My Top Ten Lyricists

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  1. Little note the eminem verse is a freestyle 😉 Listen to " all i think about" from bad meets evil listen to the wordplay and flow its unmatched !

  2. My personal top 10. 1. Kool G Rap 2. Rakim  3. Big Daddy Kane 4. Nas 5. Eminem 6. Big Pun 7. Black Thought 8. GZA 9. KRS-One 10. Jeru The Damaja

  3. 10. Immortal Technique
    9. Big L
    8. Nas
    7. KRS-One
    6. Big Daddy Kane
    5. Guru
    4. MF Doom
    3. Kool G Rap
    2. GZA
    1. Rakim

  4. first of all remeber all caps when u spell the name….. and next em is a tough lyricist… idk what u talking bout just cause he sold recodrds and white people like him dnt mean hi is bad

  5. have you heard him on 50's new song. i am a stan but i dont like eminem as much as i used to. having said that on that 50 and adam levine song he has took rap to a new level rhyming words that dont rhyme, incredible. and i would have nas instead of ras kass but only opinion

  6. if u think eminem is terrible ur fucking retarded. hes a great lyricist. might not be #1 but he deserves to be on the list

  7. I like you no homo. I like people who know a good M.C. when they hear one,whether the only place you can hear them is on a blog or on the radio. Please tell me you still make videos.

  8. Good vid btw…I repect ur opinion…IMO I would of put canibus at a higher rank moved L a bit down, taken andre out & included kool g rap, big pun, & my personal fav K-RINO. I would of added diabolic, hopsin & AZ to honarable mentions.

  9. I swear niggas think da topics u rhyme about make u lyrical. LET ME TELL U NAGGAZ SUMTIN. Being lyrical is all about Kraft-T-Ness which may include flo, swag, wordplay, multi's, punches, knowledge, makin sense etc… it's the overall delivery of ur words. That combined with topic(s) that speak loudest 2U = UR GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME LYRICALLY & by industry wut matters is who sells the most which = Eminem currently. I just thought I'd put the hammer down

  10. @xXClassic haha mf doom your favorite's favorite rapper? haha no way kool g rap is your favorite's favorite rapper!

  11. @REalhiphop92 props u picked his most lyrical song, hence ferget he's lyrically more capable then any "lyricist" u named…..period…dude has the total package…..sure u were born in 92 , 89 here i study lyrics, delivery, passion the hole 9……….point 5 eminem is THEE most complete lyricist to ever spit on a mic period……listen to rabbit run, demon inside, and psycho ect. (lots more, those are his best lyrical, no chorus all spit lol) dont argue cuz u wont win…..just go listen

  12. @rakimkoolgrapwutang not a ill lyricist but he defintley a good lyricist

  13. @DJDisgust I don't think nas deserves #1 either but this isn't our list. However I think Nas should be mentioned when the conversation is about lyricism. Hell the only person who straddles the fence for me is Jay-Z and that's due to his excessive biting and lack of lyrical creativity. Now he's vastly overrated. I'll have to disagree with eminem's later albums being better. His 1st two albums were the his best with number 1 topping number 2.

  14. @DJDisgust Rarely does anyone top their 1st album; if that defines whether an artist is a lyricist or not you can put 99% of all MCs in that category. Only artists I know who topped their 1st albums were GZA, Ghost, and Rakim IMO. So does that mean they're the only lyricist? No. Its difficult to out do your first or even your 2nd album because your fans create an expectation, and even if you do deliver the same level of skill the fans will always want the next to be better than the last.

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