Muse – The Handler [Official Lyric Video]

43 thoughts on “Muse – The Handler [Official Lyric Video]

  1. everyone jumps to the MKultra route hasnt no one thought it could be about the Ego ?
    and its contrtol its grip ? notice the little alice and rabbit ?

  2. I listened to this song for a whole two years and finally surged the courage to escape from my abuser. Im free now. Im finally happy and even though it hasnt been easy at all, i fucking made it. Thanks Muse. Thank you.

  3. For anyone who doesn’t know this is about Mk-Ultra, Mk-Ultra II and Operation Monarch it’s basically about Brainwashing

  4. The bear at this video would be the same on "Uprising"? They were forced it and they were degrading it and it were not victorious?? :''''(

  5. You were my oppressor
    And I, I have been programmed to obey
    But now, you are my handler
    And I, I will execute your demands
    Leave me alone
    I must disassociate from you
    Behold my transformation
    And you are empowered to do as you please
    My mind was lost in translation
    And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine
    Leave me alone
    I must disassociate from you
    I won't let you control my feelings anymore
    And I will no longer do as I am told
    And I am no longer afraid to walk alone
    Let me go
    Let me be
    I am escaping
    From your grip
    You will never own me again

  6. Incredible how demonic and MK Ultra related this entire video is! Alice in wonderland, to dissociation, handler, demonic being in the middle the entire video, crescent moon circling… love their music but damn man, amazing what some will do for fame..

  7. Un retour aux sources tardif à cette période, sa n'enlève en rien à la capacité à ce que Muse est capable de nous démontrer..!

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