Negative reviews & an awful author experience

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  1. You shouldnt have removed her comment. No author should be commenting at all. Keep doing you 👍👍

  2. I know it is hard to do reviews on memoirs but reading is subjective and most people don't and need to understand this. What she did is straight up bullying!

  3. Totally agree that you never should have had to go through this. As an author myself, I’m guessing that the writer in question was overreacting because this was a memoir; maybe it felt to her that you weren’t enthusiastic about her or sympathetic to what she had gone through, as opposed to merely responding to this object (book) she created. Not an excuse for her behavior, of course, but maybe a reason for it?

  4. "You can please all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time."
    Course I switch the word "fool" with "please", but it is the same! Anyone going for global popularity is mentally delusional! I dare say narcissistic. There are plenty of books (stories) I did not like, some so bad I threw the book right in the bin after only a few chapters. Here's the thing, though I may not like a story, or the way in which it was written, I still appreciate the authors work (even if it's in the bin). Why? It's something I have not yet done, completed a book and had it published. Writing is real work!

    Don't let these mentally disturbed people get under your skin Darlin'! So many keyboard warriors these days, people that can't handle rejection or the fact that not everyone sees the things "their way". When on a public platform, well I'm afraid you too are going to get your share of HATERS from time to time no matter how small or large your channel. PLEASE don;t give the the time of day, delete / block them and go on your merry way. You are entitled to feel, think the way you do and some of us understand, appreciate and might even learn something from ya!

  5. You're right, three stars is not a bad review! Three means you liked it! I gave a lot of my reads three stars so far this year. I'm so sorry she was mean to you! I love your videos!

  6. I just watched the review. The video was well done, which is easy for me to say because I am not personally invested.
    Because it’s a memoir the author should have probably avoided reading any reviews. (If I told a friend my story and they said “that’s poor story telling, you didn’t make me care” I’d be pissed lol)
    Any negative review on a memoir would come off as a personal attack to the author. The likelihood of her writing a second memoir is slim so she’s not really going to learn anything from the constructive feedback to apply in a follow up novel, so she should just stay away.
    I wouldn’t let this impact your future reviews. It was really well done and you offered some good advice for others who may decide to write their memoirs.

  7. Thank you so much for this video. This needs to be heard. You handled it wayy better than I would have. I fully support you

  8. Good, call that author out. Would have been even better if you had made this video last year to expose the whole lot of them. If she has the guts to bully you, she can face the consequences of her poor behaviour.

  9. That is so unprofessional on her part. Rule 1 of peofessionalism is that you should never engage with negative reviews on your book. That just sullied my image of her, will be sure to avoid her books here on out. People should be allowed to speak their mind in reviews without the author or groupies coming for them.

  10. I hate how messy it is sometimes to leave your honest feedback on things. It's like, "no I'm not trying to hurt you personally, author. No, I don't know you. This is just my personal opinion on this story. Please distance yourself from it so I can just be honest without feeling bad, okay." On top of that, having 100% positive feedback on your creations is kinda.. unhelpful isn't it

  11. Man, I can't trust any 5 star review on her books anymore knowing she has little goonies doing shit like this.

  12. I'm sorry you had to go through this awful experience but I'm glad you feel able to post negative reviews again. I can imagine it might be a bitter pill for an author to swallow when their work is not liked but it's all part of the game and I mean, THREE stars is not a bad review, it's a could do better one!

  13. What a shame. I don't know that author, but I want to say I'm sorry you had that experience. As a published author myself, I had a person show up on Amazon with an actual wacky review saying kinda bizarre things…and my response? That is that person's opinion. I have plenty of other people loving my work and that's great. We ALL have our opinions and I'm so sorry that an author freaked out on you. I hope you have your confidence growing back up within you so you can share whatever you wish to share! I look forward to seeing your reviews: the glowing and the not-so-glowing. 🙂

  14. Wow, that experience was INSANE – especially as 1) it was not a bad review (you're right, 3 stars is middle-of-the-road!) … 2) you have a TOTAL right to your opinion … and 3) it STINKS that it wasn't like it was a NYTimes Book Review post that affected millions of readers/book lovers. Wow, NUTS. Glad you have found your voice of true and total honesty again!

  15. I followed you just because of this video. That's such an awful thing. I can't believe it happened to you. It's so abusive and harmful. 🙁

  16. In the beginning closed captioning translated, "Now we can move on with our bookish lives," into "Now we can move into our slave booking lives." As a soon to be emerging author myself it makes me really sad to see people overreact this way. It will always sting when you are told that your work isn't infallible or a true classic but that only leaves room for you to improve more. Throwing a fit takes time away that can be dedicated to improvement. I am very sorry you had to go through this, but I think you handled in very well given just how immature and cruel people can be over something so silly. It is disgraceful behavior that has no place in our world and I hope the author learns something from this instead of boiling in her anger and suppressing their growth. I am defiantly looking forward to bad book reviews! It greatly helps me identify my own faults that are still peppered across my work, and it is enjoyable to hear your perspective on many of these- and can widen my own perspectives as well.

  17. so she was being a literal child about it, sad to say that if thats how she reacts to a lukewarm review she's going to be in tears when she tries that bull on anyone else.

  18. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour. Don't put something into print that you aren't prepared to have critiqued.

  19. I know that I'm several months late, but thank you so much for being brave enough to make this video. Don't fault yourself for getting scared or depressed when this happened. There is a difference between disagreement and harassment. If an army of dislikers descends upon you, that is harassment. You didn't deserve to be treated that way. I am glad that things are better now and that you're recovering.

  20. Whoa, that's so crazy! Especially since 3 stars is a very decent review, it's by no means is a "bad" review. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with an unprofessional author like that, it would have upset me too. You're allowed to dislike books and share your honest opinions, thats what booktube is all about!

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