MY DAD REACTS Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist REACTION

so exhausted so exhausted and that's what she fell because she broken often broken off and especially like it's nothing disregarded disregarded but now I'm so exhausted so exhausting that's what she tell because she fucking often broken off especially part always like it's nothing disregarded disregarding but now I'm sorry girl hey what's up what is up boo boo gang so today we're gonna bring to vend a mumble rappers versus lyricist so those worldwide oh yeah shout out to Ryan heard sounds of my hurry or something little brother thank you for joining our memberships we truly appreciate you wait Ryan if you ever like to join link it down below in the description box I like that merge some slight some slight so day we never an info I mean erect info but he made a song called mama rappers verses lyricist so buzz it these together you know I'm sorry put them against each other you ready he's accidentally tell the reason like you don't think it rocket scientist to figure why why so cold I would say so-called warmer rap is more popular mice's is because the companies the corporate machines the record companies are pushing that no but not only that it's also the kids that rock with it boys like the machines in the kids together because it would if they know if the kids in it rock with it then it wouldn't be as big as it is but that's not true that would take you a while back in the ninth like the 80s and 90s the corporate machine was pushing lyrics so all they have to do right now is put slur again analytics would be back in the forefront again but but they don't want to push the lyrics they want to push the moment they want to keep the youth at a certain stance where they are to where all the alarming about is what these motors are talking about so you think you think if the machines push the lyrics that kids are gonna accept the lyrics of course they will you think they would today they're nice right below base they will of course it but the machine is not going to get because I'm telling you that you dad like where it's at all listen know why because they have pushed em all no lugu rappers were so low the generation now accepts that and right now yo listen they can put out anything right now they get like a rabbit it's always somebody else's clothes like I could be a designer and about to put my clothes on and wear my clothes because anything these that was do they will do so if you can write little pump a little cool verse they jump on and blah oh no papi Liverpool now he nice and the poker machine will pop will I push that all of a sudden the fans automatically switch back to liveries automatically I'll tell you I'll tell you cuz I feel like I was a tomboy he's in close track so if you if you push it lyrics but do you think that he's gonna be like oh yeah like with the lyrics but he ain't gonna have no choice because if all these values a little pop me goes all these guys start rapping lyrics and start putting life you talk about social things and it rhymes yeah of course they gonna start telling you whatever the Machine push because they have they have the media they have the radio stations they have the newspapers they are the machine yeah I'm saying I'm just saying I don't think it's that easy of a switch to go from momma rap to lyrics and they expect to kiss I like it eventually I'm first you should not help my dule don't like it yeah that Bruce not like wailing but exact a favorite rapper is rapidly really yeah putting big words together talking about everything I think exactly so that's my point eventually exactly that's not point though I'm saying it but they not the witch yeah but it's my point but they not won't do that because they know if they do that that brings power yeah and people's of the thing it's not to change so they wanted to be about so bring on you little pump and we're gonna have them talk about drugs sex jury and cause and that's all we've got a pump every time you turn on available that's all you're doing it nothing else right where's the member who represent they don't own the radio because they not no more so it's the machine that's behind it and it kind of makes it like the lyricists authentic in a way is like anybody come over at Illyria's can easily mom or at easily anybody come on Brad but when it comes to being a lyricist not everybody could do so hard like you have to be born like like having your heart born with that gift yeah I'm saying to put words together and it's up like a little Arabica talk about shooting niggas and selling drugs but he making a holiday yeah hey you make it like you know then it's like damn mogul rabble you say that but it's like ya know this is hot when it's not yeah nah so like literally anybody can lumber at anybody come over rep like a lyricist estoy so I'm Reverend hominy was that but like mama rappers can't switch to lyricism it's impossible for the Buddha it takes like let's say you have some is learning no unless they have somebody co-writing from yeah that's the only way is no because even when either way they have to like be able to perform it this is the practice make perfect concept resinous and learn like oh that's important so yeah go mobile rap yes exactly anybody can do this which is why a month or F is like it's dumb this easier yeah but when you have to go down a little around I think it's like 9 yo money I can't stand people who say that's jump they say y'all that was y'all time George is back writing about being lit today like come on man like you're gonna get balanced this same say yo that's not for me but while oh crap can't be in the floor I mean being a forefront to with the Mambo jump and I'm like why is this one dominating but the other one is like basically like anybody that cylindrical rapper is basically on the ground right now ya know that but that's cuz I like how you were saying other missing pushers when they push the corporate machine check the radio stations check all the hottest artists so I had some spotify YouTube they all basically all mobile rappers but they not literally the only song that they pump it is middle child and that's because of how it sounds like dick hole is hilarious you pussy but but he like to be you know even like a little kinder rock for what it likes me really he did that feel like you know how to get that sound with me to be like yeah like this yeah this is still hot yes I'm saying there's a lot to it pussy all there is this could do that yeah make a little goose on yeah you can't do that any be really the same time you can't do that it's impossible for me do it okay sir they don't expect all the people like myself and all the people except we ain't accepting that man this is like you telling me don't go plant a seed in the ground and you're telling me now we got a new way to make some fruits and vegetables artificial way and then you want me to eat that yeah no is the proper way to put a seed in the ground then let let the let the tree grow and so I can pick off and take some apples and almonds and things of that nature so it's the same thing with hip hop the origin of it is lyrics breakdance detain you know what I'm saying it is emceeing defeat II that's hip-hop music man that's what it's from the streets so y'all trying to come in here and then these machines is trying to jam motors y'all that's what y'all doing we can't allow them because we know the origin of it and how we started and how it originated so I'll be damned if I'm going to accept that when I know what I understand where it comes from and what it's about that would be a real person if I just accept this new way as no guys then way I understand what they do they trying to dumb down the minds of the youth with this type of music to keep you thinking about sex drugs materialism to it that's all you think about you don't think about nothing else you don't think about family you don't think about love you don't think about respect you don't think about loyalty you don't think about having morals and values plus they all look the same yeah so it was like it was so fun to like redheads walk around so when you want to stay by us all the people understand about this art form we're not going back I like this decided let this culture of music that was that was a voice for the ghetto base of America to this be destroyed that's not gonna happen I'm saying no we're not giving it like a trial Oh y'all want to it's not gonna happen it's not going to happen I'm saying we gonna keep it authentic how it's supposed to be and that's with the boss back back in these weekends made an album it was a balance with the album via news talk about the street but they also talked about socially that was going on in the communities know me didn't know what was going on that's how people fell in love with hip-hop back then that's why hip hop is so it's so far right now because what people said back then right no said Amen but it was crazy at least I thought I told you never question this uh this track support for hip-hop man like man that's all they figure got support bro hip-hop when all the artists come out with projects we gotta go support it go stream it buy it whatever you got to do some point let me click on the videos get them need of using likes support that yo I was thinking other cuz they could find a white they trying to wipe out real lyricism inning that's what they trying to do it's a war right now against this new no new way and the whole wave they try to get rid of their job well so it's a wall so the question is whose side you want peace be out

