My names philip i am a poet

41 thoughts on “My names philip i am a poet

  1. When herc said "Come again" in that voice i started cracking up even though i've heard that line millions of times before

  2. “You’ve written my dearest”

    *takes deep breath*


  3. “everyone please rise for the national anthem”

    jonathan groff walks on stage

    “you say, the price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay”

  4. 13:54 bruh, I love how Hamilton and Laurens can't take their eyes away from each other that Lafayette and Mulligan has to tap on their shoulders to get them to stop staring at each other.
    ALSO, THEY'RE REACTIONS AFTER! they're like, "what? oh, sorry"

  5. All these damn people choking and dying in the theater room got me so mad . If I was there I would’ve screamed “SHUT THE FUCK UP” Jesus . They cough so obnoxiously 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. I love that King George is just jammin' in his chair after I Know Him and in when started dancing around in reyonolds pamphlet i C A C K L E D

  7. I love it, but i will like to see all of the last song not only Eliza. People where dancing in the back but we didn’t see them that makes me sad 😞

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