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welcome back to youtubers this is omar from new marine condition today's Gaiden episode is brought to you by the Justice League movie well that's not entirely true but what I did want to show you was my must read absolutely Justice League graphic novels these are stories that just rocked me to the core and I strongly suggest reading these so stay tuned just as a heads up this list will be done in chronological publishing order and just in case a might go into a little bit of spoiler ish I'm gonna try not to do too much because some of these stories rely on these shock factors so let's kick it off with Justice League International Volume one now these were also published in hardcover and in trade paperback form but this is the newly released omnibus format this is the story that happens right after crisis on Infinite Earths and we get a completely new lineup of Justice League members and of course Batman's thrown in there because they need to sell the book DC needed a way to introduce Charlton characters like Captain Atom and Blue Beetle into the universe since Watchmen didn't work out the way they originally thought hey that's another story enter Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis who did something that I had never seen before in comic books what they did was take a bunch of sealless characters and make me care about them course since then that formula has been used over and over with titles like DNA's guardians of the galaxy or Peter David's x-factor but this was the first time I've ever seen that I didn't know really who guy Gardner was or Blue Beetle or mr. miracle but all these characters became really endearing to me the story's focused more on a perfect mix of comedy and heartfelt team interactions that can only be drawn by the amazing Kevin Maguire look at some of these faces I don't think I've seen art like that before in comic books where they're just ridiculously over-the-top but just so badass who else besides Kevin McGuire could make Guy Gardner look like such a douchebag these are the stories that introduced as the high jinks of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold and of course probably the entire team knocking the crap out of Guy Gardner just gotta love stuff like this so whether you decide to get this in omnibus format or hardcover format or trade paperback format it's just a story that you can't miss I would highly recommend volume one of the trade paperback since it's probably really cheap right now before you dive into a hundred dollar omnibus but it has so much chemistry between the characters and such a deep story that I don't think anyone should miss it next up on the list is Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross there's absolutely no other way to describe this story other than the word epic because that is what it is set in the future where a lot of the recognizable superheroes like Batman Superman Wonder Woman and all in retirement we have a new group of heroes that really don't have a moral compass and without giving too much away the guy that leads a magog they tend to do things that forces Superman out of retirement and not just Superman but all these characters that we love come back out of retirement to form a new Justice League to stand up against new villains and against young heroes looking at the artwork by Alex Ross reminds me why he is literally the Norman Rockwell of comic books it is just jaw-dropping another thing I really enjoyed about the series was all the little cameos of your favorite superheroes but not just superheroes but pop culture characters too like Fat Albert and the gang I love little Easter eggs like that in comic books even Alex's Ross dad makes an appearance as the leading character I remember as a kid reading this thinking this is the first time a comic book felt more like a summer blockbuster movie mainly because of the artwork and the intense story that happens within the pages this is definitely a story for old readers new readers and pretty much anybody that just appreciates a damn good story these have always been available in print whether in trade paperback or hardcover for deluxe hardcover or of course the absolute edition however you want to get this this is a must read next up on the list is JLA by Grant Morrison and I decided to go with world war 3 it's really hard to pick a certain story line from Orson's run I guess most people would probably go with New World Order which kicked off the new just JLA series or Rock of Ages which was awesome but I decided to go with the final story art by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter story that was set up from issue 1 of JLA and has one of the best payoffs and comics for me he does an amazing job of tying up all the loose ends within one epic battle as if the injustice gang led by Lex Luthor wasn't enough of a threat the JLA comes together along with all the heroes of the earth to defeat this being known as mega dawn I know it sounds kind of silly it's a new villain that first appeared within these pages and he's influencing the thoughts of the people of Earth to promote a state of war I really feel like this could have been a company-wide crossover especially if they did it nowadays but it really all gets resolved within six issues it's great I think our available and trade paperback or hardcover or new trader but this is my favorite story that contains the Justice League Tower of Babel and I'm not alone here you will probably see this on everybody's list this is definitely in the top of everybody's list if you've ever wondered why Batman is most people's favorite Justice League member or DC character for that matter well look no further than this story so I was a little worried after Grant Morrison left that nobody was gonna be able to stand up to his kind of level of storytelling but leave it to Mark Waid to tell an amazing story it's the story of how Raja Ghul steals the bones of Batman's parents to keep him busy and he takes down the Justice League members one by one using of all things Batman's own strategy that he had put into a computer so it was pretty much Batman be trained at Justice League and to me this is as good as a Justice League story can be action betrayal and just so much more you could want from a damn good story it makes the emboldened become vulnerable and I wasn't kidding he really did take Batman's parents bones that's some cold I guaranteed this is a story you will not want to put down and read covered a freaking cover now I know there was an animated movie called doom and that was written by Dwayne McDuffie and it's kind of loosely based on this but instead of Roger our goal to use Vandal Savage and they changed up the lineup of the Justice League if I were to suggest any Justice League book from our library this is the one that I would want everybody to read it's that damn epic for my third jail a story out of this era is the Obsidian age by Joe Kelly for some reason this book doesn't get the attention and all the other books do I don't know why maybe it's because it's dark and gritty but I remember this being the first time I've ever seen Doug bank he's artwork and his art is kind of dark now he's known better for Green Lantern and Final Crisis and the recent action come oh I'm sorry Superman both but I love it so pretty much this story is the JLA travel through time looking for a missing Aquaman who disappeared during our world at war storyline through Superman