Nerds and Novels Episode 3

um I played cyberpunk 2020 instead via swallow everyone else who played EFD I was playing inside the phone and then you know my first crack at a novel you hello authors yes there we go we're up on the screen obviously looks like yes I'll introducing pale it's a nurture novels episode like four five three I came over now truth myself and air pressure here Newman on his books legendary series Bank hey everybody that is a large bug I didn't want to have to refill in the middle of it so yes author novel so far your curly I am working on the third aiming for spring release so hopefully that's how you sell more books about your background how you got into the author so I'm Luke Luke Newman I don't even know where to begin as far as writing I've always always been a storyteller always been writing I remember getting in trouble because I'd be up at midnight one o'clock in the morning on an old word processor like Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong in the house while my parents were trying to sleep that's how kind how long I've been writing so like any you know good author I went ahead and did something else with my life for 20 years I joined the army Yeah right and then I spent 20 spent 20 years in the Army good stuff gave me everything that I've got now that when I retired decided that I wasn't gonna work for anybody else I was gonna go back to school full-time get my I'm currently working on my BA and have been pretty accepted only pre accepted because I can't apply for it until next semester but the an accelerated master's program at University of Baltimore thank you Master of Fine Arts in fiction and publishing arts so I'm extremely excited to start educating other people at the college level on writing and everything but I'm always been a storyteller influences were obviously DMD growing up tokine I loved the shannara chronicles' so when that TV right when that TV show came out I was pretty amped and I like what they did with it until I saw the TV show yeah I used to watch the TV show with my rhythm so he was actually one of my influences not necessarily on content and style but in how he how he approached writing so that so that anybody could read it him and you know we'll go with JK rowling her it's a you know young adult series that everybody ended up loving phenomenon um everybody as the Royal we thought this is fairly literally everybody I just want everybody to be able to enjoy the story I think they're pretty rad so put him out there and the reason I published this story first I've been holding this here for too long I know the reason I published this one first was because I hooked up with friends online and we kind of discuss some concepts and everything Catherine post she helped kind of co-create the world that everything exists in the legendary series and we threw some concepts back and forth and from there the store started to develop I would read them to my two stepdaughters at night for bedtime bedtime stories so as I'm reading and the stories they wanted to help create characters so they created those of you who have read they created Alex and Schuyler and one night when I was reading my youngest said well maybe Schuyler can be kidnapped and rescuer I stopped them she was I at that point and I said why would you want your character to be the damsel in distress when she could be the hero and the look that came over her face and I get emotional when I talk about but then what they came over her face was nobody's ever told me that I could be a hero before shit yeah so I was like shit I got right this is the one that I gotta put out that's where it came from and I would decided I don't want to wait first of all I don't want to be told that my story sucks so I didn't even try to go traditional polishing items self-published and I've caught them put one out every year since I retired I'm on track to do that again for the third year it's awesome well to introduce the first book it's start off like really like it starts off like you're just hitting the pace with with actually starts off with and I with the Horde they're they're about to take over and is it Aaron before the or and more yeah yeah or mark and is that just the main for the King and like that's just what they so so the way that that works and their this will all get explained as those like the beginning of each novel starts with like a back up you're basically flashing back is it an impressive thing correct thing yes yeah okay so it's flashing back that and basically how the first novel starts off for those of you who have not read it yet and I suggest you do because it's really good they're being invaded by the Horde and it's kind of they have they they know that they're they know that they don't have any other options they're basically going to be buried they understand that they have one option to save everybody but the even the king that are normal knows that even that's not a guarantee so he wants to get his queen and his young daughter she's too out of there as fast as possible and he tells his his uh what is it called hit Rimmer his name is at the beginning the advisor yes the advisor that's right yeah I grants cradle you know he's going to use he's gonna use this secret weapon boom what's how you what is call you through the book but basically they're preparing to get his child and his wife out of there he tells the Queen basically you're like he goes and he tells her he knows he knows that they there is no chance so he tells her that she's leaving and going to the north and it's this this scene where they're invaded they're trying to get her out of there her and this young kid we say kid but how old is Dmitri he's about 15 yeah yeah he's young he says prior to the sergeant of hearts he's been training you know however many years to be in the cave guard and he's just a squire and he's given a sword and said it's all on you now and he's gotta get this Queen out of here but he's so dedicated do it cuz he knows and it's the Queen and the daughter out and like he gets he gets in they get attacked as they're leaving and the Queen Falls and it's like this emotional rollercoaster for them because he doesn't get to like he doesn't get a second to stop cuz he has to keep going he doesn't get the process anything and so he just goes and he injured himself really badly like from the 15 year old that's you know pretty pretty drastic I think it was pretty drastic he gets cut across you know sliced across the face and like it's the queen falls it basically makes him promise that he you be responsible for this two-year-old princess just fifteen if you have a kid being responsible for another child you know and it's so it's the start of that and then you go straight into this girl named pain who's growing up and she's a messenger she rides this lizard named quit so I'm tripping out a little bit cuz you're telling me my story and nobody's ever done this before so this is really rad keep on yeah yeah yeah where does that where did that originate because obviously I mean it's very any white and gray so he's very rare wine it's rare to have a on a hidden are imagine Banton yeah that's the inspiration of the accented design is kind of a diet lizard and a cross between I don't know a raptor without eyes and it's got these mantas like claws on the front and it's weird and I guess the inspiration was I she is so non-traditional when it comes to your fantasy tropes and all of that I'm gonna develop her even more to be even more non-traditional but she couldn't just ride a horse come on yeah I'm sure I had I had to come up with something and I Ella straight using a 3d program an art program and a lot of the designs I can purchase the designs and then tweak them to suit and I found this one and it ended up being Swift and I just loved it and I thought I scaled it up so that she could ride on it and the concept just kind of continued you'll learn about her relationship with him more as it looks yes David I can I'm gonna give you I'm gonna spoil this shit out it'll do loved it like I don't think but II like having a squirt Swift in their whole different book series if it's her personality it really does it really does fit her like the whole viewpoint on everything not really like even it and it's everything is so it's not really fast-paced but it's very it's kind of fast-paced in some areas but it's not like not a bad way you know like because it's a lot going on in a short amount of time that you have that you have this and so like she's he's a messenger she's a common girl and she's a messenger and no idea that she is a princess at all and then she has to go rescue uncle Dimitri