hey guys it's Sam and today I'm going to talk about my all-time favorite books since joining booktube so this month was my 5 year booktube anniversary and because of that some people were asking me questions and stuff for a live show and someone asked if I could talk about my all-time favorite book since joining booktube so here I am I decided to go through all of my favorite shelves on Goodreads since 2014 when I first started now these don't include any books from this year's favorites because I'm gonna surprise you guys at the end of the year I'm not gonna start talking about those now although I do have a good read shelf so you can check out some of them if you really want to but I don't quite feel like it's fair to compare any books from this year against some of the ones that I've had like in my feelings for years so these are all up until 2018 so this is just a kind of review which of my favorites that have really stuck with me and stay the test of time so the first book is definitely not going to be a shocker and that is the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern I read this way back in 2014 and still loved it it is still my favorite book of all time although I have recently read the starless scene which doesn't come out until November but it's her second book and it's also very very good so in years to come that might make a favorites of all time list as well but everybody knows that the next circus is my favorite book and I don't need to go and do it it has definitely stayed in my heart and soul for many years then we have our bruited by Naomi Novik this is another book that I feel like it kind of defines me and defines my channel in my brand it's one of the books that I read towards the beginning of when i joined booktube and it just always has a place in my heart it also has one of my favorite tropes which is magical woods so there's a lot of things that this book has going for it and it's a book that I just think about often and still have a very clear picture in my head that's something with all these books on this list for the most part is I have not forgotten them I think about them even years later where sometimes I read a book and I forget about a two months later sometimes two weeks later you're gonna see a lot of books disappearing from like this shelf because I set these shelves up so that you can see my favorites in the background so then we have the grocer verse by Leigh bardugo excluding King of scars because I don't consider that a favorite book because it's it's not I didn't love it that much but all the other books in both the Grisha trilogy and then these six of crows do biology are amazing and I've read over the years so I think I started this series possibly in 2014 or early 2015 as far as the grand trilogy and I never read all the books that have come out since so this is not surprising a lot of these things on the list have been my all-time favorites for quite some time and I've talked about them throughout the years here on my channel so you kind of know what's coming here these books have been around since the beginning they're my ride or dies you know what I'm gonna move this down here because then I'll be able to take off these books like wait easier to talk about that I don't love you any less you're up here in my heart then we have the winners crime specifically by Marie Rutkoski I do enjoy the whole winners trilogy but I didn't love the last book in the series I found it to be a disappointing finale this book I still think about a lot like a lot it's just something that just it has sunk in to my heart I mean I talk about loving inks so much that I want to inject it into my veins and that's what this is it hurts me years later I don't know if I've ever reread it I might have reread at the once before winters kiss came out but I don't even know if I did it's so good it's such a good second book in the series then we have the final Empire by Brandon say understand this is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy now you could include the whole miss Bourne trilogy in here because I do think the whole thing is a masterpiece but the final Empire is one that I can definitively choose as my favorite book in the series it's just such a good start and I'm so glad that with Sanderson I started with Miss borne because it remains my favorite it's so good and this this first book just makes me so happy and I do want to reread this series at some point but after I probably get through all the other Sanderson that I still haven't read yet looking at you like way of Kings on my shelf so such a good series but this first book man is just like top notch then we have the strange and beautiful Sorrows of Ava lavender by Leslye Walton this is a wonderful magical realism story that follows a family over generations and the women in the family specifically and this book has haunting tragedy mixed in throughout and one way to really get me in the heart is tragedy I will remember a tragic book or sad book our book that makes me like really in my feelings way more than anything that's happy why do you think I read fantasy and not like why a contemporary because I forget the why contemporary but speaking of a why a contemporary that I didn't forget I'll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson why did I forget this because it's tragic in a lot of ways this book still makes me think about sculpture a lot there's this like sculpture theme and art theme that goes throw up a specifically the sculpture sculpture me up man if you look at marble sculpture it's just like it boggles the mind I just I don't I don't know in this book and like talking about the sculpture in the artistry and there's a lot of like imagery with angels and it just speaks to me in a lot of ways so I loved this one and this is a why contemporary that has actually stuck in my soul then we have the lies of Locke Lamora my Scott Lynch is this one of my most talked about fantasy series probably I mean I feel like I talked about this one more than even like miss Borden I don't know tied because I read them very close to one another but we need to have the crew a little phone family and they're thieves and that they're smart and maybe they're not like necessarily like strong you know like Locke is just smart but not like a strong fighter guy just I want to continue with the series but I need got Lynch to announce an actual release date for the next book I know it's coming because he recently talked about like turning in a draft I think but once that happens I can continue knowing that I don't have to wait a long time for the next book then we have daughter smoke and bone by Laini Taylor this first book specifically because I don't love the next two books in the series quite as much this with the angst I mean I know I know this about myself I know myself I'm very self-aware but just anytime there's just I should only read angsty books at this point never give me happiness I just want feelings but this first book I hadn't read a first book that quite gripped me as much as this one had in a while at the time that I read it so it just it has tropes that sometimes I don't really like but I liked it in here and I wish the rest of the books that felt just as good to me they were still force tirades I'm pretty sure but this was just five-star could not put down a mystery I'm thinking about no I'm just like I'm so happy that you made me so emotional then we have really the entire witch land series by susan dennard i have loved all these books in the series truth which i've read the most because I've reread it the most times but all the books in the series I love in a door it is one of my favorite Y fantasy series of all time I do not feel that Susan will disappoint me please don't disappoint it so much but this first book I immediately fell in love with it and I fall in love with it more and more on re-read when I reread the series I see all these threads that I might have missed on first read and it's just so satisfying and I cannot wait for all the books in the series