic, she said. We need to figure out what is going on with this wand and who it came from. Eli said he found it in the woods last episode, remember that? This is just absolutely insane. (door closes) Why us though? Why, why was it in our backyard? And why was the ring up in our attic? That’s so strange, guys,
isn’t that strange? – Mmmhmmm.
– Isn’t that weird? Why in the world would that happen? Okay, so let’s get some
research going here. Let’s figure this out! (synthesizer music) – [Dad] Guys, so we
found it, look at this. – [Liam] What’s that? – [Dad] That’s the symbol
that was on the wand. Can you believe that? I know you guys are still trying to learn how to read but we found out so much. I found out so much about
what this means, the symbol of it, where the wand came
from and why we have it. Okay, one by one let’s
figure this thing out and let’s explain and
reveal why we have this! First of all, we researched
what do the markings mean? And the markings mean, okay it says here, they are cabalistic images
with esoteric meaning. Esoteric means understood by only a few. Only a few. These symbols are designed to convey power to whoever holds the wand. Moreover, each bulb and gap that appears on the wand denotes the power of a person who actually once possessed it. Isn’t that weird?
– Oh no, yeah. – Yeah, that’s really strange. I wonder how we can figure
out who possessed it? I don’t know, it doesn’t make any sense. Wand by a particular user,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It also appears that the wand acquired more power with each user, as well, stealing power from the previous user. (group gasps) No wonder why this magic
wand is so powerful. It controlled the remote control. – Yes! – Didn’t it?
– Mmmhmm. – And then we had to use that spell. So, wait a minute guys, there’s more. The duplication of the triangle with the four horizontal intersections crossing the vertical axes on both sides of the wand indicates the equal potential of both dark and light applications. For Dark and Light are merely constantly shifting opposite positions on a circle. – Circle? – And then lastly, it says here, the original creator, the very first owner of the wand was Saint Augustus? – I don’t know Saint Augustus.
– Saint Augustus. – Who is Saint Augustus? – I don’t know.
– I don’t know. – I don’t know either. It’s really strange, so Saint Augustus used to own this, this
possesses dark and light matter. Or like evil and good, it looks like. And a lot of people have had it after St. Augustus, it looks like. So, that explains a lot
of the power it does. So that also means then if it
gets put into the wrong hands, it could be used on the dark applications. Like Hello Neighbor, he might
use the wand for dark reasons. That’s not good!
– That’s not good. – That’s not good at all! – [Boy] No! – That means we need to
hurry up and get this wand from him as soon as possible, right? – Mmmhmm.
– Yeah. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
this is a nightmare. Oh, so should we go over
now or should we just wait until he comes back over? – [Boy] Wait till he comes back over. – Yeah that’s probably a good idea. I don’t know why he keeps
coming back over here. I mean, he tells us about Chucky. He tells us about this,
tells us about that. He comes over takes our
wand and everything. I mean, what does he want next? – Guys, Neighbor’s back
(gasps) and he has a blaster! – Nerf Blaster?! – Hurry up, get up here now, hurry up! – Okay, we’ll be up in a second. Come on guys, let’s go,
come on, we gotta go! Go go, go go, go go. No no, no no, no not up there! What are you doing, we
need to get in here. We don’t go upstairs without any blasters! You think you’re a hero
or he-man or anything but. Oh speaking of He-Man, big massive sword! Okay, what do we use, what do we use?! We gotta hurry up, guys hurry up! What are you gonna use,
what are you gonna use? He just picked a sword,
what are you gonna use? Which one are you gonna pick?
– The blaster. – [Dad] This one, Nerf Blaster? – It’s his favorite. – [Dad] Okay and Daddy? – [Boy] I have the mightiest sword! – [Dad] Nice, Daddy’s
going to pick the newest Nerf Rival that just came out!
– It’s not new. It is new, it’s brand spanking new! – Yeah it is new!