from the Ale House always he's a drunk you know is I damaged it you know responsible for a two-year-old girl and so I was Kingdom fall and has no idea if anybody's alive no idea what's going on the last thing he the last thing he saw when you're you're reading the beginning of the book first book is you know you know on a horse trying to get away and there's this huge dragon that the Kings riding that's a secret weapon and doesn't even know if that worked you know he doesn't even know if the dragon it was successful oh he has no idea he'll raise your eyebrows I need to know that you know and it's just she's just a normal girl with a normal just a messenger and she helps her uncle drunk uncle Dimitri has a couple of friends they have a little shit of a merchant son that they got to deal with and it's it's the blacksmith apprentice or journeyman Kaleb his Trent and he's is her best friend and he helps her with everything and she you know they they're getting ready and for this he's getting ready for this test of the the guild and and they get ready to do this test and of course you know Caleb it looks like merging it's like they're rich merchants kids that's you know connected and everything's paying for is dad he doesn't have to do anything and he's a complete shit and he likes baby but she tolerates right that's you you picked up on something there that I hope people continue to follow is there's something about Fane and her the way that she interacts with almost everybody right by Trent yes everybody likes her and because she treats everybody the same she doesn't treat people badly list it looks for you know Caleb's a little shit he knows that and you know he's a little dick and but she'd still I tried to be nice to have' tries to treat him normally as hard as it is yeah as much as she wants to like throttle him so Brett does this you have this huge like ask a duel between him and Caleb Trenton Caleb it that's obviously the better and hey low paid basically you think Caleb's the one who paid them off to accept him and you find out later in the second book it was don't winning ad or whatever but he gets paid to be the apprentice for the guilt because I let you my dad my dad actually just asked rung him and just asked if I'm drinking rum and coke and he should already know the answer yes I'm sorry a silly question Caleb becomes the apprentice and I don't like doesn't sit right with babe the injustice of it doesn't stay right with her bothered by it trick kata just moves on even though he's super disappointed he kind of said you got screwed over any kid doing about it I want there to be a little bit of balance and there's actually three friends and I think Aaron just hasn't mentioned Beck's yet new happens she's one of my favorites too right but um yeah she's fun but there's a bit of a balance in the personalities you know Fane and Trenton and he where he feels like or he seems like he's way laid-back and just letting it go become more will come from that soon what you're thinking the book that he just lets it go but it really just sits there he kind of just lets it sit there kinda not that necessarily that he accepts it but he just can't do anything about it at the moment so he can't really write do anything and and Fane meanwhile is that she is stewing on that right for a while and so you know they have this it's called the bounty and it's a celebration of the town or and everything and everybody and what you're thankful for and so everybody goes to the tavern where uncle Demetrius probably are really and they go and I drink and be thankful and he gets cornered by Caleb in Caleb's a little shit basically admits to her that they got paid off for him to be in the guild and it just lit her fire she just did not sit well and she goes to Telstra and they go and they want to they want to confront Caleb and they go to fire them overhear him talking to his mentor and I can't pronounce his name I'm illiterate okay his actual name is denied bail Roth okay I do follow up yeah no you're good um that's one of the things I might need to put a pronunciation key the beginning or end of my books I don't know yeah I play with the words a lot but he's now she got denied bail Iran and they called him the red man yeah and because he's red and he comes from an ancient an ancient hole that used to rule like half of the realm then they kind of didn't forgive everybody for not letting them rule after all forever so they're very hateful and uh so he uses Caleb and they over here I'm talking about a mask and I can hear that you know Caleb's kind of be manipulated into going and finding it so they kind of just let them go and they go and tell her uncle and nobody believes on culture Maitri rocks so nobody ever believes the stories he tells even though everything he says is completely true ah they tell him and he kind of just laughs it off and then kind of like ignores it and then drinks and they kind of from there she's Herman – well she goes and makes her next deliveries and she he finds out that Caleb bought a cloak to go so traveling clothes she had supplies to go on a trip yeah he's basically looking for this really powerful mask and so she knows that he's going to do it and so she gets her friend backs and try it together and book one closes with I'm following and making this plan to follow Caleb and it's it's the way you just and the novels is very well because you're kind of just like well Thanks gotta love that cliffhanger right I'm still would excuse me I wait for uncle Dmitri to turn into uncle hero from which God hang the Airbender awaiting I'm hoping I'm hoping I'm hoping it's gonna happen Dmitri so much that's what your era was tea-drinking just not alcohol Bobby that's it's for the same you know he's so much older but at 50 years old he was kind of like thrown in this situation where it was this ridiculous I always thrown in to type the situation that you're either gonna make it and be a broken drunk because there's not much option or you're not gonna make it as your choices yeah yeah and that's kind of worried low buzz and then like very discouraged I know Scott's – Iiro uncle Iroh sorry Iroh sorry Oh but some of our drinks let's slingers black flag rum I love that you know they don't sell it in Maryland either it's actually really good I really enjoy that room favorites because does it taste terrible good reason does it taste terrible you know some Rose like when you drink it you're just like I start the water because it's like fire water like oh it's just bad no my feet just ask you from I mean but so then thought to starts off with because the spoiler goes because really good book two starts off with Oh David David if you're listening jump away jump away we're about to discuss book to stylist for book two are coming right now so David run we're given like five seconds five more seconds to run away so book 2 starts with Dimitri and once again you have a flashback at Dimitri and pain traveling and cracking does suck it's a flashback as I'm traveling and escape and Dimitri's death is like how us a sleeping wound because it's pretty much how I right now I can just like envision how his mood would look after not being taken care of I'm not wrong disrupted whatever rag he could find yeah and so like like he takes a cloak and he still finds a way to pay people you know so and they travel and they're trying to stay away from everything and they come upon this in they go inside the inn and there's these two there's these two drunkards huge guys from the way you describe them but I mean he was a 15 year old kid so anybody I mean they're huge you know none of them is for sure yeah so they they automatically see that he's you know they could probably you know hurt him and you know take whatever he has if he has anything or just beat him up or whatever whatever they feel like doing whatever nerdy wills do yeah whatever records do with their their meat their me drops yes I mean rule and so they come after him and they see that he has a two year has the two year old girl and that doesn't stop them and the what stops them is the innkeeper hold a crossbow up and and tells him to leave and they get upset because you know they're his best customer so but he saves them and the innkeeper sees something and he gives them free food and water and a place to stay and he asked them honestly like what you know where are you running from and you know Dmitri notices like that's he has to be honest the guy I gave him free food he tells him the truth and he kind of gets offended because the guy's not familiar with the King of Kings or you know the king of dragons right so at that point I use the stories these