she can take however long she wants to to finish them I will be here happily waiting for them to be placed in my loving hands then it sort of pains me but Akimov accordionist and fury they Sergio Moss I don't love any other book by her but this book I was actually thing about the other day I'm like I don't want to reread any of her other books but I do want to reread this I just it's it's it's it's probably because of the Hades and Persephone retelling elements of this but I just really enjoy this I enjoyed the phone family element I enjoy the romance I know that the series and a lot of stuff she does is basically trash but I am trash for this particular book I'm sorry and I'm not sorry like I'm a little upset because of all of the problems I played out in the past with her and her writing but like this book just is the only light in the darkness then we have the broken earth trilogy by NK jemisin I love the entire trilogy and they're all masterpieces but I think my favorite of the trilogy is still the fifth season I just think there was so masterfully done and smoothly like twists and turns and things and just like how you are introduced to this world and everything that it sets up for the rest of the series and just the just gut punch that this whole series is it just really started with this book and so it holds a special place in my heart continually plus it has one of my favorite triads and it ever there's so few and this one is so good and it hurts my heart then we have red rising by Pierce brown I almost didn't include this because I really did not feel fondly for morningstar but revver izing and gloom fun so good and I actually was watching somebody recently talking about red rising and showing like hurtin stuff for it I'm like I do love red rising so I definitely adored this series when I first started at the first two books in the series I do think I'll continue with the next part of the series now that that's continuing past the trilogy just morning start put me off so bad and I just need a little bit of a break but this like mix of like space opera with some like likes war sci-fi and some like fantasy bits and there's a lot of like Greek and Roman influence and take it then we have the Tigers daughter by K eros melt Rivera it's been a while since I've read this book so I'm forgotten a lot of stuff about it but I know that I yodeled on the mountains about this for like six months so all of you and I still feel like when I think but I'm like but I can't necessarily like tell you the whole plot and like where it ended up but I can be like my warrior women and love so I do know that this is a favorite and I just really can't wait to reread this because I really need to read the second book and the third books coming out very soon if it's not already out I think it comes out this fall if you guys on read this talked about it so much when I first read it please read it it's so good and like not many people talk about it and it's really awesome age inspired fantasy and just it's good and they're in love read it speaking of warrior women in love we have read sister by mark Lawrence grey sister would also be on here as well the two books are basically equal in my heart of hearts I didn't love the finale talked about that already but these first two books so good so unexpected for me too because I went into the series not really expecting to love it I wasn't sure I was gonna really love grimdark and I just I didn't know and then it just grabbed me and it didn't let me go until anyway these first two just so so good and I definitely want to read more Marc Lowrance in the future I don't really want to go back and read some of his older stuff but I do plan on just continue to pick up what he puts out from here on out uh then we have one that really like of all the books this is one of them that stuck in my brain the most and that is station eleven by Emily st. John Mandel I listen to this on audio like I think it was last year I think was a 20-18 read years after had gotten really hyped years after it came out and just I put it off for so long didn't really think I was gonna be interested and I loved it it's post apocalyptic basically literary fiction I mean there's some like you know sci-fi type elements with like the apocalypse but like not really it's so good there are flashbacks to what happened like during and before they like apocalyptic event and then people and how they're trying to live after and it's just kind of like slice of life and stuff and just like life science away and I love and adore it I just think like I just I just get you know you think about it you're just like feels then we have vicious by Victoria Schwab this book I read for the first time again last year years I've heard come out years after all the hype knew I was probably going to enjoy it we're not going to talk about vengeful which was a stupid unnecessary sequel but vicious speaks to me it's so well-written the the way the plot pushes along the characters the way they're like it's so focused in on them it's such a good book for like for villains and I adore it and I would like this book in this book only from the whole like series she's gonna write at them cuz I'm like why are you doing that to be made into a film please please it'd be so good it's all I want please then we have born by Jeff Vandermeer this is another book weasel its way into my little heart I listen to this on audio audiobook is amazing this is part of the new weird genre so I can't even fully explain it to you not that I've explained any of these books because you've heard about me talking about them forever but it's so bizarre and I remember so much of this book so clearly even though it's like a weird lucid dream it's such a weird setting and there's so much weird stuff going on and I just I always think about it I think about a lot it's another one that I would love to be adapted to scream but I don't know if they'd do it really well I just I think about you know like person and just like this was the book that really made me want to get into more new weird which I haven't had a chance to do this year because of my TBR goals but hopefully next year I can start to explore more with my reading again and I can't wait to kind of dive into some more new weird which is a genre I never would have thought I would get into then we have sock Hill girls by Claire Legrand this is a why a standalone horror book like horror contemporary and I do not read horror at all it's not a genre that I like this is about as scary as I can get but man did I love this this is like a girl gang going up against some of the supernatural things that are happening on this island that are going against women and turning fear into power and the themes of this story just speaks me so deeply and this is really great book to read like fall Halloween time but oh man is this a book that's just gonna stick with me for a very long time and the last book that I want to talk about is the gilded walls by Rashmi chachi the first book in a series that I know I'm going to love and adore this book speaks to me on so many levels I found family accrue heist type activities but also a lot of Egyptian and Greek mythology underworld stuff washing chalk she gets me always on my underworld and there's a ton of angst and there's a lot of relationship dynamics and it's just so good in a really cool setting so I can't wait for the rest of the series and I'm sure the series would pop up later on in future years of favorite books whoo so those are all of my all-time favorite books that I've read since joining booktube there are some books that I also really like that I read before book two that I didn't include on this list so comment below let me know some of your favorites that you've discovered maybe since joining booktuber maybe some favorites that I've recommended you like if you've read any of his books because I said they're great let me know because every time you do that my heart grows three sizes so thank you all for watching and I'll see all of you guys soon bye you


