My Final Minute – I Write 50000 Words In One Day – A Novel! (NaNoWriMo)

and Barney moosie town he knows you know he know he just make witness of something witness of something that is so so very much great he know it he know it because he that is so very much great and it is a history time for Pawnee moosie town oh yes come now come now kitten cat say safe Barney we must go and dance and then dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance all around and do it do it God with me kitten cat kitten cat yes you may live with me and we do it

47 thoughts on “My Final Minute – I Write 50000 Words In One Day – A Novel! (NaNoWriMo)

  1. This is the next Best-Seller. The more rubbish something is, the better it sells. This man's clearly a pure genius.

  2. I'm sorry you guys but this is totally a disgrace to the people who tried and worked really really hard on their books, I mean he didn't even write words correctly, he just put them on the paper and hopes he could make money because he's flula!
    No offense, it's just I had worked really hard on my NanoWrimo so seeing this is kind of a slap in the face.

  3. I think I just died laughing … and how in the WORLD of "barney moose" town did you even … even … I dunno.

    Well, great then. GREAT. Especially loved the beat boxing at the end. Highly entertaining. 😀  

  4. there isn't any commas, or dots or full stop! And there is so many mistakes! But good job,! Keep trying and never give up! Wish you all love and support. 

  5. xD This was my inspiration video to do #50KKillMeNow.

    I won, in case you were wondering xD

    This video is priceless.

  6. I just found out that rindle and dindle are actual words, and together they mean "gutter vibrations."

  7. Doing this is so great just for the fact that whenever someone brags about something Flula can be like: "Oh, yes. I have writtens a book. How manies peoples can said that?"

  8. @joenealo32 I wonder if the audiobook includes the words Flula didn't write as well as the music and BOOM at the end

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