little vignettes to kind of help explain to the reader a little bit of what's going on in the world and so they learn more like you said is the king of all men and humans man has kind of expanded so rapidly as far as the races go yeah and as you read you learn there are four high races the elves the dwarves and Dragons man having the shortest lifespan of those Hydra races kind of spread if the others almost look at them like you know cockroaches yeah their short lifespan but they spread really fast kind of thing yeah so they learn more his kingdom at actually spread so far that he had to play other like Lords or whatever in charge of other lands to delegate out and what happens is the further they get away from him the less real he became over time yeah that's about make sense because it was it seemed like there were other kingdoms but and there were like like he said like Kingdom he parts of the kingdom that were so far away and these people had that didn't even know and here that people are you know people are hearing about the Horde attacking and spreading and all this stuff but they're kind of in a panic and then he he's there with he's there with a hurry he tells them what's going on and they his wife Estelle addresses his wound and puts a psalm on it to help heal it and put some gives them a type action and they stay the night and you can tell from it like while he's there that he definitely thought of a little girl yeah I mean that's they're there don't they're out there all they have of each other now so he leaves the next morning and the inkeeper gives them more food to travel and while they're traveling they come across those two drunkards from the edge who want to attack him and he knows that he has to fight them and then all of a sudden is something attacks them just kiss on the horse a book saying when they just take off and this thing starts chasing of it it's oh you know or the yellow eyes and it looks like a werewolf it's basically how you can it's all a way to describe it absolutely yeah you're right on time and you know you this huge werewolves chasing them and it's it's coming down on them and they finally escape and they end up running into gypsies the gypsies hurting so they're scared that it's following them but they're alternating none of the one I like not to find out so that's where it cuts off and then put two starts and it's this group of three friends who traveled and they come upon this I don't even know but it's like a house or a mansion or I'm in a castle it's just that's kind of a man an old manner if you will libs and there was this man that lives there his name is Jasper who is Jasper the water which he hates don't call that just wanders to be able and I love I absolutely guys won but no absolutely one of my favorites to write and when we make the movies I have called Bettany in mind when I when I write him right yes he's sofa not with Jasper's such a good burger like you know him so well because he's no like so weird he counts the steps has these the old lighting classes and they're like glasses that have glasses magnifiers in there what my animated movie there's the animated movie that has that I remember what it is gonna bother my lil research it I'm gonna I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag and honestly that whole head contraption when he first opens the door that whole scene where he sees Trenton with the glasses on yes inspired inspired an almost mimicked by when Marty McFly knocked on Doc Brown's door when he went back inside yeah if so he's he's living in this mansion and there's actually travelers it's a dead over travelin used to know is like the Trailblazers and what you'll learn is that's an old an ancient order of explorers that their hope their whole purpose is to gather knowledge and that's exactly what it does there's a way a handful left and he there is stuff everywhere it's like it's a hoarders like dream come true I can picture it it's just anxiety like trying to like navigate that but he's very eccentric and just and he's you find out he's friends with Fame and you're like how did it meet him she tells the story of how they met and you know he talks to them and he's talking to them ask them why they're going and she calls caleb her friend and that's what struck Jasper the most because he's like yes try to about it later and I have this conversation about pain and it's still calls him a friend even though it's not he's not a true friend and Jasper you know kind of threads right like you better bring her home in one piece and so they stay the night you know just up Jasper tell them and if they tell them that they're looking for this mask by the Bilka yes yes a Bilka which are not our wolves but they're humanoid dog people describe it yep it's the it's the concept of it's a concept of beast men basically 1/2 1/2 one creature half human ish so they're that creature that creature is dog they are not werewolves so it's like the kangaroo people from Tank Girl yes that's it the story and it's I forget when it's caught the mask of howling winds the mask of the howling storm howling storm yeah it's only the title of the book it's okay right on oh of course like most yes and legends it gets twisted over time No that's actually a story in for that their toll oldest for your where's this masking has unlimited power and the massive unlimited power is made by a sorceress and like most things women kind of cause them you know it happens man and so that's what Caleb's going to find so they asked Jasper because Jasper had like spent a long time racing through the guitar Orbiter yes either way is finance but or but yeah Boris yeah like the forest where deadly stuff goes to hang out and kill other deadly stuff and basically just more deadly stop telling other good it is it is the fantasy each trope of the dark forest but I wanted to make it you know it's the dark forest that the dark forests are afraid of kind of thing exactly bad guys don't want to go right and so it has to go into this forest and and find this mask with the Vulcan who are living in the forest who hate humans by the way which is a whole nother story they hate humans and so they have to go find Caleb because he's making a huge mistake and so they go with and Caspar tossed the tray and you know they have this kind of deep conversation about Bane and what's going on and he gives them a map and applies and stuff so they could take off well obviously Troy is lieutenant because he got lost yeah I lost in the way you smell awful Lt they end up next to a goblin or party or like hunting yeah hunting party um so they get attacked by goblins and these goblins are like wait they're caught a badass like they are nasty like I think one of my favorite sentences I've ever written is the beginning of that chapter where it says kind of memorize it because I love it so much if malice had formed it would take the shape of goblins that's actually a very good like a very good description of that because I mean I really like the way you describe this war party really need to read it because it is so good and the hand prints and I like they're just most people don't think that ones are scary you know like when you have one of the Rings the goblins are kind of like they were scary but the orcs were scary rhetoric I were scary those guys were scary but these goblins like they've kind of word like the same they were almost as scary as the aura tied hey they're little but they're feisty man oh yes yeah yeah and so they have this bad they have this like fight and all of a sudden these goblins are just being destroyed by something dude beast man comes into play kind of just in his name isn't the carbon or Kaden Kanan Hayden Hayden comes in and he's a young what I'm Koka yes I feel Russia when I say Bilka like I feel like I say and uh I've got house it bounced again look at the word or a number down so it's another V word oh we've got I don't Belarus no yeah Bella Rock yeah I feel like I'm rushing when I say those names yeah I have to I can't even remember which one I looked up Google's your friend when you're writing then I was looking at the word wolf or werewolf or something like that and Milka is it is derivative I believe it's like lift lift away naeun word for wolf that makes sense then yes like I feel like I should read the rest of the story like with a Russian accent when I say because in Bottorff forest you know like right here you're coming with the Milka Milka village to meet the teeth in so was your dad and uh dark forest yeah it's sort of like you know totally is like grim and that's all German Lithuania that Slavic skin and navy area fits in for Lithuania yeah it does