"Murderous Lyricist" – Alyssa Marie

47 thoughts on “"Murderous Lyricist" – Alyssa Marie

  1. He said 'it must be hard to be little'
    But every bar I spit is hard to belittle
    So pardon the shit that I'm starting, but he's already brittle
    His little heart, I got it caught in a pickle
    Crippled, I'm carving initials across the middle of it, scarred with a riddle
    Whittled inside of it, that his mind will never solve in time and it
    Finally crossed their mind that I'm fine if I crossed a line a bit
    More than fine, matter fact, it's exhilarating
    I feel amazing, no will or way rehabilitating
    Gonna change the way that I move, they can assume
    But soon or later made a fool when they're unable to prove
    Cause when it comes to it, nothing gonna come from it
    You're mumbling a bunch of what you're gonna do but nothing when in front of it
    So sit, save your breath, instead of speaking under it
    Be confident but let the talent speak, that's what humble is
    Don't need the words to reinforce, I got the action
    I'm laughing at what he's arrogant for and it's not the passion
    Or talent, it's tryna hide the insecurity for lacking both
    Holding back but when his back is turned to me, I'm at his throat
    You heard of me, you had to know, why you acting so surprised?
    Lines I write are so official I don't have to notarize
    I know whenever a set of vendettas separate head for the same endeavor
    Instead of aiming together
    To get it, they're made competitors..at their own accord
    And take whatever measure the leverage is never overboard
    To them, cause it's them or you, but if it's them or me
    I let em see the repercussions of the whoever he pretends to be
    The big persona and role that you play is stronger
    Than what you're able to back when the act is taken up onto
    The street they're like "she's so sweet
    Tryna rap" until they heard her finally snapping on that preemo beat
    But I'm like me? I'm chilling, honestly this is light work
    Another thirty minute verse I probably should rewrite first
    But I'm lazy as hell, I just say what I felt
    And then release it to the people, pray they take it in well
    And if they don't, guess the bad is mine
    I'll just travel back in time and stop before I baffle minds
    So bad they fail to fathom mine

  2. she's amazing, her lyricism is so dope, I just started rapping trying to become a lyricist, this is motivation

  3. crazy wordplay. nice but you'll need to polish your delivery a bit in order to go mainstream but nonetheless applause

  4. Is it bad that I memorized this whole song she got bars for life dolla just as a female version 😚

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