Need help with a GRE Problem? June 27, 2019 (Writing a paper last-minute)

so we recently just had a video come out which was basically called run the race backwards and the whole idea was you know kind of use the answer choices to your advantage use the answer choices to your advantage and I think I found another good example where you can apply this technique so let's read the question then I'll pause the video or you can pause the video try to crack it yourself and then we will solve it together so it says Rachel needs to type up her 1950 word paper which seems quite shortened by the way probably an easy school by it's 5:00 p.m. deadline if she starts at least two hours in advance her typing speed if she's doing her paper two hours in advance of this 5:00 p.m. deadline I guarantee even if she hits the word count this is gonna be a shitty paper but anyway let's move on her typing speed will be a constant 20 words per minute but for every two minutes beyond 3:00 p.m. that she waits before starting her constant typing speed will increase by one word per minute what is the latest time at which Rachel can begin typing in order to finish her paper by the deadline so go ahead and pause the video see if you can crack this I recommend using the answer choices but of course you can use algebra if you want to alright hopefully that wasn't too bad so the problem here I think is this is a reading problem it's very easy to miss some of these details notice it says for every two minutes beyond three p.m. her constant typing screed speed will increase by one word per minute so this is you know almost like a reading question and you really have to make sure you're not dealing with wrong parameters here all right so let's imagine that her typing speed does not increase she just does 20 words per minute how long will it take her to write this paper so have 1950 and she does 20 words per minute right so we just gonna divide this by 20 to get the number of minutes she needs to finish this paper now we can do some rough estimates here so 20 goes into you know 2000 if we approximate this so 20 goes into 2000 right there what is that well there's one zero here and there's three zeros here so I need two more zeros right so it goes in a hundred times so what we're talking about is about a hundred minutes which equals what so a hundred minutes would be what an hour and forty minutes is that correct right there and take a look here an hour and forty minutes means even if she doesn't increase her speed she could do 320 right and still meet the 5:00 p.m. deadline so this is automatically wrong right and we can probably eliminate B because remember she's going to increase here so B is just seems too short right there so what I would do is I would check D that's what I would check and if D is correct I would choose D if it's too big I would choose C or if it's too small I would choose e so you know just by simplifying this problem I really only have to test one right here okay so every every two minutes past 3:00 p.m. right well how many two minutes past 3:00 p.m. do I have so I have an hour and a half extra which is 90 minutes right there and if I divide that by two to get every two minutes you know divide that by two I get 45 so she's going to increase her typing speed by 45 words per minute her original typing speed is 20 so it's gonna be 20 plus 45 and that's gonna equal 65 words per minute now at 4:30 she only has 30 minutes left that's all she has so if she's typing 65 words per minute and she only has 30 minutes left can she get 1950 well let's just multiply so we're gonna do 65 times 30 now this is a pretty easy you know multiplication problem because of the zero so we got a zero and then we got a zero don't forget to add the zero as we move to the tens digit three times five is going to be 15 so we put the five right here and we put the one right here three times six is 18 plus one that's 19 bring everything down zero five nine one and what do you know that's exactly the correct answer so it has to be D now even if it wasn't remember even if this was not the correct answer the good news is if it's too big I choose C if it's too small I to Z and I'm kind of using some good test strategy here in order to quickly land upon the answer so the first test strategy I use is assuming no increase that allowed me to eliminate a and pretty reliably eliminate B I then tested deep knowing that would be the only one I have to test so just a nice good example of test strategy but also the fact that you have to read carefully in order to get these problems correct all right guys talk to you later

4 thoughts on “Need help with a GRE Problem? June 27, 2019 (Writing a paper last-minute)

  1. Reading the problem I was assuming her typing speed was increasing by 1wpm after two minutes, then again after 2mins, etc over time. I guess the key word would be constant? Making the increase in typing speed additive to 20?

    Thanks Greg. Confusing word problem

  2. Hello Greg, 90 mins prior to 5 pm. Hence, it is 3:30 pm as we have considered 45 slabs……The answer is C.

  3. Hey Greg, I took my GRE test Today. I made a 313 (V-155, Q-158). I could have done a lot better than this (probably around 320), but I will take it. I really want to thank you for everything you have done so far. You might not have realized it yet, but you have really made a difference for me, and for others as well. My verbal was weak (around 150) but after going through the techniques you taught, I made a 155. I could have done a lot better in Quant, but the questions were unexpectedly tough and I could not manage my time. I had to GUESS in almost 6 quant questions (could you believe it). Nevertheless, I am satisfied, and I hope you continue to make a difference. Regards.

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