  1. I just finished reading Nevernight and it's probably going to be one of my all time favorites. Girls of Paper and Fire, and The Folk of the Air were also amazing

  2. Yodeled on mountains….lol! Perfectly describes what happened. I also cannot stop laughing. I bought the book and have subsequently been in a reading slump basically all year. It will happen someday! I read like the first five pages in the bookstore, it will happen. But thank you for the bust a gut laughing, now back to the rest of the video.

  3. Amazing!! I've read maybe a third of these, totally because of your videos amd reviews! Your love for these books makes me want to read them all!!

  4. I love this because most of these I’ve never read, but because they’re not new my library had available copies for most! Thanks for the recs!

  5. Station Eleven has really stuck with me as well. A beautiful story. I also have many books on my TBR that are on this list, lovely to hear they are all-time favorites. Hopefully I'll enjoy them just as much!

  6. A lot of these books are on my tbr! I need to get to these! So glad to be watching your videos again I’ve been off the tube for a while. ❤️

  7. I feel the exact same way about ACOMAF! It's really nice to see someone articulate exactly how I feel about Maas.

  8. Morning Star was so good though!!! Sad you didn’t like it. The new series is so good. The multiple povs really expands the universe, plus I really appreciate what Pierce is trying to do by tackling the whole what happens after you win and topple a society thing. It’s hard and messy and he does it really well and there’s a reason so many people don’t write about what happens after you win. It’s a denser read by I love ittt. Uhg I love when people love Red Rising

  9. I love your videos so much. You make me laugh out loud with your passionate and accurate opinions on books. I want to read more because of you😊 also thank you for the recommendations it was really helpful!

  10. Oh dear I hadn't realised I followed you for so long! I agree with a lot of those (Truthwitch…… they're just so good?? i read bloodwitch not long ago and it killed me) but i definitely didn't enjoy the tiger's daughter which made me super sad bc you were so enthusiastic about it and the premise sounded so good

  11. I read The Gilded Wolves because of you and omg I loved it ❤️ I think we have pretty similar tastes in books, and this year I've bought several that you've talked about loving (like The Tiger's Daughter, finally!), and I'm so excited about them all.

  12. theres a comic serialization for red rising for the prequel stuff i think? but same tbh the first two were so bomb but then it just a shitshow.

