let's go guys either aka IRA aka I define me and I am back with a highly requested video so it seems that most of you guys want to know what kind of books are into it especially after that video I made on a mental slavery and I am going to mention that looking this video people to know what other books I read and what other book I would recommend so here I am telling you that my top five books are piracy I think you're going to start off with probably the most known book which is of course the autobiography of malcolm this one was written with the assistance of a turkey is the most common one that you will get and i was refueled a blurb said it starts with recording the angry black man in America Malcolm X is one of the 20th century's most controversial figures well a book is damaged with inner dosa is celebrated and ballad by the world over for his courageous book business fights again for millions of black men and women the equality and respect denied them by their white neighbors he inspired as many people in the United States as he calls Sicilian okay Malcolm X is remarkable Square will be completed just before his murder in 1955 ranges from Omaha and Michigan to Harlem and Mecca and tells of a young its enfranchisement which descent into drug addiction robbery and prison was reversed only by his belief in the right struggle for black America and the conversion to the Nation of Islam not only is this one of the fundamental texts of the 20th century civil rights movement it is also the fascinating story of a man refused to allow anyone tell you who or what he was yes rather max I thought I'd ever get my earrings from could you get a lot of comments about my earrings and do you get them from Arun daughter calm she's actually still making photographer to stop a careering I don't know why because I pass the inverse mother good continue and earrings and that hasn't really brought much new earring students that on base being seekers but I'm a very very picky earring wearer anyway looking on the tips half or the other side if you guys have not read the book club watch the film shame on you okay shame on you guys watch yourself by this couldn't do it because it did not give the stories the Justice they deserve reading the book because I oh by the way is by – Amanda Mosby attitude the thing that I find amazing about the book is the fact that you can just switch between characters and surrounding so seamlessly like one factor should be here the next chapter she's there with this character and in your head it just blows but the way that the school knows it doesn't do it justice definitely I would say read this book is amazing I told my boyfriend to mediate and he loved it as well and I read the blood team in 1960 Nigeria a country blanket by civil war three lives intercept agua a boy from a poor village works and the house was for a university lecturer or Lana a young woman has abandoned her life of privilege in Lagos to live with a charismatic new lover the professor the third is Richard a shy Englishman in Fulton for Lana this is a tongue twister in thrall to all and enigmatic twin sister when saw dahlias remember was good knowing young words alternated between the blow disrespected Oh God when the shocking horror of the war engulfed them their loyalties are severely tested as they are pulled apart and throw together in ways that none of them imagined it okay and learn so much about Nigerian civil war and it's just one of those books that is cook you that definitely read part of the Yellow Sun and do not watch the film it is the next one is the boss vocational African consciousness I have done a video on it if you have not seen my mental for every video go to it because I basically closed but there is a lot more depth about waste and it's basically about the mental slavery that we face as people from Africa and I should read the whole title population the falsification of African consciousness Eurocentric history psychiatry and the politics of white supremacy by Amos and sources unfortunately just like math myths and was passed away but not of the same size impossible so let me just read to you good live is blocked off and lot longer so and the world a lot bigger okay so you know air mine this book contains two groundbreaking lectures like Amos Walker's the first European history ography and oppression expose an African perspective as a nut was a hunger for contemporary analysis there was almost super contemporary analysis which we're delineated delineated the role Eurocentric history writing claims in breathe in rationalizing European oppression of African peoples and in the falsification of African consciousness I'll fix it because I got it explicit escape if expletives why we should study history how history writing shape the psychology of people's and individual how Eurocentric history as mythology create historical amnesia in Africans in order to roughness of material mental social and spiritual wherewithal where whistles for overcoming poverty and oppression moreover this engrossing lecture fully exposes the relationship between the rediscovery and rewriting of African history and achievement of liberation and prosperity by African people the second lecture eurosceptic political dogmatism its relationship to the mental health diagnosis of African people advances the contention that the alleged mental and behavioral man at sensitivities of oppressed African peoples is a political economic necessity for the maintenance of white domination and imperialism furthermore it index the Eurocentric mental health establishment for entry ends of collision with the eurosocial political establishment to oppress and exploit African peoples by officially sanctioning these eggs ridicule a group yet appear a group yet practices through its myths diagnosis mislabeling and mistreating of African peoples behavioral reactions to their oppression and their efforts to win their freedom and independence / so I remember when I first learning this book that I really really liked one of the services I'm sure if I could find it now I will go for the same way to manipulate history is to manipulate consciousness to manipulate consciousness is to manipulate possibility and to manipulate possibilities is to manipulate how sader read this book and watch my video on it because I go into a lot more depth so the last two books I am super excited so you're not because they have a very special feature autograph a taste of power a