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when you think of the biggest bands of the 80's you think of did you ever hear of the man pulp yeah of course everybody had they had that ridiculous hair of those ridiculous outfits and oh my god you're wonderful Alex Fletcher has one last shot at Fame the show is called battle of the 80s husbands we did actually broke up in 1992 so technical man line tease has been all he needs Cora Corman bigger than Britney and Christina put together is a hit I can't possibly write a hit song for her by Friday get it up I'm a bad hot witch now it was some magic just my switch I would love to talk to you about maybe writing some lyrics I'm just here to cater to the plan that one is plastic I met that guy from that band used to like he invited me to come see him perform tonight are these pants too tight I'll do it it doesn't have to be puffy just spit it out I really wanted to talk to you about the fact unfortunately we're gonna have to leave early to finish the last verse of this song a melody is like sex mice I get that but then that's good to know the person that's the lyrics they're store goodbye who they are underneath how's my good songwriter I slept the son you slept with Sophie I think she's up I could have go Hugh Grant written you win again there isn't it'll something there's a lot of something drew barrymore best time I've had in the last 15 years we're sitting about yellow with you it's wonderfully sensitive especially from a man who were such tight pants it forces all the blood to my heart I've been sleeping where the clown above math bed clown is not right what does that work out why would you around in your bed let me tell you we're not be the first time

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  1. Well, I don't know if it is the greatest movie but it certainly had me in stitches most of the time. Who would expect THAT from Hugh Grant? 😛

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