it does and so he takes him to this village and it's taken and this chicken you know very harsh very old old world kind of almost like I got the own role Russian there's like oh no we don't don't like anybody awesome killed immediately because he doesn't like humans as if issues they had and their Outsiders right and it just he's very it came in with with weapons so kill them you know and they're like we don't we don't want anything to do with you we just want to find this mask and he laughs at them because the masculine loss for so long there's like you're never gonna find it because his you know they are the ones that hit it and so Kanan convinces them to let them continue their journey and so the the chief is like okay and just kind of throws them off to the woods but then doesn't give them any of their stuff so here's like here's your horses and your lizard here you go by the way you don't get any of your swords any of your food you don't get anything you just get to go and tells them that it's like what a day's ride from their their village they go and they see a symbol they argue about whether the symbol is the right symbol or whatever and they decide that it's not so they go the other direction right so those symbols are important because it's the first time you mentioned them but in the book I promise I tell about them before right Jasper's Jasper's sect his group of the Trail Blazers they would mark their paths and things so that when other traders came by they knew what was around it's very if you Google hobo hobo streets up Heinz or Street graffiti hobo Street goofy it's kind of that's what inspired that so they have all these symbols I mean different things and that's what you found out when Trent realized he was lost the simp the symbols didn't he he was orientating the map and it wasn't matching up to the spiders exactly so they have all these his vines and his fighters attacking and came in rescues them and he rescues them and then he keels Trent and he has a conversation with pain and she brought all their stuffs but in doing so he is exiled from his from his pact almost yeah he basically knew that by doing that he couldn't go back he's not in so many times yeah he snuck this stuff out he's he's more new-school in his thinking as far as let's open ourselves up more specifically he likes Jasper he's friends with Jasper so and he's been following these people this group of three friends the whole time and meanwhile Becks who I'm gonna tell you right now you have to read the book cuz Beck's is hilarious Jesus smartass friend who aids Trent they not like just talk shit and she pokes at them and she is just so she's so funny and but she is loyal like absolutely loyal and okay didn't rescues them and heels Trent and he basically tells her like you know I've I believe in you you know I believe in humans have to find Caleb and they're super close to Caleb so they wait and they let Trent heal and they are then they going and they keep going and they finally see some clue that they're on the right track if they see a piece of Caleb's tunic or something from him and they're about to run into this clearing it's like this the only way I could describe it is there's the start force all around our than this like beautiful clearing and it's like a sun shining on it and it's like this clearing and they're about to run into that and Cainan just like grab something and this beautiful your butt comes out and he's so majestic driving across and all of a sudden the Griffon comes down and just snatches him up I could just imagine everybody space like like the people who have a pet rabbit and it's hopping out like all of you to look what's right so it and a me or hot governorís Griffin's do you think of Griffin so powerful stuff but this one was more dark and cufflink almost like just kind of just kind of more more primal yeah like out not it's not groomed it's not a domestic reference last kill all over him and stuff like sir it's probably the Griffon the Griffon kind of is a good reputation representation of the forest like absolutely the best representation of this is like the last kill all over them and matted down it's just nasty so he snatches the deer they're all kind of like okay yeah we'll go around well you know we'll just stay in the woods and so they find out there's a goblin party on tea coming after Caleb and it kind of come up to it like they I guess not really meet up with it but they catch up with the goblins I guess is that good with it's the goblins that they encountered the first time so it's super bloody and Trixie's Caleb so he takes off and they're all and the home groups like yeah you gonna follow him and we'll take care of the goblins Keenan's fighting the what is his name I don't know if it's goblin leader would be yeah that of that war hunting party yes is bulk rock gut or rock mouth rockmouth Rama yeah so Cain is fighting him in there cuz he's coming after Fane like she's busy it kind of goes after trip and so he's like him and keep him in heard his lock eyes and they're like not and they're just like he's like you know go we'll take care of this she goes and she follows Trent they come upon this area yeah fine trick you see these Caleb Caleb stocking her Kayla twisted dark there's nothing he his mentor has twisted his mind so much and use the jealousy just dislike and everything that he has and he tells her how he hates his parents and he hates and it's you know torture being with Bella Roth and you know and lroff constantly telling him he's not good enough and he shouldn't have one no he's really really twisted twisted person and she notices he's no longer the same person and he goes and he wants her to find this mask and is free this is beautiful oak tree with pink leaves which now the cover of your book makes total sense every kind of cover in the book and I'm like well that's awesome because that's exactly how you know you would think and so it wants her to find this bass and she can't find it so she's telling him like I can't find it you know she texted her chins get part of it I don't see it in Brit knocks him out so they're going around and her and Trek goal if they agree to find this fast and they're holding hands and basically like the tree just it's almost like it unlocks and he ends up being lifted and she finds the mask and the key to the mask came in reads the inscription is basically two hearts as one have to find the mass that's a fairly a bastard of the quote but but basically two hearts is one-half basically two parts as one have to find the mask and to find the mask and um I'm not gonna tell you the story behind the mask the book but it's a love story the true love story and the mass was made to protect the the warrior and he kind of just lost his shit and killed a bunch of people and then realized he did great to be hidden from him but and um so they decide to give the mask back to the velka which allows Kaden to be taking it back into the the tribe or the back or however the structure is but he's taken back because they find the mass which blows the chief since mind obviously cuz they're going to live right then the end of the book is them going home and realizing oh shit our parents are probably gonna freak out and it closes with them riding up well the inner counter Valor off the to give Kayla to live in Belarus absolutely past and so he basically threatens them but they ride up to Thames house and the whole all of the families are fed in there they're all just kind of like well basically that's how it is yeah you're kind of just like well okay thanks a lot Eddie about three ladies in a hurry I am working on it and I'm super amped about it how many books is this going to be is it going to be so yeah it's gonna be an ongoing series so basically until I run out of stories for for now this story arc and when I say the story arc you keyed it on the prologues and how their how their flashbacks and everything so this story arc is clearing up that initial prologue story okay and as as it progresses the prologues and the current timeline are going to come together and make sense Glaser that's gonna take place over five books okay okay they're so good they're just you really couldn't nail the cliffhanger um when I finished reading it I almost felt like I'm reading a Diaz sorry for deity I'm not a big DMV person but that's how I felt when I finish because it was really it was really good and it wasn't normal but it's I just really like the way the pace I just really like the way the pace was set but I really like the flashbacks we're just killing because I really want to know how they ended up where they are with the people because she has