My favourite romantic period composers

35 thoughts on “My favourite romantic period composers

  1. I would have included Rachmaninoff, and Beethoven even though he’s considered transitionary between Baroque and Romantic… his music sounds more romantic than baroque.

  2. There are some dipshits here. He titled this "my favorite." That means you don't have to say what about so and so bla bla why'd u leave Bimbimbap out? Get a clue folks.

  3. Dvořák is the best one. Untouchtable.
    Than is Wagner and Brahms and Tchaikovsky and Schubert with Schumann. These are most important.

  4. I recently wrote a symphony on the topic "From Beethoven to Brahms." The critics, to put it mildly, were unimpressed. It's essentially mono-thematic, based on a song a wrote as a teenager. The first movement is very much Beethoven, with back references to Mozart and Haydn, and forward references to Berlioz and Franz Berwald. The second movement is Mendelssohn, with back references to J.S.Bach (Mendelssohn started the Bach renaissance) and to the trauermarsch from the Eroica, as this was Mendelssohn's funeral music. The third movement is Dvořák, who is quite Brahmsian, with detours to Berwald and Berlioz. The fourth one is Brahms, with an introduction alluding to Schumann and a passage paying homage to Schubert.

  5. My top 10 composers of all time:
    10. Benedek Istvánffy
    9. Vincenzo Bellini
    8. Anton Bruckner
    7. Gustav Mahler
    6. Siegmund von Hausegger
    5. Vítězslav Novák
    4. Ludwig van Beethoven
    3. Franz Liszt
    2. Karlheinz Stockhausen
    1. Richard Wagner

  6. I was never really interested in Mendelssohn, until I found his 2nd symphony, and up to now that's the only work by him I like.

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