National Poetry Slam 2014 – Finals – "Elementary" G. Yamazawa

32 thoughts on “National Poetry Slam 2014 – Finals – "Elementary" G. Yamazawa

  1. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this. This poem is one of the best I've listened to! Very powerful!

  2. I'm kind of confused as to why calling her gay was…offensive to his dad I guess? Was it cause she was actually gay and he was being homophobic? Or was he calling her a jerk? Kind of undermines the rest of his poem.

  3. Well, the Buddha/Buddhist references were a bit foreign to me, being a Christian, myself, but it was a very powerful and inspiring piece. Absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  4. I like this guy Buddhism is the only "religion" if that's what you wanna call it more of a lifestyle to me but its the only one the world should keep everything about it is so positive unlike the hypocrisy of every other religion.

  5. So, I'm doing a poetry slam pretty soon and I didn't realize we were supposed to tell stories! To think I was going to read some poetry.

  6. This is absolutely amazing. His metaphors and analogies are so deep and complex. I just really couldnt get past his constant bashing of America, very rude for him to disrespect the nation that gives him the freedom to say what he wants without consequence. He's still amazing though!

  7. I wonder.  If G.Yamazawa were offered the opportunity to move ANYWHERE else in the world on the condition he could never return to America . . . would he take it?  Where would he go, I wonder?  Why did all those people cheer every. time. he bashed America?

  8. "I became a bully because we all want to feel like America sometimes"

    a powerful political statement but the humanitarian message beyond it is even more powerful. I too do "hope our tongues is the only way we have left to conquer"

  9. "We all crack under peer pressure 
    But once you see that there are earthquakes coming from your faults you realize how deep trembles are felt"


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