a mom and a dad but I'm curious as to how that happened and I really can't wait to read like how she ends up where she's at and who they end up with so some questions will be answered in the next one but you'll probably leave with more by the end uh and I just I it was really this is really trippy hearing you tell me both books back because nobody's ever actually done that yet like here's your story and here's how I read it I can't tell you how much I appreciate that that's really cool because cuz what it's telling me is I did it right because everything that you said is exactly what I wanted you guys to get when I'm reading when I was writing it I really like the realm it's it's I like the forest um it it kind of makes you want more though it definitely makes you want to some more know about the velka more know about how Dimitri and famed out where they are survive with his dragon and you know like where's the Horde has two pages into the book the elves have left you by those fancy elves like I might as my ddu jokes I always say we're like world life elves like most elves of fantasies are based on Tolkien snow elves where they're 6-foot tall strong right super fast period pretty much you know in all shapes and forms so and it was funny I was just thinking if I'm the king and the strongest warriors in the land just fucking left she no real fast I will tell you I will tell you not all of the elves ago okay just a little teaser they're not all of the elders are um I don't like extremes I don't like absolute extremes as long I don't like absolute so yeah I don't like absolute so I had a really fun character coming to mine I'm excited you're gonna really would say right now Jasper and banks like I'm a big fan of supporting characters who are really really good they are really really fun supporting characters what to me every character is important to the story otherwise why write them so if they occupy space on my page I've put a lot of great fun sometimes you get supportive characters that just like they're there that's what what new yes comics know exactly yeah on board the truck was only here to swing them I get it I get it now are there any plans to release a P and P campaign setting the world is really well thought out P and P okay I told you you're gonna have to lose my nerd card yeah what is P and P sting did we mean the nd maybe maybe David help me out here you probably should pen and paper oh yes yes I I would be absolutely thrilled I would be absolutely thrilled my friends are trying to get me to play I really like the idea of the stories and something like that you dictating and I just I really like it it's fascinating a hit of paper game with this realm it would actually be super cool so I've actually adapted some of the big indie games that I play my I taught my kids how to play I think I saw your Christmas your Christmas pictures yeah I'm not soccer we're friends on Facebook it's cool your kids were playing yeah yeah my son asked queers back it was like hey let's play D&D and like I started to weep and my heart grew three sizes that day and yeah so I grabbed like my stack of books off of the shelves like boom let's learn and we spent hours creating characters and then playing the girls the little girls fell in love with it my 15 year old daughter still won't play but okay Katherine says Luke knows would player ID call the what player would she call um I'm gonna give you a name and the name is chiara but I'm going to leave it at that okay I don't think Cara's better you haven't met GRE yet [Laughter] um I think I would be backs i would totally rock back that's Beks is fun she she's just fun she's that voice that as I'm writing and I'm tripping yeah but as I'm writing and I'm trying to keep it um keep it in the fantasy realm you know keep it in kind of high fantasy and they should talk a certain way then backs can come out and say things like you know he's he's cute my brown ass you know she can say stuff like that so she's my fun voice that can kind of bring in this Gasper kind of call like Jasper describes where she's from his Jasper's been everywhere – where she's where Beck's is problems like to achieve and he does it in such a way it's almost like somebody who's socially awkward it's very blunt about the very blunt about their surroundings and tell basically they just tell the truth because they don't understand that it's not allowed almost like que it's like like children like getting children who describe other people because they just like they don't think any other way it's not it's not mean any harm it's just to literally describe that person and he does it if she kind of just purchased kind of like what the hell and then he ends up they engage and she ends up liking I was despite yeah despite all of his awkwardness he ends up he's kind of a charming do so even Trent who I like well you know and try it likes him yeah get help but not like like it's just a likeable guy and he's he's honest but it not not in a window any more dishonest right it's almost if we had to diagnose and he might have a autistic it's like a bit of Asperger's maybe yeah honestly when I read it that's how I that's how I envisioned him because not like I would say on the spectrum just because they don't have an understanding of social norms or social interactions and they kind of just speak how they are right and that's how he is he's absolutely not social and they focus on their what makes them and that's him worrying he has 30 goggles drawing maps the trick can't follow Rob his maps are good trend socks but Dan real quick to go back to that question I would love to do a pen and paper like campaign setting for them it's highly influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and the Pathfinder won't play I love I could tell that just from I've never played I could tell just like the influence it's not that's like overwhelming I guess it lets it tell its story but you can tell that it's definitely there in the in the way that you tell the story almost well the concept the concept for introducing you guys to the rest of the world is the fact that Fane and Banks and Trenton have never left their city so as they learn about the world so do you exactly you don't know what anything else really know what you the flashbacks you know we know the flashbacks but an honest like you haven't described the world like you know we don't know the way the world works there's I don't I don't right and you're gonna learn a lot more I will tell you book three takes place entirely within the city of angers they don't leave the town but book three is also as long as book one and two put together if not longer there's a lot more there's a lot more to it I'm starting to get a little more in depth I'm starting to because I'm not gonna lie I like I like to read I'm fairly wait for something I enjoy the story I like to I read it I read both look in the matter of the day yeah they are pretty quick there's a read them again so I can read book to read there's there was a technical like literally their technical publishing reason why the first book was as short as it was but the first publisher had a page limit honestly is why it had me get kind of up where I got cut off I don't like it that way it's it's it's a tone like the how it's cut up not like the short distance but the push apart the way you cut it off yeah it definitely did it like it right it definitely like and then it was like okay here we go here's the rest of it and it was really even with the shortness of the book it was still really good I appreciate that it was it was they were phenomenal reads like re I love it and I really want people because and this is why we do this this is probably do this look love because I want one it makes me read stuff I probably would normally never read I'll be honest yeah and I've read I mean I read a warrant of her book I write I read your fantasy novels which I was I like I'm they are now like I'm excited for when they come out like I want to read more I need more um and I like I read Allison's book which was a fantasy novel like it's this book club pushes people to read something they don't normally read right well learn about something but also my biggest thing is Luke is a nerd the BB curve is a TV not publishing on and I want to push want to push our authors these are our people like this is our thinners this is our people the boys I love that and I I mean we really appreciate I will tell you now any author you get on here is gonna complete it's the best thing but I also want anybody who is thinking I want to write a book or I've been working on a book I just don't know if anyone will read it so I put it