My Love Supreme, The Lyricist Live community on the Rise. Mal Jones

good evening ladies and gentlemen I laud Jones host of the Louis's live show at the Jacksonville Art Walk arts educator emcee and masterful artist and today I present to you my lovely delivers his life community on the rise conceptualized and edited by Mall Jones produced by DJ shotgunner the grisly events damn boy slumber the crucifix and inspired by a Love Supreme a composition constructed by one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time John Coltrane delivers his rap a community hip hop music Jacksonville I walk in 2011 as a hold to the golden era of rap the hip hop now see the 90s was a fine ever in time will we get together in crime to be spend each other's knowledge about the time to when the DJ's played in the park a time to win the 80s birthed in the cross a phenomenon that bonded a whole community together the message was peace love having fun and unity for fo so it's 2011 passes and the cipher since this statement Duvall hip hop calm recognizes the preservation 2012 to 2013 it was clear to those who know art that's the gearstick folklorist blame wave recognize my style as faux pas did not pop if you call it that to stop they start out as popular cultural movement and then you have pop culture and business it's a folk art to focus tribal let's go

One thought on “My Love Supreme, The Lyricist Live community on the Rise. Mal Jones

  1. Big ups to my g Mal Jones on this dope project! Coneptualized by #maljones #grizzlyvets thats DJ Shotgun aka Blatant and myself Amboy Slum….ENJOY….PEACE.

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