my secret is finally out – 13 year old AUTHOR!!

[Applause] what's up and welcome to today's video my secret is finally out I wanted to reveal this to you guys for like so long well actually not that long so I'm gonna give you guys a little bit of background just watch that trailer that I actually designed and made myself they probably know by now what I'm about to tell you over on Instagram for the past seven days I've been counting down to this day and saying like hashtag every sentence of the way which is the name of my okay I'm so excited this is like a little change of this day for like two weeks okay so I'm coming out with the book of poetry one thing you guys don't know about me is I'm super into like theater art literature poetry music my whole family is very artsy and I love poetry like every time we have poetry in school it's like my easiest thing I do it so fast and so I didn't want to just come out with a book I don't want to do like stories I don't want to write a bunch about myself I wanted to write something that can help because I think that girls our age are so important because like teenagers stuff it can be lonely it really can and I feel like this age is the most important ages when you're discovering things is when you're finding out who you are and so I just want to be there for you guys that's why I love doing like my it gets real serious I just love relating to people and I think it'd be so cool if I could help out some girls my age find themself or maybe feel less alone especially since like I'm homeschooled and a lot of people are public schools where you can get bullied a lot easier like when I'm homeschooled I just stay at home but when you're public school do you're around people all the time and I feel like that can be very pressuring one day I was sitting out in the Sun and my sister Lily gave me this poetry book because I was trying to get inspiration for my TED talk speech which this is irrelevant to this story but right now I am currently performing a TED talk speech the day that you're watching this video I am performing a TED talk speech like a 10 minute speech in front of a hundred people I'm nervous but like it's gonna be good I'm nervous that vlog will be out soon I was trying to think of the day and I couldn't remember luck will be out soon but anyways he's reading this poetry book my sister gave me my sister Lily she's great at love her and I got so inspired I didn't just write one poem I wrote like a hundred I was also going on – my secret Twitter account I actually have a secret Twitter account for poetry it's called like quotes one two five six seven something something where I just kind of write down my thoughts and a lot of them consisted of either friendship love or just overall life struggles of life the reminders you should have in life then I started reading it back through and I was like really proud of what I had written and so I was like maybe I could publish this my mom has written a book it's named gala and she sold a book and so she knows how to do a cover how to do the pages how to do the selling my mom already knew how to do it and I had already written the book and I was like I should just pop like publish this but it's funny because this is the first thing that I'm like coming out with this year but it's not the only thing and it's actually the thing that came easiest and fastest have a lot more coming out this year that I cannot wait for but that's like more down the road things this book I feel so attached to because I read it in like 20 minutes wrote it and I read it but also instead of just a book of poetry at the end of the poetry book there's a little section where you can actually write in it there's questions that say like what inspires you things like that and then there's a whole section that you can write on so it can help you guys and you guys I'm selling my book on Amazon which is such a dream like Amazon like every single day I would literally buy this up every single day and I just can't believe that like I have my own book I hope you guys go and buy my book it'll be down in the link down below or you can just go on Amazon and type in Annie Rose poetry book and it's pretty much there we made the book cover the photos the trailer channel art we made it all me and my mom we made it ourselves so yeah I'm just so happy I really hope that I can help people out and this book thanks so much to me because it's all so relatable to myself I wrote about Enoch I wrote about Hopi I wrote about some ex best friends it would mean the world to me if you guys went and bought it because I'm totally gonna be making more books down the road came so naturally to me and I think that poetry and writing is just something that I've always loved my favorite subject has always been either writing or English on on this day with the book poetry and a TED talk and I'm I just feel so like accomplished and it just it's so great I'm so excited thank you for everything thank you for subscribing thank you for supporting me thank you for just being the best fans ever I love you all so much peace out bye go buy my book ha ok are you good

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