out there eventually people will read it yes it took me about four going into my third year of publishing and I finally got onto a platform like this because you I didn't quit I just kept putting the stories out there and every chance I got I pushed myself I promoted myself and I put it out there my point is if I can do it and I know that's so cliche to say but it's true 42 years old I've had an entire life behind me yeah if I can start do again and do it what I want to do and telling these stories at my age I I can't write I've never but I could read the shit out of the books and I love I love okay you guys need to meet him real quick this is Jasper yes his name is Jasper like in the book him so bad but they probably would attack the monitor his archers not a smart man part dog he attempt you were right both times and then my German Shepherds looking at me like Kanaka that you're not going to come up here so but yeah like I just I the more I do this the more please write please write so we could read yes I can read so I could enjoy it so I can I can talk about your stories because I like talking about your stories Luke it was phenomenal your stories were great I'm pay appreciate it if you guys are a fan of kind of dark fantasy and horror I'm kind of tiptoeing the line between fantasy and horror in book 3 I'm actually I have somebody who writes for fantasy and they message me and I'm gonna read their book I've never been big into horror fantasy but I'm sure would kind of brought me into that because it was the fantasy and it was about never otta the vampire goddess it was super dark for dark and I really liked it so I'm opening opening it up broadening those horizons yeah and that's why I like doing this and I love meeting authors see what I've done with this series is basically I'm taking I've got original stories I mean this mask like original concepts in my head the masks when you get behind when you start to learn the story behind or more which is coming and and the horde and why they are diametrically opposed and everything lots of original concepts from deep in here come out but another thing I want to do I want to make the world feel new and interesting but also familiar at the same time yeah so what I do is I take some of our and Ethan hit on it a little bit earlier I take names and concepts that we already know with the fairy tales and our legends and things like that and I put them into my world so when you were talking about the German influence behind the dark forest you're a hundred percent on on the nodes with that because I take these themes that we know these fairy tales that we've been told so book three starts to explore the world is called Kafka so it's the world of Kafka and what the boogeyman like in that world I like that and then a couple other things that go along with bones things that go bump them in so just to give you a teaser like Allison Allison's book was pixies and fairies and Dragons and boars and and all of those all of those creatures of your books the darker creatures like the cobwebs and the werewolves and the Belkin the Beast man and you know and who knows what else cuz like the the four is so much so many slang you know your spider your spiders seem like kind of chuckles because I was like this almost like Harry Potter but this is like rated-r mary potter like Harry Potter okay it's a very well dad world can't wait to read love developing the world the trains world what I have so far it's basically her area the region that she's in is called the central kingdoms there's seven kingdoms in that area it's all gonna come I promise just so you know how much I try I put into this and develop it there's seven kingdoms in that but that's one quarter of the map yeah so there's so much like like I said it this series is gonna go until I run out of stories did you when you when you when you thought of this we came up this idea of this world did you write it out did you brought out did you like I have a map okay it's so detailed and that's what I find and somebody who like that's just in my mind is fascinating because you have this entire world that you created like how long did it take you to create the world before you wrote the book or did you kind of do it at the same time a lot of it happens at the same time the core of the world though like magic and the rules of magic we have Catherine post she's popping in on here making up a bunch of comments I see you Cathy she's fun she helps she helped me develop the world and I know it love her so things she helped me develop it we probably talked about this world for I don't sheep she might correct me if I'm wrong but probably at least a year and a half two years before we wrote the first words and Cathy actually sent me here an outline or the prologue to the first book okay and then I wrote it out and judge it from there but without her help or back and forth back and forth over the internet which I absolutely love the Internet it fun fact I've never met Cathy face-to-face really yeah we've known we've known each other for a long time and we used to co-write on a sci-fi fan website this guy was creating this sci-fi world and they had a fiction section and she and I would write and my title on that site became the chief archivist so I was in charge of basically writing all the fiction for it and or and organizing those fan fiction for it and that's where she and I met and then we kept in touch and continued the writing relationship and creative relationship off off of that site and we decided to go into yeah that's what it was called and we then we started to go into the fantasy I said I wanna let's explore dragons all of that and it developed from there we spent a couple couple years developing the world and then we started vice we started with the prologue and and I took it from there she blasts off said you take it go and I did that's awesome yeah and it's good job Cathy yeah and I still she still I still run things by her like okay so what about this and she she's usually first or second look at my work after ivory yeah he gets the spoilers she does get the spoiler she's already read most of what I've got for book three so she knows what's happening and you guys know um yeah I know right but yes I love love developing you said something that I try to try to keep in mind as I write you said it's really detailed and it makes you makes you want to keep reading what I like about how you said that is that I like that if you because I feel I like that it feels that way to you because I sometimes feel like I gloss over the detail too much so what I like to do is give you enough detail that it it feels real cocaine is a prime example of this you give so much detail that you're like you want to put your eyes out because you're like okay I don't mean 20 pages of what the character looks like right now I just need and you give enough detail without being being too much because sometimes it's just too much and it's too much to read and you're like scrolling through you're like okay well scrolling if you're on Kindle but if you're really just kind of keeping okay get over this like I don't need to need to read all this but it's enough without being too much well our minds are really powerful things our brains are really powerful things that they fill in a lot so I give you the details that you need because you need to know that X has the real earth Thane has the really dark hair by blue eyes and you know how she looks beyond that you can fill in how she sounds oh yeah she talks in your head as long as you get the words right so is the way when you describe her you can have you can imagine her talking in your head because of the way you described her you don't need to grab her voice no but he does describe most of her other than her her actions and the way she thinks about stuff it allows you to have her in your minds you could do that without all the extra 30 30 words and you know and rest well duh okay I appreciate that um but yeah so I'm it's I could talk to y'all about this look I love it I thought it was great I'm so glad that you were on Luke and um I would love to continue to support you and your work and you were just I'm just I love it it's fantastic Oh watched a nerd site and I'll be letting you know you know when when it's coming out yes definitely and for everybody I want you to – right right stop so we can have you on here so we can read it and and and have you join us and we can share I thank you for coming thank you for having me you guys are awesome so Luke before we started we're wolf it around you're talking about fantasy genre yeah a dying breed now okay yeah we did we did touch on that what