MWH DRUNKEN POETS DREAM (Hayes Carll/Ray Wylie Hubbard song)

I got a woman she's powerless you should like to be Nick against she crosses a bridge and she sets it on I'm gonna scream I'm gonna give me some mescaline and I'm gonna ride me with gasoline drunk but stream there's money on the table pistol on the floor feedback spy movie no more whiskey bottles are scattered like last night cigarette breaks an Oreo my Monica's got busted me mr. Ciampa found me that's nothing when she was a kid she gets with the dead at the pier I'm gonna scream I'm gonna get me Smith against me dream I'll never pay back my student loan smelling like cheap cologne she says not to worry about jasmine she's gonna get deliver but just played our way I'm gonna scream I'm gonna run never gets bling from the boat she likes me

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