29 thoughts on “MY DAD REACTS Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist REACTION

  1. I really liked the concept of this song and I think he did a good job bringing it to life.
    The machine doesn't like lyrics because people without knowledge are easier to control. Lyrics are thought provoking.

  2. Sweetheart your dad is so right .. We live in a box and they controle us !! We just f**king mouse XX peace

  3. People rock with mumble rap more because it fits the whole "don't give a fuck" vibe a lot more than lyrical rapping because u have to actually try to be a lyricist, but "trying" is looked down upon with cool kids. It's cool to just not care, make money, do whatever u want, fuck whenever u want, etc.

  4. Mumble rapper: Lil Wayne, Lyricist: Eminem. Both good, both top of the charts. Lyricists are out there. You just got to find them. The Real AK. Nice Lyricist. Keep up the good work you two.

  5. Kodak is a mumble rapper and he said it himself but his lyrics are just 🤯wow he is lyrical its just most people cant understand cause he mumbles but listen to him 🎯

  6. What you guys should do is play mumble rappers tracks without their beats to hear how dumb it sounds…. you won't find any videos of mumble rappers without beats on youtube you have to search their names with vocals only because i think they trying not to expose how bad they sound… here's one I found….

  7. Mumble rappers are afraid of battling too… back in the day rapper beefs were dealt with dis tracks or underground rap battles now a days mumble rappers beefs are dealt with live instagram stream dis with just yelling n arguing n come see me quotes…

  8. What I find interesting is a lot of these reaction videos are of black people watching these white rappers killing it with their lit bars. That Vin Jay kid said he wasn't the best rapper but he's just trying to save the rap game. My question is where are the black young youth trying to save the rap game?

  9. Todays youth is too dumb to understand lyrics. They need everything short and simple. They will not use their brains. The media, politicians, schools etc. will keep them dumb. Dumb people are easier to manipulate.

  10. Dad's dead on but I'll add to that theory why independent artists are on the rise cuz the people are sick of the machines

  11. Its not the record labels anymore! The internet pushed the mumble rap movement. Blame the platform you are engaged in and profiting from. I despise mumble rap, refuse to listen to it but I can't blame the labels the top rappers were pushed by social media. When we can make a Streamer more famous then Actors it tells you everything you need to know about how powerful the internet is. Artists can bypass the labels all together now all they have to do is get a buzz on YouTube and guess what they become the best. Its insane.

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