black woman's story while rain round guys I saw lame unpleasant oh it's worse I talked last year and I was so in all that I was reading the book and I was like I was going there I think I sort of rather do an inch pendulum although there and I once again all got whatever happens you have to sign my book I guess what that I look and I could not understand what other it says look at it with a lot of deciphering them you know picking at it getting people to help me figure out what on earth it says we finally decided upon this for my sister either she was really excited I'm emotional good I suppose it well and revolutionary love Elaine wrap and then she put the date so that's yours a bit of it and I thought that my intellect rusty one day it would be very valuable to you said okay but the date on it obviously she put it in her American Way so it says 12 3 8 16 which I believe I remember was in December well March so it will be third of December 2016 bachelor and this book my friends basically walks you through her life how she started up as a young girl passing as a nice pretty much speaking of shoes and then how she grew up and was it wilds very well and to join the backpack apply and of course about all the killings that happened that her friends that was shot and what happened with her family and her children it's really interesting insight into the Black Panthers especially from a woman's perspective the missile has a lot of low potential views of the best quality of the review stick as a server to finally understand what the Black Panthers are all about very true they were bold daring or beautiful and so in taste power next what a lame brown rice is so astonishing at times it is even difficult to believe she survived it and yet she did bringing off that amazing light of Blackpool most magical resilience in the loneliness of Alberta despair she became the chairman of the Black Panthers expenses definitely look seriously the a corridas book if you like me watch the vanguard of a revolution and you wanted to learn more by the back pass especially read this book and they'd call me pushing when I thought that I was really annoyed that she did not like the only no I love this but she said that wasn't a correct picture of Huey Newton and the back Panthers though if you've seen it if you haven't seen it don't watching but see what she looks really good but is not truthful because personality living if anyone made the last one guy I don't think many people know about this one and that's of course submitted by a British author for one so north and by Malory black it's look right here it's a three-part series I really want a teenager and I quite love I read it again recently and I cried again please this book takes you through all kinds of emotion a book that really makes you question things basically what it is is that there are lots and there across it not our white people causes our black people the north are low in society they had been enslaved they're the ones are basically seen as the little blue and black other people that are but in actually really read a new questioning it was one line I remember where they talked about a plaster and thickness the white boy needs a plaster by even expands out because all the plasters remain to be the same color as the crosses they were all dark brown and then I'll take into myself drafters band-aids for America's friend Oh beige why are they beige why academ is an orc an inferior white citizen in a society controlled by the black cross Febby is a cross and there's also one of the most powerful richest men in the country Oh yellow adventures well this is based around the time where and hang still happened where people were cool that you know wonder if that picture was taken when the integration just started in America if it was a base in England and book but integration just started at the other picture of the girls walk into the schools black females walking into school and you can see people behind them shout in a shine and I trying to fight them rape drug that okay so in their Hospital violent world north of course is tips we don't mix but we're set the and columns childhood friendship growth into passionate love they're determined to find a way to be together broken Julia ditch man why is not okay and she is bringing it to the BBC as a series its book I read then second is who is going to be on TV you know met her to back how many times work method one did you ever get little flat why do you cry with Blackmon why but I definitely haven't read put me always find the first book in the series the most black best so I haven't really been that really want to move on to the Pakistan I'd like definitely read this one if I do end up rereading the second or third one I will definitely do video on it and so you got half of one series whole but um yeah yes so maybe it just says to either love Mallory back on the 8th of April 2017 yeah so these are my top 5 books so this one calmly reading like a British a forgotten history by David or the saga here's a mixtape British man half Nigerian of white um and he basically has documentary on the BBC as an American mention I mentioned them in my Africa verse that I being video that nobody really asks to take this bill to the video but what it was about was about Britain's involvement in the slave trade for anything so the documents are really really good and one else will come what on the tube reading this book this hefty book record I need to get it so I want it I've been reading it and this I have feeling is definitely going to be on my top ten books I need to get him to sign it I'm going to use one next person him and time Amanda icx tie my books I finish reading this I will get let you guys know what information on the BBC base we had advantages times particularly under History Month maybe around Black History Month where they show lots of strategies like being black and British it was really really interesting if you can find it any of them online then definitely do they might be from on YouTube if I find some I will link it down below hopefully you all enjoyed this got some kind of insight you know give yourself some books to add to your reading list and I'll give you guys another update once I read more books I have loads of books here to read like loads and unders need have times with them and when my list changes and updates maybe the top 10 maybe another five I'll let you guys know what our till then guys peace love and

