My Read It Forward Moment – Molly Stern, Publisher, Crown Publishing

hi Rita forward – Molly here to tell you about a book that was given to me the city of thieves by David Benioff I love this book it's brilliant amazing and the funny thing about this book I was given to me originally as a single piece of paper I was an editor at Viking and I was working with David who's a friend and a brilliant writer and when he gave me this piece of paper I was skeptical about what it would become and how it become a great novel but in fact it did and that novel is city of thieves from one piece of paper a manuscript came in six years later and I was very proud to work with David I can't encourage you enough to read this book I gave it to my friend and I have many people say to me that they pass it on to everybody they know and it's unforgettable look about two boys so I have to find a dozen eggs and freezing Leningrad and Beyond in order to save their lives really

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