so when the world thinks the JLA is dead and going they set out to find a new team of Justice League members including my all-time favorite Nightwing this is probably the reason why I love this story so much I mean how badass is to have Nightwing on in the Justice League I love that and this is probably the storyline the main kyle rayner my favorite Green Lantern because of all the sacrifices that he makes and I don't want to spoil much of the story but it's really an epic proportions next up is new frontier by the late Darwin cook and this is the absolute version but there's a deluxe hardcover there's a trade paperback there's another hardcover there's more trade paperbacks this is another one of those epic story lines that just gets reprinted just about every year now as I've mentioned in several shows on previous halls I've never really been a big fan of the golden and silver Age heroes I've tried reading the Golden Age and Silver Age DC comic books and marvel converse and I don't know it's just their former storytelling wasn't really for me sorry if I offend anybody but that's just my so the only reason I read this book was because I loved Darwin cooks catwoman I was a big fan of Ed Brubaker and Darwin Cook's Catwoman when it got revamp and I was like sure I'll check it out even though he's got that golden Silver Age style to his artwork so what he's able to do is take Heroes from the Golden Age and mingle them with characters from the Silver Age and a story that takes place during the Cold War I think it makes for a really deep story I like his portrayal of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and Darwin cook really deserves all the praises he got he was such an amazing artist but I also know when a sell Dave Stewart short he's the one that did all the colours for this particular storyline he's able to give the book that classic pop cultural look that gives people that nostalgic feeling I don't know at least to me it looks like it does so out of all the stories I'm gonna recommend today I think this is the one that's probably the most unique in the way that the story is done and in the style of the art there's also a DC Animated Series for this too that came out a couple of years ago that's right Alex Ross is back on the list and this time he brought his boy Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite from their time and Earth X paradise X and all those stories from Marvel so I think out of all these this is the absolute version of justice by the way there is two hard covers there's also a set of trade paperbacks it was a 12 issue miniseries but if any book reminds me of a Saturday morning cartoon the Superfriends it's probably this book so what they do is they give a modern incarnation to all these silver Age characters I think it's a really entertaining story that shows us what happens when all the supervillains form an allegiance kind of like in the way Marvel did the acts of vengeance where sometimes the villains fight each other's superheroes sorry got one of my favorite Lex Luthor moments when he practically just asked the Justice League why don't they do anything to truly save the world like you know feed the hungry or cure the sick because these are questions that are brought up because I mean it's something that the Justice League really can't do they can't cure all diseases they can't feed all the hungry just impossible it's been shown time and time again through many stories and another thing I really like about this book is that Aquaman's a complete badass in it I think this is one of the first few times I've seen Aquaman like this besides Peter David's run and then eventually Jeff Jones took on the character it's a satisfying creative tale and it definitely shows its deep roots and the classic DC heroes and villains next up on the list is the late Wayne mcDuffie's Justice League of America together with Ed bananas and Mike McComb able to tell my second favorite Justice League story so doing McDuffie he's the guy that used to write a lot of the Justice League cartoon there was Justice League Unlimited so he was very familiar with the animated versions of these characters but I've really thought he did an amazing job with his take on the comic book versions all these characters for some reason this book gets overlooked by many people I don't know why because to me it's one of those that is a must read much like justice the bad guys all team up to take down all the good guys but if works it starts off with one of my favorite throwbacks to Justice League zero with Joker Lex Luthor and cheetah choosing who gets to be in the injustice league by looking at photos and stats and stuff much like Superman Batman and Wonder Woman is the same thing and Brad Meltzer's run when they were choosing heroes to be in the Justice League I think that's really cool this book has it all it's got strippers it's got Hal Jordan and asking Batman for money because he can't pay the strippers it's got a huge group of super villains it's got firestorm and black lightning being complete badasses and probably my favorite thing it has is the return of the Hall of Doom from Super Friends teaming got a small cameo by Gail Simone Suicide Squad well secret six sorry and if that doesn't win you over I don't know what will so my last picks a little difficult because there's so many other awesome storylines I could go with like J layers to Justice League year one by Mark Waid or I mean there's trash like Justice League rebirth oh I wish I could recommend that but no stay away but I decided to go with something that might be familiar if you went to the movie and know nothing about the Justice League so I went with Justice League origin by Geoff Johns and Gimli and this book still shows us how amazing Gimli is as an artist that man could still draw anything to make it look good and maybe I picked it because Darkseid's in it and you know he's the one that brings the Justice League together I know the origin of the Justice League has been done over and over several times and probably better than this but I think this is the best jumping on point for new readers if they're only familiar with the animated series or the movie I love the fact that all the heroes have to put aside their big egos to come together against Darkseid I think it's awesome and also includes our boy cyborg who's finally stepping up in the ranks all the way from Teen Titans the New Teen Titans The Young Justice to New Teen Titans again now he's up with the big leagues you can probably tell that the movie drew its inspiration mostly from this run except for the clean-shaven Aquaman not the beasts mode Aquaman from the movie this is probably one I recommend as the first Justice League story to read Geoff Johns does an amazing job of putting the team together of characters you really don't know much about and making you care about them now that's my list of must read Justice League graphic novels if I left something out please let me know in the comments down below let me know if I chose the wrong Grant Morrison story if I chose the wrong Mark Waid story I'd love to know what you guys think if this is your first time watching the video please don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button and check out our show every Thursday where we talk about geeky things like comic books anime video games toys manga thank you again for watching and I hope you check out the movie and like it and if you don't then check out the comic books at the movies