  13. The Night Circus was so good…I definitely need to buy my own copy so I can relive how fluff-happy it makes my heart. 💖

    I also read Uprooted for the first time this year and it’s definitely on my top list.

    I really loved your edition of Lies of Locke Lamora…so pretty

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video 😊

  14. Because of you I gave shadow and bone another go. I read the first one at a younger age and thought Mal was trash and Alina did nothing. So I read six of crows during it’s hype and was not disappointed, saw you go on to list all the little Easter eggs from the other series and the characters pop up again. So I thought I’d give it another try years later, with a more mature reading palette. And I fucking loved the series. I still love six of crows the most, out of all the books in the series. But definitely enjoyed the first series a lot more, thanks to your recommendation

  15. I get extremely wary around hyped books, but I know you have really high standards, so when you recommend something and say it deserves the hype, I know that will be a good book. You haven't steered me wrong yet! There are quite a few books in this video I've either read or am planning to read directly because of your recommendation 🙂

  16. My TBR has grown three sizes since I have started watching your channel! Your recommendations and honest opinions about your books are very helpful. Thank you. I enjoy your channel.

  17. It is not a book from this video, but thanks to you I am reading The Expanse series (book 3 already). It's great. Thank you!!!

  18. The biggest thing I love about you and your channel is that you talk about books I've never heard of but you do it with such joy and passion, it convinces me to give them a go!! (Just downloaded The Tiger's Daughter as it sounds so intriguing)

  19. The only one you recommended that I have read was Night Circus. While I love the idea and the atmosphere of the book the passing killed it for me. I DNFed it at 85 percent.

    But from other booktuber recommendations I have read Little Prince, old man and the sea and currently reading flowers for algernon all of which are in my top 10 of all time.

  20. I just read Uprooted because of your recommendation, I loved it. So many of your favorite reads are favorites of mine. I trust your taste in books. Thank you.

  21. I’ve read Six of Crows and have been hesitant to read the rest of the Grisha series, thanks for letting us know you loved them! Added to my TBR 👩🏼‍🏫

  22. Just finished the Grishaverse and omfg you were so right. Alina forever ❤️. Also you’re my favorite booktuber, keep the videos coming!

  23. Sawkill Girls was such a surprising book for me! I'm not a horror fan either but it literally had everything I love. A creepy culty vibe? Check. A boarding school vibe? Somehow also check. Girls falling for each other? Check. I just loved it so much.

  24. Read and loved the night circus because of your reccommendation 😊 also have the broken earth and red sister trilogy on my tbr after hearing about those from you and am excited to pick them up once I find time 😁

  25. I've not read Vicious or Vengeful but the second one seems to be really love-it-or-hate-it. Some seem to hate it and for others it's their favourite book

  26. Favourite books I've read because of booktube? There are a lot.
    Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Didn't love the Grisha trilogy, but my god did I adore this duology. And The Language of Thorns.
    The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. Cannot wait for the Dreamer trilogy.
    Death or Ice Cream? by Gareth P. Jones.
    Warcross by Marie Lu. Haven't read Wildcard yet, hope it's not as disappointing as people say.
    Legend by Marie Lu.
    Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.
    Simon VS. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.
    I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
    History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
    Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab.
    The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

  27. GIRL you want some amazing triads read strange grace by tessa gratton or the merry gentry series by laurell k Hamilton (the second one is hecka smutty but its soooooo good)

  28. So many of the books you mentioned have been on my tbr for so long…especially the witchlands I havent even read book one but I own the whole series 😂

  29. I actually did read sawkill girls and uprooted because you praised them so much. I love your spoiler free reviews and find you soothing

  30. I read the Witchlands series because of you and it's my all-time favourite fantasy series! Also The Winner's Curse trilogy which I also really enjoyed and binge-read in a week.

  31. Woo we have a lot of favourites in common 😀 as for books you got me to read, two of my favourites (Night Circus and Fifth Season) were due to your advice 🙂 and I’m currently about to start Red Sister (I’ve read one of his series before and I wasn’t a fan but I trust your judgement so optimistic 🙂 )

  32. I literally just read the night circus and it's so good! Also I just posted a book review, if anyone wants to check it out and give me their opinion that would be incredibly appreciated 🙂

  33. Throughout this video I was amazed by how similar our favourite-lists are. Then I realised that I actually read the majority of them off your recommendations. You were the first booktuber I fell in love with and, among others, I read The Nightcircus, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Lies of Locke Lamora, Mistborn and Station Eleven off your recommendations. All of which are favourites now.
    I have yet to pick up Borne, but seeing it on this list just got me extra excited to do so.

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