NANO Prep: Novel Announcement

Good morning everyone Your novel is calling. Can you hear it? Are you ready to answer the call? I hope so because one of the things that you’re supposed to do during the month of October on NaNoWriMo is to announce your novel And I’m very excited to announce mine. It is Chance in Space Zoey and Gursel Yay not the most original titles I know but it’s a work in progress I also created this nifty book cover It’s pretty. I like it And if you’re looking for someplace to make yours I made mine on You just make it custom dimensions design and the dimensions that you need are 230 by 300 And It’s really easy. I just found a random picture online and added some text I don’t have a synopsis yet because I haven’t outlined the story. It’s still an idea But hopefully that will come near the end of the month when we finish the outline Unless you have your synopsis then good for you however, I do have a plot um my story is a futuristic romance and Zoey is a young woman just living her life. You know in a dead-end career with no hopes of the future because You can’t have a protagonist living it up because then there won’t be a story One day she comes across chance in space the intergalactic matchmaking service that boast a 99.9 percent success rate she signs up and lo and behold she finds a match A Zern named her Gursel Who lives on the secret planet of a Anat? What are the secrets the Zerns are hiding? Can Zoey adapt to life on a new planet? Will she marry a complete stranger she’s never met? Will they or won’t they? Who knows you have to read the book to find out! I like the whole Mars Needs woman’s trope so I would say if I were to compare my book And I know this is a big no-no But if I were I’d say it’s I would fall into the same category as like Michelle M pillows Dragon lords Marly chances Oath series Evangeline Anderson’s What’s her series called bride of the Kindred’s only my Story will probably have a lot less sexy time than those books But that’s my book and my challenge to all of you is to announce your book and if you have already then put it in the comments below because I am very interested to know and if you haven’t go do that and Then put it in the comments below. Yeah our books are getting done So subscribe to stalk me follow me on Twitter, which is the same name I use for NaNoWriMo So add me if you haven’t already I will see you guys tomorrow.
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  1. Your story sounds fun 🙂 I have announced mine, Dead End – Surviving (book 2 in a zombie series.) The first book isn't published yet, so I won't be putting up a synopsis for the nano book, maybe just some excerpts 🙂

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