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  1. Ruby Bridges…. was the first girl to attend an all white school during segregation in the US> states like in the 50s or 60s….

  2. I can't believe that black British, identity with Black American culture. I must study more about black brit. One question why're you all so quiet.

  3. Hey guys if you're interested in some good poetry, check out my new book The Sweet Sorrows of 20 Something. Its available on Amazon and would love the support!

  4. This is a good read "The Paradise Diet" on Amazon.

  5. I agree with you that the book 'Half of a Yellow Sun' is 100 x better than the movie. The movie was a little disappointing for me to be honest.

  6. Yes yes yes the plaster moment in 'Noughts and crosses' always stuck with me too. Read all 4 book before the tv adaptation if you can.

  7. I'm currently reading, Financial Freedom: My Only Hope by Jeremiah Brown. Great read, I read it in day.

  8. Eyedah, if you want to see amazing black characters in fantasy novels, Author J.J. Excelsior has released an Illustrated High Fantasy novel titled: “World Shaken: Guardians of the Zodiac I”. It is available in ebook and paperback format. The ebook is available FREE on through Nov. 2, 2017. Link below:

    It is an epic illustrated story that includes characters that look and feel like you, and represent more of the people in our world.

  9. Just picked up Half of a yellow sun.  Is The falsification of African Counsiousness is similar to Psychological Slavery?  I just picked up that one as well.   I look forward to reading many of these books.  Thank you for this video.

  10. Hello, I really liked your video. As someone who loves reading, I find it so annoying that all the books marketed to us or all the 'popular' books, all the hyped books almost always have white protagonists and always some pseudo 'strong' while female character in her teens, who is going to save this dystopian world or even has to deal with ALL these issues. I mean, yes I enjoyed your adventures but seriously I need to see some diversity. As an Indian women I hardly see myself represented in the books I like to read. I love to read about racism and sexism but not in historical non fiction. I like books which are contemporary or modern classics. But you know, there are so little of them being hyped that I never really find them. Also, if I have to read an interracial romance, oh well! Then good luck to me because there are no PRIDE AND PREJUDICES being written in that genre. Why? I don't understand. And all these books all the book YouTubers talk about are always the same white based books, I am tired of reading about white teen angst and how this measly girl is going to save the world but ends up being saved by her love interest and has this other jealous love interest. I hope you understand what I mean. I love romance, but I need some diversity and some interracial relationships, some LGBTQA representation of people of colour and some disable representation. God! I need a sense8 type of book. So, thank you for this video I am surely going to read Noughts and Crosses and your other recommendations. ❤️❤️❤️

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