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Cake? It is your…
– Yes, it is my birthday today. Happy birthday to me.
– Happy Birthday to you. She started out as an stunt heroine. While working in action movies,
she became.. excellent romatic heroine. Name. Mumtaz.
Born on 31st July 1947. In Mumbai. Father's name was Abdul Salim Askari. Mother was Shaadi Habib Agha. "A gentleman. A flirt.
Put this anklet around my foot." "I go around dancing." "I walk slowly."
"But still my heart beats faster." Mumtaz entered movies at just 12. During the 60s Mumtaz
worked as a junior artist. While doing small roles
of extras she became.. ..the heroine of wrestler
turned hero Dara Singh. "I wish to lock eyes." "I wish to love someone. " It is well know that no heroine
wanted to work with Dara Singh. And producer director were
racking their brains for a heroine. And the director saw Mumtaz. And he asked Dara Singh
whether she'll do as the heroine. To this the great wrestler
said that all I care about is my film. You take any heroine you want. And this is how Mumtaz
became a heroine from an extra. "Rope on my foot. Anklet in the rope." "The anklet jingles and says
that you are mine and I am yours." "This is what my heart says.
You are mine and I am yours." "This is what my heart says." Her movies with Dara
Singh were Boxer, Samson.. ..Tarzan, King Kong. And this is how Mumtaz got labelled.. someone who can
work only with action heroes. What's interesting is
that era was romantic era. So why would any big producer
or hero work with Mumtaz. But slowly by doing supporting roles.. ..Mumtaz made a place
in mainstream cinema as well. Her work in 1965's
Mere Sanam was appreciated. But Dilip Kumar's heroine
is what did it for Mumtaz. Mumtaz'swork with Mr.
Dilip in Ram aur Shyam.. ..was hugely appreciated. "I hope I don't die in your love." "Don't try to test me." "I hope I don't die in your love." "Don't try to test me." "If you are good looking, so i am." "Don't try to avoid me." Rumours was that Shammi
Kapoor and Mumtaz.. ..were madly in love. Rumour has it that Shammi
and Mumtaz were going to marry. But after many years,
Mumtaz told the reason.. ..why this marriage didn't happen. Shammi wanted Mumtaz to
stay at home and quit films. But this was the time when Mumtaz
was climbing the ladder of success. And she rejected the
marriage proposal with Shammi. "Test me." "My life is all yours." "You are so cruel.
Please relent. Don't insist." "Don't try to smile like this
after breaking my heart, sweetheart." But still super stardom
was far away from Mumtaz. And then Rajesh khanna the first superstar
of Indian cinema held her hand. Their pairing in
Do Raaste was superhit. And then both of them gave
8 consecutive super hit films. Time took such a
turn that the Mumtaz.. ..who played the character
of Rajendra Kumar's sister.. Gehra Daag became
his heroine in movie Tangewala. "Today the air is so naughty.
Is so naughty." "The air is so naughty." It is also famous
that lengendry actor.. ..Shashi Kapoor had refused
from working with Mumtaz. He said that she was
just a stunt film heroine. So why should he work with her? And then came the
era when Rajesh Khanna.. ..was beating big heroes hollow. And Shashi Kapoor
too was affected by it. And Shashi implored Mumtaz
to work with him in a movie. At first Mumtaz refused. But later she agreed. And their work was hugely appreciated
in movie Chor Machaye Shor. And this movie proved
to super hit for Shashi Kapoor. "People with big heart
will take the bride away." "People with big heart
will take the bride away." "The wealthy will be left watching." Mumtaz worked in 108
films in 15 year long career. And she was also given
the best actress award in 1970.. ..for the movie Khilona. Mumtaz and Dharmendra
made a great pair. And also with Firoz Khan,
Sanjeev Kapoor and Vishwajeet. "I am with you. So is my heart." "So is my heart." "You can come to marry
me anytime you want." "Come to marry her soon." "Come to marry her soon." "I don't have a palace or car,
darling." "Or car, beloved." "Your sweetheart is a pauper,
darling." "Sweetheart, darling." "I don't want a palace,
bungalow or a car." "I want heart and my lover." "I want lover." "Come on, darling.
Let's make a world of love." "Say it." Mumtaz's work with even
the legendary evergreen.. ..Dev Anand was greatly appreciated. And in 1974, when Mumtaz
was at the pinnacle of success.. ..she married Mayur Madhwani
and bid goodbye to films. Although after 12 years of marriage.. ..she tried to make
a comeback into films.. ..but that movie
Aandhiyan didn't work. And then Mumtaz retired
from acting permanently. Sir, whatever the policy. I will definitely point out
people who are cancer to our nation. Mumtaz has two daughters.
Natasha and Tanya. Her daughter Natasha was married
to Feroz Khan's Fardeen Khan. "I am a necklace of pearls.
I am a garland." "I am a beautiful angel." "I have been waiting for you since so
long without caring about the world." Mumtaz was always a fighter. And there came a time
when Mumtaz was affected.. a deadly disease like cancer. But Mumtaz beat cancer. Morning. And evening. Neither
do they let me play or eat peacefully. They put this bundle
before me all the time. She was bestowed with the
lifetime achievement award in 1996. Mumtaz is among the heroines who saw
Indian cinema's black and white era.. ..who worked as a
junior artist and then.. ..she became super star heroine. Mumtaz's name will always
be immortal in the history.. ..of Indian cinema. "You don't know the heart of a woman.
You don't know me yet." "Yes, right.
But I am also intelligent." "How many admirers
do you have apart from me?" For bollywood's latest
news and gossip..

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  1. Mumtaz !  shame on you , you did not respect your mother religion, Now be ready to face Allah when you go.  May Allah forgive you. aamin

  2. I didn't know her Origen was Irani. That's why she was white and beautiful. I always thought She was a good match to marry Rajish khana.

  3. wow, didn't given into proposal for career and proved shashi kapoor wrong with her hard work. truly one of the most memorable Indian actress

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