– It’s awesome. Okay, are you guys ready to go? Come on, let’s go, let’s
go, let’s go go go. (mumbling) Alright be very careful. – Are you guys ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Dad] Here we go, we gotta get this. Hello Neighbor’s up there! Okay we gotta go three, two, one, go! Go go go go, go get him, oh no, go go go! Defend us, Liam! Oh geeze, he’s got a gun! Go go, oh my gosh. Liam, protect us, protect us,
use that sword to protect us! Get him Eli, get him Eli! Go go go, go go go! Oh my goodness!
(boys shout) Easy Eli! Liam, Liam, Liam, you’re too aggressive. Get back here, get back here Liam! You’re doing a good job,
those are good hits. – [Eli] Where’s the darts? – [Dad] They’re in the
drawer, they’re in the drawer. Get ’em, get ’em get ’em get ’em, get ’em! Prime it, prime it, prime it, prime it! – [Eli] Liam, here’s
another one, just in case. – [Dad] Okay, only if he
needs it, okay thanks. Get Hello Neighbor, get him, like this! Oh my goodness!
– I got him in the eye! – [Dad] Oh yeah, easy
there, oh my goodness! Geeze Louise. Easy Liam, keep cover, keep cover. Where’s Eli, where’s Eli, what’s goin’ on? Oh, you got him, you got him, oh geeze! Oh you got him in the nose! Oh my goodness, right in the nose! You wanna try it again? Okay, okay okay okay,
defend, defend, defend! Oh, wait a minute, what did he throw? Oh what is that, what is that? Oh my goodness, be careful. No no no, here, I’ll read
this, I’ll read this. Defend us, defend us! What does it say, what is this? Where is the Book of Saint Augustus? – [Eli] He got me, he got me! – [Dad] Oh no he knows, what
he knows about the book too! I’ll go get him! Eli go, go go, get closer, get closer! Oh, he’s trying to get
more out of the ottoman. Go, find him, oh my goodness! Get covered! Liam protect, Liam protect! Okay that’s good, okay go go,
keep goin’ guys, keep goin’. Eli help, Eli help! Oh Eli, you need more
darts, okay that’s perfect. Oh go, go Liam, get him, oh Liam get him! Oh Liam got him!
– He got him! – [Dad] Look at this! Good job kiddo! Okay I don’t know what you were trying to do coming over here, and the book? Yeah, I don’t know what
book you’re talkin’ about. Just, no no no, he doesn’t
need to steal anymore books. You don’t need to steal
anymore toys either. I don’t know why you
keep coming over here. You’re not welcome, all
you do is steal stuff! So, here’s an idea, why
don’t you get up, get up. Come on Eli, let’s help
him up, let’s help him up. Why don’t you get up
and you need to go home! You need to go home! Go, alright now, come on
Mister Hello Neighbor. Come on, it’s time for you to go home. Good job Liam.
– Thanks! – [Dad] Liam you did it, good job. Okay, so here you need to go outside. You need to get yourself home. And there you go, enjoy! Alright Eli, good job, good job kiddo! We did it, everything’s fine. Wait, what are you still doin’ here? Why are you still.. – [Eli] Rain? – [Dad] It’s raining? – [Eli] Yes it is outside. – [Dad] Okay yeah, it’s raining outside, but that still means you can go home, you’re not gonna get wet. What, you don’t want to get wet? You do not want to get wet, it’s too cold? And it’s, oh, okay, what did
you get a haircut yesterday? Oh my goodness! Okay guys, guys, he got a haircut and he’s gonna get wet and it’s
gonna be too cold out there. So what do we do with him? Where should we put him?
– I don’t know. – Downstairs.
– Downstairs? I don’t think we should
put him downstairs. – Nahhh. – [Dad] Let’s put him
in the playroom for now. Liam, Liam, you got the sword there? Okay, come on, come on, Hello Neighbor, you’re comin’ with us. Here Liam, Eli, take him,
put him in the playroom. Put him in the corner, he needs
to take a time out, right? Guys, he needs to take a time out? – Sit! – [Dad] He’s to stay there,
that’s fine, you stay there. Liam? – Hmmmm? – [Dad] Protect and
guard him with everything you have in ’em, okay? (Eli laughs) Everything you have in yourself. He does not move anywhere, okay? – Mmmhmmm.