are you asking me to to continue yeah gives you a little I wanted that to come into this as well right on Hennessey that's it's how I started i we were talking before and I know I said I don't know if it was up on air or beforehand but I battled a lot in sci-fi before I publish these fantasy but I started with the fantasy the Lord of the Rings The Hobbit the risk you remember the original animated Hobbit homie yes yeah no man that there was a old anime called record of Lotus war I don't know it's a series and it's fantasy it's high fantasy they all pointed like that World of Warcraft pointed ears and Elfquest style elves and everything yeah so that's where my heart has always been is the idea of dragons and elves and boars and that kind of thing said in our pre-interview conversation was it feels like as a fantasy often it feels like the fantasy genre is dying as far as plugs go and that's coming from that's coming from going to the bookstore and trying to find an original story good good fantasy story that hasn't been told yet also coming from the technical author side I get stats on like books well I get stats on my book sales but as small as mine are you look at the number just the number of books in Amazon they have over 8 million books on Amazon then you break it down into the subcategories and fantasy as I mean 30,000 and it's out of an 8 million there's a hand literal handful of fantasy books and it just it breaks my heart but then you get a show like Game of Thrones and it kind of puts a fire back into people I'm not intended – yeah – to get into the – the genre and I just I hope that my take on it it's people like it my parents said she doesn't read fantasy I think yeah I think so but I think like with like the age of the age of nerds that's why we call this the agent is the cool thing now but I was in high school being a nerd was not the cool thing I played sports and I was a nerd but I didn't let everybody know I was oh you are a double agent I was no I think came over saturated fat boy as though there was only so much and I think I kind of I'm kind of with Barry on that like I feel like everybody wrote about dragon yeah ok they rode that wave and then like went when the Lord is it like five examples Lord of the Rings tomorrow are the movies I read Lord of the Rings as a kid so for me that was you know it but I also watched the animated Lord of the Rings but you know a lot of people know about right like the animated hobbies and stuff like that not a lot of people remember that right no I watched that how do I different not to come on TV the watch and it was not it was dark and I feel like when Lord of the Rings came out fantasies misunderstood and I'm guilty of it I got completely guilty of this understanding it but now like you think that's part of the issue well surely that oversaturation yeah a couple things you hit on you hit on one where fantasy is misunderstood so a lot of people hear fantasy and they think heavy you know like you had said chapters worth of description you know character description that 17 pages long how many pages can you write about the shape and color of beliefs in the forum so they get that idea and there are those authors out there know that we've talked about a few but that's not the vast majority of the fantasy that's out there vast majority and fantasy that's out there is that we have these really cool adventures that these monsters in our head that we need to put on the page and we don't put them on the page this is a bastardization of a leave it's a Neil Gaiman quote he says we don't write about the Dragons tell you the dragons are real write about the Dragons to tell you that they can be defeated yeah I think people don't yeah I think people don't think yet they think oh god it's this big long in-depth heavy read and fantasy doesn't have to be heavy and that's kind of I think that I think that's I'm gonna tell you right now that's a misconception right because when I first thought of fantasy um when I first got a fantasy I felt like it was a super heavy read some science fiction is super heavy right and it's it's so descriptive in it so it's just a lot misconception with fantasy my to Vulcan was one of the first fantasy writers that I ever read so there's where you just jump two feet first into the deep end that's okay oh I love Tolkien oh absolutely absolutely but I can see and most a lot of people can see how that that can put you out in the mood to read him George I can't read it and I like until I was an adult I had this misconception of a fantasy of being a heavy read and being because you know the only I had him and so it wasn't until it installed one I started doing this and I started watching I started branching out a little bit when some of the TV shows started coming out and everything and I started reading and when I saw TV shows come out my first thing is it and it's based off a book I'm gonna read the book first and then I'm gonna watch the show because in my experience books are always better I was gonna say you like to set yourself up for disappointment I think once I'm started reading fantasy I enjoyed it more because it's not super-heavy right it's pretty simple right and I think what also goes along with that so there's actually three things what also goes along with that is people think they know what fantasy is like already you say I write a fantasy book oh you write about dragons and swords and elves and hobbits like that they already have in mind that they know what your story is because they've seen the Hobbit or they've they've read the Lord of the Rings what I like to think is that every author out there has a different different take on it and can give you something new so for mine the fantasy the series that I've that I'm working on this legendary series you met Jasper in book 2 you love Jasper if you were paying attention that I'm sure you were there's a little bit of steampunk thrown in with the traditional fantasy with jazz Jasper's hold his Helen get up with the I the goggles and everything and then his candy we're gonna get we're gonna get into and we're gonna get into more of that book three you're going to learn about a section of AM beers called the columns okay and how as we go and throughout the series you're gonna learn how magic and science are actually starting to merge that makes me happy I like what science a start maybe not quite that far and divided into different things oranges oh there's so so this discussion came up in another group that I was in um and it was an author's group it was about the zombie genre but the discussion and my answer can pretty much apply to any genre so you've got zombies will say fantasy now well Walking Dead and then everything became zombies because that became that became the popular thing so so many people flooded the market from zombie story Phantasy kinda does the same thing a little bit with the gamma throws Lord of the Rings movies Holly movies then a flood of fantasy comes in and people are going to do that so does the the question was doesn't like to get oversaturated that people have run out of things to say I think what ends up happening is yes that kind of happens with anything pop culture the market saturates I have a have app it makes it does the same thing oh it's my turbot German Shepherd came on in the room so any genre that becomes popular becomes oversaturated and then basically everybody says we're gonna jump on this we're gonna we're gonna tell our version of this story to the point where it becomes very hard to tell an original story yeah you've got you've got your fandom that revs up gets on it everything is popular and then those fans get bored with it so in their ups off again it got dropped off again but the people that drop off are the fans that jumped on when it was up here yeah the fans who the fans who started down here on the other side stick around so so what happens is the same thing with with any genre and I'll say it with fantasy is you get the authors who want to tell an original story they have an original idea or their twist on it and they stick with it and they they tell it and then somebody will pick it up so it's it's kind of the wooden wave like anything else it'll get picked up and on what's a perfect example I'm missing things yes and fires on whether team blades all the way so but yeah I think that's where I say when I say that the genre was dying in books I think a lot of that comes from I'm not seeing of the massive amount of books that are being self-published and put out on Amazon a literal antral is the fantasy genre yeah I don't what's that did you stick out more hope so looking like that yeah yeah then