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  1. Grant Morrison has a reputation for writing stories that are nigh incomprehensible unless you're read everything else he's already written. Does this apply to Justice League? Can World War III be picked up and read without knowledge of what came before?

  2. Awesome video I’m looking to start reading some JL so this was super helpful! Also do you know if there is hard cover versions of Grant Morrison’s JLA volumes?

  3. May I ask you if you have the Justice League Detroit era omnibus, and your thoughts on that one? If you have time 🙂
    I do have the JL International one, which I'm a big fan of but I have never read the Detroit era…

  4. Hi Omar can please make video on Superman graphics novels, Omnibus I want start collection and with these comics

  5. What is the paper quality of the JLI HC volumes and TPB? I’m at a cross roads of breaking my “Events are oversized, basic series are standard sized” scheme of my library and just getting the JLI Omni.

  6. For me….
    All comic books/graphic novels should aspire to have Alex Ross type art.
    Let the animated movies give us that animation look and feel, whatever.
    Like u said Omar , when u first read Kingdom come it felt like movie! That's how all comics should feel.

  7. I'd recommend the Justice League of America by George Perez. There was two hardcovers collecting his work but as for individual issues go Justice League #192, 193 and especially #200.

  8. Hey Omar! I totally agree with you about "Kingdom Come" and "Tower of Babel". Great stories and artwork on both, no question. I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention "Injustice: Gods Among Us" considering it's basically a continuing Elseworlds tale. But it all started because of a fateful decision that Superman made, and triggers this WAR between what was once a unified team…unified no more.

  9. Justice league international is an awesome series and I think it might be my favourite run on justice league it has great humour action and has my favourite underrated characters blue beetle and bosster gold it's probably my favourite comic book series of all time

  10. Nice video.
    After watching the movie I decided to get into the comics of the characters. And I don't know where to start I'm confused between the new 'rebirth' series or 'the new 52'.

  11. Thank you Omar, great show to get an overview and see the highlights!!! Realized that I had a gap btw Morrison's HC vol 4 and the TP vol 5 which I own. That gap was including the Tower of Babel! So I will have to buy the JLA vol 4 TP from Mark Waid.

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