– Do you understand? – Yes. – [Dad] Okay, stay there,
you are going nowhere. Do you understand, you are going nowhere. Yes, you understand, that’s right! Okay Liam, you stay there. Okay Eli.
– What are we gonna do? – [Dad] Eli, we have to figure this out. Kiddo.
– Yeah? – [Dad] He knew about
the book of Augustus. Let me see, let me see. – It sells like watermelon. – [Dad] Oh, it smells
good in here, but look. Where is the Book of Saint Augustus? He knows about it! But we need to find it
first, and you know what? I have a feeling, it’s
gonna be by the same place where Mommy found that ring, right? Guys, Twin Toy Army.
– Yes, you remember it! – [Dad] I have a really good feeling that if we look at the
same place where Mommy found that ring, then there’s
gonna be a book up there. There’s just a bunch of stuff. Usually what, usually
treasure comes in bulks. – Yeah!
– Right? – Did she say it was in the attic? I think she said it was in the attic. So we need to go in the
attic and check it out, okay? So let’s go up there right now. Okay, come on, let’s go. Okay Liam, you still got him? You still got, take care of
him, we’re gonna go upstairs. Okay come on, come on, let’s go Eli. Alright kiddo, you ready? – [Eli] Yeah. – [Dad] This is gonna be so much fun. We’re looking for a book,
it’s like a magic book. – Yeah.
– It’s gonna be great. So do you really think
we’re gonna find the book? – Yeah, I don’t know. – [Dad] I really hope so because we get to learn a bunch
of magic spells, right? Because the first time, we found that one magic spell that
turned the remote control into a reality remote
control that paused you. – Right?
– Yes! – [Dad] So now, we’re gonna find the book! It’s gonna have so many magic spells! It’s gonna be awesome, pal! Pound, pound, pound! Okay let’s find this, let’s do this! Okay look, we gotta get up there. See, that’s the entrance. – [Eli] I’ve never been up there before. – [Dad] You’ve never been up there? You serious? Dude, that’s the entrance to the attic. I’ve been up there many times. The funny thing is though, is I’ve never actually seen any book or anything like something that doesn’t belong. Usually it’s all just
a bunch of insulation. Let’s move this over like
this, oh perfect, perfect. Okay, you ready to see what’s up there? – [Eli] Yeah. – It’s gonna be crazy. (suspenseful music) Okay kiddo, I’m gonna need that camera. – [Eli] Okay. – You ready? – [Eli] Yeah.
– Thank you. Okay kiddo, you ready
to see what’s up here? – Yes! – [Dad] It’s gonna be awesome! Let’s hope we find it, okay? Alright, we got to turn this on. – [Eli] What do you see? – [Dad] Alright now, are you ready? – [Eli] It’s light up there. – Oh my goodness.
– What do you see? – [Dad] This is gonna be intense. – I hope he finds the book. – [Dad] Okay here we go. Oh, what’s up here, oh (gasps). – [Eli] What is it? – [Dad] Look, it’s all it is. It’s nothing, oh, what’s that? Oh, you see anything? (gasps) I don’t see anything. There’s nothin’ up here. There’s no book, there’s no
presents, there’s no nothin’! All I see is a bunch of snow. Guys, Twin Toy Army, do you see it? I don’t see anything. What in the world? Unless it is buried under the snow? Oh my gosh, I wonder
how Mommy found it then? I gotta ask her. Hey guys, just look again,
see if you can find it. Do you guys see it anywhere? – [Eli] Did you find it yet? – [Dad] No kiddo, no,
I didn’t find it yet. Where are you? There you are.
– Oh. – [Dad] No, I didn’t find it yet at all. I don’t know where it is. It’s not up here, it’s nowhere up here. – Eli?
– What? – Twin Toy Army? I think I see it! (soft rock music)

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