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  1. I can not believe you have the To Kill A Mockingbird book, you need to keep it because it sells for 1,500.

  2. Interesting collection. What other books have you acquired since you made this video in 2016?

    I remember when I started my antique book collection. The first book I had was one that was handed down to me, a beautiful 1926 Lincoln Library of Essential Information, a second edition, but one of my favorite reference books.

    In this year of 2018, I purchased the 1914 Century Dictionary (ten volumes in one bound volume) it consists of 7,048 pages plus a supplement that is unnumbered in pages, but seems to be well over one hundred pages. The verbiage is priceless. There are many professional words that cannot be found in any other lexicon. The Century Dictionary is famous for having rare words.

  3. I have a first edition of Racketty-Packetty House by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I found it at a library sale where you filled a bag and paid what you want so I only paid less then $1 for it. Basically nothing.

  4. Hi I also collect children's 1st edition I have been for over 30 years I have many thousands from G,A Henty 1st to Enid blyton Elinor Brent dyer Chalet school 1sts all my books come to me free of charge.

  5. I have only 3 first editions, which are order of the phoenix, half blood prince and deathly hallows lol.

  6. This was such a cool video to watch Rose! It was amazing to see your collection of first editions X) They all look so well kept and in wonderful condition too =)

  7. The way you talk about Flambards is so sweet, I've never even heard of it but it sounds like something I would've loved as a kid, maybe now too lol. I have all the Harry Potter books in first editions except Philosopher's stone. Most of them second hand from people who didn't care, but they're so special to me.

  8. I cannot BELIEVE you have a first edition of I Capture the Castle! Now that is special!!

    I have a first edition, fourth printing of Peter & Wendy by JM Barrie. It's weird owning a 100 year old book – I love it, but I am so afraid of accidentally damaging it!

  9. I literally gasped when you pulled out I Capture the Castle!! That is a book I would love to own in a first edition.

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