"Music Publishing-How To Turn Your Songs Into Money" – Renman U Episode #10

28 thoughts on “"Music Publishing-How To Turn Your Songs Into Money" – Renman U Episode #10

  1. If a song costs a dollar to buy on iTunes, and a self publisher song writer only gets 9 cents per downloaded song; who gets the other 90 cents?

  2. Alright guys, here are your shortcuts(to the video itself.)
    Nothing too special happens in this video aside from little bits of information you can take to study from other sources.

    If you really don't know anything about publishing music this might help you more than nothing but the video isn't very organized and the information jumps around quite a bit. There's a bit of good general life advice with professions.

    0:00:00 Introduction

    0:08:18 Music Publishing

    Once a song is recorded it becomes property.



    0:15:00 Sources of Publishing Income.

    Mechanical Royalties.

    Performance Royalties.

    Synchronization Royalties.

    Print Royalties.

    0:16:37 Advertisement for Renman's "the insiders guide"

    Workshop with lessons and tests on how to thrive/survive.

    Can pay extra for mentor sessions.

    (To be honest this is pretty standard for online workshops)

    (ALSO, though I have not been mentored by Renman, any person you look up to can change your entire outlook on life and your profession just by mentoring you a little bit every week. If Renman here is someone you look up to you should consider a mentorship.)

    0:20:15 Breakdown of Mechanical Royalties.

    Every time a unit is sold, manufactured, reproduced.

    0:24:23 Breakdown of Performance Royalties.

    Jukebox, radio, tv, youtube, spotify.

    Jumps back and forth a bit with Synchronization Royalties.

    0:30:00 Answers a Question from the livestream chat.

    Didn't seem important.

    0:31:17 Breakdown Print Royalties.

    Song books, sheet music.

    0:31:43 How to collect the Royalty Money.

    Performance Right Organizations (P.R.O.)


    and the differences between the organizations.

    0:37:24 compulsory license and creating covers of songs.

    0:38:42 Re-Record restrictions.

    Contracts, and attempts to evade ownership.

    0:41:25 Answers a Question from the livestream chat.

    "Is it worth building relationships with a P.R.O. even if they aren't making you a lot of money?"

    0:42:44 Answers a Question from the livestream chat.

    How to not get burned in under-the-table deals.

    0:44:50 What it is that Publishers do.

    What publishers can do for you.

    Publishing and co-publishing deals. (finally starts using the chalk board!)

    0:58:00 Admin deal

    Licensing companies

    1:00:30 Key Points in a deal



    1:03:40 Answers a Question from the livestream chat.

    Answers a Question from the livestream chat.

    1:06:55 Back to key points in a deal, ongoing deals.

    Answers more audience questions.

    1:13:00 how to pitch to a publisher.

    making something happen on your own.

    Loops back around to registering songs.

    There is some various other stuff but nothing held my interest.
    Again this is some kind of live show with questions and some informational points, but not so much a lecture.

  3. Finally a video with useful and insightful information! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much. I have a question tho, that I hope someone can answer, I've produced a few beats on a couple of upcoming projects for major artists. They ask me for my pub info and I'm not sure what to answer. I'm registered at the norwegian PRO organisation TONO which works with BMI and ASCAP. What info should I give to the people who asks for my pub info? (I've not signed any pub deals).

  4. This is a fantastic no nonsense primer on publishing. Sit down, and watch in segments if you canโ€™t do the whole thing. I donโ€™t see anyone on YouTube breaking it down as good as he does so be grateful you guys have content like this. Great for beginners to get their hands in the music business!

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  6. why not self publish? A lot of people now are starting their own publishing companies. So the artist is the publisher. The artist gets 100%…

  7. Powerful music business book for indie artists > http://www.askmpublishing.com/product/mogul-learning-music-business-independent-artist/

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  9. Hey Steve,ย 
    Really helpful video! When should you start considering to get a publisher?ย 
    I'm just started writing my own songs. I am planning to release my first song on spotify and all the other streaming services via DistroKid (they also collect royalty's mechanical royalty's I guess so the other 2 buckets remain empty). I'm still a student with growing student debt, so my budget is very small. What would you recommend me doing?

    Kind regards,
    Rutger Clemens

  10. Hello sir my name is Shawn Michael Lord…Steve I've been playing and writing my own songs all of my life since 11 years old…I would love to find this hotline of yours or personally have a 1 hour live stream to contact you sir. I tried calling the number in this video. The number did not work my friend…Thank you Steve!! bow

    My Entity- The Youth In You

  11. Say if you have a song that you know could really be something and you don't want a publisher, would it be smart to register (Through any P.R.O.) just a bunch of BETA songs that you think are also good just to see if said P.R.O. picks up on you and thinks you are worth it? And then put out your GREAT songs??? This video breaks the gate right open by the way and all of us aspiring writers appreciate this!!!

  12. This is the first video I found. I'm going back to watch the entire playlist. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I'm a DIY musician and this is sooooo helpful.

  13. Steve, the link to your website takes to some annoying quiz website. Dunno intentional or not, but it prevents even seeing your website.

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