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HOST: NAV is known for his distinct voice,
catchy hooks and his rags to riches story. HOST: The 29 year old Canadian rapper/producer
first started to gain attention in 2015 as a co-producer for Drake’s Meek Mill diss,
“Back To Back,” but really caught fire after crafting and appearing on Travis Scott’s
“beibs in the trap.” His most recent project, ‘Bad Habits’
debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. HOST: And he knows why his fans love him. NAV: My songs are more like melody driven,
when it comes to like the beats and production. And then, you know, my monotone ass voice. haha
HOST: So we decided to reach out to the Genius community and find out his top lyrics. HOST: First up, collaboration with Meek Mill,
“Tap,” what he called his best song ever. HOST: NAV explained to Genius that the song
began out of his creative process. NAV: Honestly, I do mumble tracks whenever
I record I do the first melodies and first sounds that come to my head. Sometimes they’re not even full words. So the first thing that came out of my head
was just tap tap tap. HOST: NAV shouts out “Tap” on Young Thug’s
“Boy Back.” HOST: NAV’s nickname is “Brown Boy”
for his Punjabi heritage – and on “Some Way” he shouts himself out as being one
of the first to do it. NAV: I kinda shifted the game in terms of Indian culture. People wanted to be like pharmacists and doctors
and now it’s like, o shit there is a rapper too. HOST: And he shouts out how he believes he’s
integral to the game, while talking to his haters on his collaboration with Metro Boomin,
“Did You See NAV?” HOST: Next, we have NAV’s polarizing verse
from Travis Scott’s 2018 cut, “YOSEMITE.” HOST: After the song’s release memes surfaced
poking fun how low the mix was and NAV himself joined in on the fun. But the song was eventually fixed. HOST: Next, NAV touches on finding himself
and proving people wrong on “Myself.” HOST: He told us how people from his high
school reach out to him on social media. NAV: It starts off with ‘O, whats up man
you remember me blah blah blah. A fuck you bitch you fucking suck you fat
fuck.They just go all out you know? Once they realize you’re not ‘reading
it’ they start going in. HOST: On Travis’s “Beibs in the Trap”
we hear the Canadian catchy first verse comparing pop star Justin Beiber to cocaine. HOST: Keeping up with the hooks, he raps about
his diamonds on “Wanted You.” HOST: Then on “Up,” he talks about being
careful who you trust. HOST: But he also mentions how sometimes being
at the top can be lonely on “Call Me.” HOST: Still, NAV has a pretty good sense of
humor about his success and paving the way as a brown boy in hip-hop. NAV:I still wake up everyday bugged out that
this is my life. // shit, everyday I get dressed in nice clothes
and like wear jewelry and live a good life. HOST: From his number of platinum singles
to his artist pages boastings nearly 8 million views, he’s definitely carving
his own lane.. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next
for the Canadian rapper and producer. HOST: What did we miss? Let us know in the comments. HOST: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  1. Teacher told me I wasn’t gone be shit diamonds in my pinky look like water make me seasick🤒🔥 I commented it before it popped up

  2. “Do I believe in heaven to be honest I don’t know. But I believe in ghosts and believe in Lambos”

    – Freshman List, NAV

  3. “My teachers used to call my momma on the phone
    I failed in all my classes, hated going home
    Got-Got a lot of problems that I handle on my own
    Remember making beats and feeling stuck inside my home”

  4. “Walking like I got a vest on me Imma keep on winning you should place your bets on me, I should open up a bakery Bagets on me…”

  5. “Fuck your man, he ain’t got nothin’ on me she say, you ain’t got respect, you always nuttin’ on me”

  6. Can't believe y'all missed "I wish that I could have the money without fame, I would trade all my diamond rings and all my chains just so me and you could be the same" smh

  7. “I’m ballin so I put some diamonds on my fist
    Punch you in your mouth leave diamonds on your lip” 😂😂😂

  8. “I would walk outside with my XO jacket on and just pray that someone would notice me” this says enough about nav that I don’t need to waste my time explaining it🤷🏽‍♂️

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