NCT DREAM (엔시티 드림) – ’Bye My First…(사랑이 좀 어려워)’ LYRICS [HAN|ROM|ENG COLOR CODED] 가사

으 음 으 아 뭐지 분명 에 생을 걸고 마지막 사랑 이를 꺼란 발언 놈이 제 5 서투른 첫 사랑 너 어 내렸지 쭉 2 자라 달라붙자 벌이 그 모든 거지 하는 된다 생각한 끝을 마치 청중이 2개 타지 사랑이여 팩 반짝 타러 온 거지 또 까지 현대 가짜 큰 줄 알았는데 뭐 어떻게 주었기에 들어 시간들은 다 나갔었다 were well with tae hoo hoo hoo lee dae ho ho lee a 만큼 잊어 이 싸는 어리지 가난한 나를 믿어 보라 해 왠지 떠들 들으면 아 이렇게 마음 먹은대로 넘어가지 않아도 가슴 어딘가 바뀐 테러가 력이 있는 것만 가라지 스타 린다 않아 뿐 여러 용 써 있는지 없이 혼자 붙잡고 잇던 나 둘 다 아무 것도 몰랐던 나에게 쓸 수 없었던 말 볼땐 [음악] god who r tae hoo hoo hoo lee dae ho ho ho lee hee era the wop 사람의 like 썻던 나 [음악] we [음악] we 5 그때는 참 먼 sera de de de de de ho ho ho ho lee hee 사랑 wer [음악]

100 thoughts on “NCT DREAM (엔시티 드림) – ’Bye My First…(사랑이 좀 어려워)’ LYRICS [HAN|ROM|ENG COLOR CODED] 가사

  1. Am i the only one who loves the way haechan say the word “Ooh” 😍

    Soothing in my ears😭💗😍

  2. i saw this theory about this song. You know Jisung it's gonna be the last to be in dream, but he was the first drean member to be shown. So it's like he's our "first and last" and now this song. It connects everything.

  3. My heart flutters! This song feels like “Walk you home” and everytime I hear it, i cant help but get fluttered. This song is really cheesy and sweet!!

  4. i’m sorry but it just me or someone also think that this song has a same beat with ‘cool’ by jonas brother

  5. Why are they growing up?
    Why can’t they stay together like this😭💔
    OT7 will always be together. Hopefully Sm will make a fixed sub-unit for OT7 because they deserve to be together:”)
    Their friendship is so precious!! Their side tracks for We boom literally make me cry 24/7. The are Best Friends


  7. apparently the eurovision demon benjamin ingrosso composed this song? it has that kinda juvenile twang of his but it's all right, it's a pleasant song :')

  8. Okay not to be THAT guy but.. I cringed at the sight of this because at first i thought it was going to be another "girlfriend boyfriend" type song but I just love how they kept it more neutral so everyone can relate despite their gender/orientation and it's so beautiful, the song.

  9. Hi guys, you have properly heard about Jeno’s and Renjun’s situation. If you guys don’t know, Jeno is harassed by their female manager, i don’t know if this is true or not but there is some evidence. And Renjun is treated very unfair. The same female manager has left him outside without an umbrella on and it was raining when he only wore a t-shirt. Please unsubscribe from SMTOWN and unfollow them on Instagram. This is the only way that make SM notice us. Please help them out, thank you 🙏
    (Sorry for my crap English)

  10. y'all i can't believe this song is a continuation of my first and last and in mfal they are just talking about they first teenage love and how they were like ''you are my first and last because i love you so much and i can't let you go'' (because c'mon everyone's first love is like that) and now bye my first is when they grew up and are more mature and are just like ''yo my first this isn't working out……i was too young back then i didn't knew what love was''

    LIKE…..renjun's and haechan's line in the ending…….idk this is kinda funny but also sad to me lol they are just cringing at their younger selves lmao

  11. Why do I feel like this song can fit into a K-drama where the guy falls in love with his best friend who is a girl and they go a carnival and this song is playing while they are hanging out.

  12. This is what renjun said in previous vlive #dnyl , he said that there was a next story that had been prepared to continuing MFAL. This song is the answer.

    Good bye for my first💔. And welcoming Renjun as my last 💚💚 😁

  13. Oh my they switch to bababarabada instead of nananannana. Jeno does sounds like mark, or are we still haunted by mark's voice? I dunno what to think.

  14. it's like they made a song about all of the experiences they had and made it into a love song. a legit love song. but you can somehow smell a 00' liners goodbye song and chensung growing up. bye guys imma cry

  15. 3:09 vocalists like renjun are the reason music is universal. he is the best at delivering the feeling behind his words and he’s only 19

  16. i feel that jeno is the new mark. idk why, i just feel this. especially in this part: 2:17 he's voice tone in here is so similar to mark's

  17. Idkw but when listening to this song I keep on thinking of the ending credits song of Mickey’s Twice Upon Christmas

  18. honestly, ill miss the 00 liners so much, its like mark graduating, but more harder to let go due to the amount of softies crying and leaving.
    ot7 dream is the best dream ever.

  19. Renjun's "To be honest with you, Love is a bit difficult." at the end..

    His voice was so beautiful I literally teared up. His voice was like.. almost breaking, and full of soul? Idk. Considering that this is probably a break-up song, it makes me even sadder.

  20. i feel so fluttered when i heard jisung's voice without any music background. omg he's so cute and my baby is not a kid anymore :((

  21. I once become an NCTzen during we you era. That era, my bias was Renjun and had jisung as bias wrecker. BUT NOOOW, I dont really know, I just Love them allll. Can you feel me? SM, I WANT THEM IN THE SAME UNIT😭😭😭😭

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