you have like fanfic spin-offs like cooking here's a gray yeah the issue a lot of it is I read the Twilight series it wasn't not terrible it wasn't great it wasn't terrible the problem is it's worth like my track of my vampires our Dracula like Bram Stoker's Dracula those are my jacket those are my vampires and interview with a vampire they say blah blah blah oh my God my kids heard that day but like Lestat and those vampires are vampires and so like when you have all the stuff saturating market for genres it kind of ruins it of us people are like Oh everything's like Twilight then why the hell do I want to read it right and it's like no read fucking let's stop like grief Lestat and read interview with a vampire you'll like vampires because they're those were the cool vampires right and it's fun it's hard when it becomes so saturated to sift through the mediocre to find the gems yeah it is because how many like you said how many times do you want to read through twilight to get to the start when I notice about a lot of authors now for young adults because when we go to look for young adults for my my kids because my daughter's ten eleven Jackson Pierce a good young adults does a lot of fantasy now she didn't like spices I only speak it in person dated younger kids nice I will check that out because my book they're actually pretty complete and they all have a Prada goddess Artemis Fowl well because like Artemis Fowl is good writer that's their next series and James Patterson writes young adult books like the treasure hunters and stuff like that but um when you go to the young adult section it's this this sounds terrible to say if I had all said like kids over sexualized fantasy it's their turn I mean if they're it's it's hard when I say misconception I thought what fantasy is it not my light right you know and and that's that's the issue fantasy is this your books and it out since books and like David Annabelle's book that we did know about it that's fantasy his dark fantasy but it's fantasy and and that's where for me like I could tell you that's where the conception comes from as you see all these fantasy novels and it's alright I'll walk through Barnes & Noble yeah all through Barnes and Noble and I look what they put under fantasy edits oh I know I don't have to give it this I die and B are you sure and my dogs are all freaking out right now we start yeah and I I like to think of myself as you know a student of the craft sounds pretentious as shit but I mean I I like that because I do that's what I'm studying now I'm studying towards getting you know that master's degree and in fiction so I have I literally took a class two semesters ago called anime and animation we literally watched 70 anime films and house and studied storyline and plot behind anime so there's there's so much wrong with how and this is one of the things I'm going for in my books there's so much wrong with how female heroes are portrayed I want Fame to be a better example of what a female hero can be so it for me one of the things that ends up happening is either female character loses her agency because the ultimate goal as in Twilight was I need to be with a man but havin you know or or she has made to look stronger because the men the main male characters in the story are incompetent or can't do so Trenton is strong Trenton is the one with magic out of their group it is a forgiving page and he's really freaking good and yet he's not the main hero and I need a that's super important to me because it's not because I don't I don't want the men to look weak it's because I want the women to look even stronger the female characters look even stronger by standing out against a guy who's that table or a long side a guy who's that conception is because they're like oh please you know they just want to be in and bah bah bah bah it's like female leads aren't anything new in fantasy it's never been a new thing ok no even though in some fantasies you know the women are evil they're still very powerful people and that's where and obviously it's just it's just a whole genre of fantasy is just completely it's a complete misconception with a lot of people and I think a lot of the young adult authors they are kind of ruining it I really wish that they couldn't call them fantasy because it ruins the fantasy genre because when you think of fantasy heavy units you think of like here I think it's a lot of people if you were to ask probably young adults now they would probably tell you Twilight and beautiful creatures and write all the books that I see on display there's a bunch of them in a I mean it even bleeds over into the sci-fi witch there are days I have issues that they lump sci-fi and fantasy together and then there are days I think they they go hand in hand I'm not even totally by that because he'll come out and have a whole rate that right but that's why you'll walk down the fantasy young adult fantasy section and the Hunger Games are next to their daughter yeah Heather or not let's say at all so it's it's a difficult genre to convince somebody it's worth reading I think that was that's and that's why this is so important in why we feature a lot of fantasy office because all of our others have so far been fantasy it's important because um fantasy gets a bad rap and I'm to blame fantasy because of that reason but now that I Rican is he is it's my favorite genre so if I ever get to choose not that they're gonna be fantasy right on so now it's like well there are other stuff but and you know and it's it's kind of the issue I think and I could see lines but not it's I wouldn't say died but more misunderstood I think misunderstood it's probably a better I think my son hearse is probably a better term there are fantasy authors but you're so linked yourself or so this round out by all the other stuff you know but does it represent the genre very well well I just I hope more platforms like you guys give authors like me a chance is this is this is phenomenal I mean you can ask you can ask my wife when I found out about it I was happy dancing around the house like oh my god I can't believe another person who I'm gonna try to get him in here and this is I just want like this is this is your platform and is awesome and we like just give you guys a voice I totally appreciate it I do but I'm gonna call it and this has been great our young he wins he wins the whole show so I know these are you know six yeah you can't have kids and animals they always still show no and our three dollars are super cute so it's like well anybody who's anybody who's rewatching this run back about 40 45 minutes and Erin's dogs were like up on the counter looking for they were looking for food I'm really proud of myself not pointing that out when it actually happened but I was so distracted so mellow but he's kind of the grumpy old man ice and Fiona hi picnics and is the queen but she loves children let them climb on her and ride her and do everything and she just also want some that she comes with them and then archers our little puppy shit he he's a jerk he's kind of like we think he's Payton boxer we're not sure he's the one I found on the side of the road last year okay but he knows everybody else this one in our current like best friends no sweet thing he feeds him all the time they ate Donuts together earlier apparently I didn't know but apparently Nolan's bed of donuts didn't you before bounce everybody this is the paperback version here it's about 7 7 to 8 bucks on Amazon Prime if you have Kindle and Prime it's free both both both paperbacks with the person second book around seven to eight dollars read yeah book three is coming in the spring they tuned I'm super excited about it I not gonna lie I like it more than the first two so oh well I've been I'm excited yeah and real quick before I say goodbye my dad popped on and he said he was proud of me I'm a big daddy's boy so my dad said he's proud and I could die happy right now because of that so okay – – the always drunk part uh damini's uncle Demi's heart and kindness and all that is 100% my dad probably is gonna be like he's a cool character he loves he loves people I mean anything about that he's a drunk uncle and my dad my dad is the inspiration behind him – the drunk part my dad's three-level but um his heart and kindness and just Erica is my dad's character is yeah alright guys I really really appreciate this has been amazing awesome so we're not sure when the next episode is but it's coming coming soon but thank you for joining us for this awesome night and we'll see you guys next time thanks a great time thanks for coming guys

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