My Chemical Romance – To The End (lyrics)

33 thoughts on “My Chemical Romance – To The End (lyrics)

  1. I wish I could play this to my friend who invited me to starbucks last week. Like what was she thinking does she know who I am of course im not going

  2. Love MCR! <3 people are shy to say but idk why if you like some thing why be shy about it every one I know thy all know that I love the all the music I listening to 👌✌️💟🎧 I listen to all different things I'm weird and happy about it people say it's bad to be but who wants to know a normal person?😂👌✌️👍😊🎧😬

  3. I always leave my bedroom blinds closed all day and all night….. But that's cuz i live in a two storey flat on the bottom so our neighbours can see our garden from their kitchen window above ours, and i can see their garden through my bedroom window and i dont want them open incase they go outside and start nosing into my room..

  4. look, no disrespect intended here but in future if you are going to pick on someone for their work, try to spell correctly!!!!
    or better, don't pick on their flaws at all.

  5. Ha ha ha! Like, halfway through reading this comment, I thought it was going to say, "Mmmmm… Cock"! LOL!

  6. I am sorry that I have broken a grammatical law.
    I am not best in English. I am best with computers and math.

  7. Everyone keeps saying MCR will come back, and I'm not trying to be a male's genital here, and I know them gone has left us with an un-dying pain, but it had to happen.. They're gone but left us the most beautiful memories and songs. They saved our life, and now it's our turn to return the favour to someone else.

  8. you guys are dicks, do the lyrics really matter? does it ruin the music? no it doesnt, so shut the hell up

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