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  1. I like the princess saves herself in this one for me personally it's the beginning cause I can relate to loving books more then people at times & the whole I'm not a delicate flower thing it's got going on like you grow up and you learn you can do amazing things 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don't that's what I got out of it

  2. Hi! My name is De'Rico and I'm a new author that just released my first collection book of poetry. I was wondering if you could do me the honor of reviewing my book, The Bird That Flew Past Midnight. It's available on Amazon and it's 13.99. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope you have a nice day.

  3. Great video!! You should check out The Subconscious Poetry Diary, it's on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!

  4. New Books, classic styled books -NEW AUTHOR – T. Ponder – LULU BookStore

  5. I just published my first poetry collection called ‘I Saw You As A Flower’. There is a book trailer for it on my channel and reviews on Amazon. I’d love for you to read it and share your thoughts😍

  6. Do you have Noor Jahan 1935 written by gurubhakt Singh bhakt if yes than please reply or help me in finding that

  7. hi i just came across your account and i have half the books you have just spoke about and i normally would leave a comment but i saw you talk about in this one the princess saves herself and u mentioned to comment if any of us liked it and why …
    i know u probably wont see this or read it but hey its worth a shot.
    so i purchased the princess saves herself in this one, about a year ago tho i don't disagree its very tumbler ess, u did ask us to tell you what we liked or why we like this book. for me tho it was quite a cliche i enjoyed the read of it and at the time i was getting over an abusive relationship i felt like some of the poems in there really helped me to do that as they spoke to me about how i didn't need him anymore and how i would be perfectly fine on my own
    page 186 it ends by saying "emotional abuse is still abuse"
    this is one i still love tho its simple it was nice to read those words on the page and know i wasn't alone in this x

  8. I actually loved The Princess Saves Herself In This One more so because I can relate to it. Other than that great list.

  9. thanks for sharing this video recently i read "Love Pain and Life" it's pretty cool, I totally enjoyed reading it specially life and pain part keep reading and keep sharing good luck gals

  10. What about a verse novel!? Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams it’s about a lady name Marcy Gene who wants to start a art studio but she’s raising a family as a married mother when the property she’d been eyeballing goes “under contract” causing her dream to be crushed in that solitude moment. Look on Amazon for it.

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  12. 1. Love, a missadventures
    2. Dirty pretty things
    3. I wrote this for you
    4. Pansy
    5. No matter the wreckage
    6. The princess saves herself in this one
    7. Touch poems
    8. Monthful of forevers
    9. Rest in the morning
    10. Citizen
    11. Love in my language
    12. Words from a wonderer
    13. Milk and honey
    14. Magnesium
    15. Envelope Poems

  13. Must poetry reads

    Check out Handle with Care and Nirvana by Michael Tavon

    His style is refreshing and breathtaking, he's diffrent from the popular poets

  14. You need to check out "Neon Soul" by Alexandra Elle.
    It helps you understand yourself and makes you fall in love with yourself more and more everytime you read a new poem or prose. You will love it I promise xx

  15. You should read more classic poets like edgar allan poe, pablo neruda, walt whitman and robert frost. If love love poems you should read pablo neruda's poems his poems are so so good.

  16. the princess saves herself in this one was kind of poorly written overall but i could relate to it highly because my sister died of a genetic disease, so i could relate to how she felt

  17. Instead of saying if you like them which is irrelevant to persuading people to read poetry, tell us what the poems are about and what the theme is. If you say 'this is a good book' no one will be like 'oh that sounds interesting so I'm going to buy that one'

  18. First of all, you're super adorable and I loved this video c:
    Also I would recommend checking out 'Naked Human' by Christopher Pointdexter, its the absolute best!

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