Music Publishing 101 & Getting A Music Publishing Deal – Clay Myers & Rick Barker

13 thoughts on “Music Publishing 101 & Getting A Music Publishing Deal – Clay Myers & Rick Barker

  1. So if I write 100% of the lyrics, and the producer creates 100% of the music, how much publishing do we each have?

  2. I co-wrote a song with an artist in my group. I produced the record , I also wrote and sing the chorus while he is only on the verses. He is spending a lot of money trying to promote the record, how do we split copyright/publishing?

  3. some lucky person is going to get the opportunity to work with the sister duo "Poema" from Albuquerque, NM.  Google is your friend.  You're Welcome 🙂

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  5. Well done, Rick Barker. Finding the answers to questions a lot of writers have yet can't seem to find the answers themselves is a much needed service. Interviewing Clay Myers was a great idea because he does have such a diverse background with publishing and the music business. Working with CAA is no little achievement. He seems to have seen things from many perspectives, yet it takes someone like you who has an understanding of what questions a writer would like to ask someone in the know. I have been writing songs all of my life and by that I mean since the age of 4. It simply comes naturally to me. In honor of a lifetime of writing, recording and performing songs I went to Nashville and had 5 of my best country rock songs recorded. Thanks to the friendships I've begun to establish, someone referred me to a fantastic producer and my songs were recorded professionally. Radio ready, album quality. I am delighted to have a finished product. In fact, if Clay is serious about pursuing a great song (which would fit any number of artists including Tim McGraw) I would encourage him to look under this rock. There are all kinds of songs being created. The one's I'd like to showcase are songs that matter. Songs that say something that needs to be said. As far as publishing goes, if there's enough time, I would love to become involved with music publishing on a commercial scale. One of the key points made in this interview was the importance of establishing relationships with the music community, particularly in Nashville. According to an article in Country Music Magazine, Nashville today is like L.A. was in the 1960s and early 1970s. It's the center of the music universe. Everything is happening there.

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