My Top 20 Anime OST Composers

18 thoughts on “My Top 20 Anime OST Composers

  1. Now I can finish Super Robot Taisen X.
    Don't forget to check thaivun's video about Anisong composers:

  2. Taku Iwasaki such a genius. Mostly, he does supernatural genre but actually he can also does other genre like comedy (Yakitate Japan), Fantasy (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and many more.

  3. Hiroyuki Sawano is the Best of the Bests…he did a amazing job in Attack on Titan, all of his songs is good

  4. First, Yoko Kanno belongs in Number One! Second: you ranked Kenji Kawai as #8 but didn't sample anything he wrote for "Ghost in the Shell"???

  5. 10 and on is very noice, however number 1 is very suspect and no satoru kosaki, any timeline where shiro sagisu is above sawano is the right one so u get a like.

  6. I've never looked into composers, but it seems that Kouhei Tanaka is one of my favorites. Gunbuster, GaoGaiGar, Planet With, G Gundam, Busou Renkin, One Piece. Can't argue with that.

  7. I love that you put Yasunori Iwasaki on there, I love his jazzy style of composition. Especially in Getter Robo Armageddon. But why didn’t you have any of his Da Garn stuff?

    Also, nice to see Kohei Tanaka up so high, he’s a true mecha composer. Just wonder why you didn’t have any of his G Gundam compositions (you seriously went for OP instead) or the Goldion Hammer theme.

    Libera me from hell does make it reasonable why Taku Iwasaki would be 3rd on your list. That stuff is awesome. Even his Linkin Park rip-off song for Viral. Though besides Gurren Lagann he’s hardly a mecha composer (an anime composer, yes, but still).

    And Takanashi Yasuharu at #1? Come on, I love his Naruto Shippuuden soundtracks (a lot of which is still unreleased BTW) and how he uses a different style for other works, but I’d still place Yoko Kanno and Kohei Tanaka above him :p

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