Multiple Table of Contents in Word/ TOC for Each Section

hi there it's just the top we're from the Buchan computer training in this video we're going to look at how to create multiple table of contents within the same Word document this might be useful if you have a very large document with several chapters or maybe you have several sections within a Word document you want to create a table of contents specifically for that section or for that chapter now there's two fold process in this first of all you have to create a bookmark for the area that you want to create the table of contents for and then you insert the table of contents with a bookmark switch within the table of contents field so I'll just take you through those two steps so we have a very simple document here my first three headings here I want to be in one type of content and then the last three headings here I want to be in this in a separate table of contents obviously this is applicable to a large document but for ease of demonstration I've just got something very short here so first of all what I'm going to do is just select the text that I want to cover with my first type of contents and up on the ribbon I'm going to click on this insert tab and then in the links group I'm going to click on the bookmark button and I need to create a bookmark for there error of the document now you're not creating bookmarks before there's a few kind of rules but mark has start with a letter or a nun or an underscore can't contain spaces and don't include punctuation marks just for ease and brevity I'm just going to call this a and then I'm going to go down here and I'm going to call this area B just clicking on add each time and those bookmarks have now been created so we've created the bookmarks the next step is to insert the table of contents so I'm going to set my first table of contents above these three headings here and instead of the usual route you may be used to going to references table of contents what we're actually going to do is stay on our insert tab and over in the text group we're going to click on this quick parts menu and then select field from that menu so what we've got is we've got a whole load of field names here and we need to pick out the table of contents field and then what we need to do is add a switch to the table of contents field so we click on field codes and then we click on options and that gives us a list of switches so if I select this be switch here you can see a description here it says uses a bookmark to specify area of document from which to build table of contents or I need that add that to the field code click on it ok and then very simply I just click up into this advanced fill property box here and I type the name of my first bookmark which you'll remember was very simply a notice there is a space between the switch and the bookmark name that needs to be maintained click on OK and you can see that it's put in a table of contents for these three headings let's just do the same thing down here so what I would do as I'm on my insert tab my ribbon in the text group I click on the quick parts menu go to field I select table of contents from the fields names list I click on this fill code button and then I click on the options button I select the box which I add it to the field click on OK and that one what was called B click on OK and it creates the table of contents for those three headings now this is work if I update this area of the document with a new heading so if I put new heading I'm going to make that heading 3 so as the other headings and then I might have a little bit of text underneath won't worry too much about that so what happens if I update my type of contents I'm right-clicking on it I'm going to update field update the entire table and it picks up my new heading so you can see that the table of contents we create this way are updatable in the same way as the normal table of contents ok so that's how you create table multiple table of contents or table of contents for a particular section within a Word document thank you very much

45 thoughts on “Multiple Table of Contents in Word/ TOC for Each Section

  1. But the difference is… this option lost its link with the letter sections (no hyperlink), so you can't jump to the section by clicking on it

  2. Great demonstration,
    but it seams after converting to pdf the hyperlinks fails to work (I'm using word 2010).

  3. I think this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. … wait wait… now there are big blocks at the start of each section. I wish I could upload a picture.

    What should be "1. Introduction" is now "[black rectangle] Introduction"
    Each subsection is numbered correctly, 1.2, 1.3, etc.


  4. Hi Chester, when I follow this procedure text in my document says "Error! Bookmark not defined." Do you know what this is and how I can get around it? Thank you

  5. Dear Sir
    I have for example Chapter1 and Introduction) on the same page.
    when I generate a table of contents, they appear in the separate line. but I want to mix them in one line such as (Chapter 1: Introduction……………………………………………………….1)
    Please, could you help me to finde the solution?
    Best regards

  6. Hi, is it possible to create multiple lists of figures and lists of tables in the same document? I have a document for which I applied your video and created 2 parts with 2 TOC. Now I need to create 2 different lists of tables and figures, how can I do it? What I have at present is that the numbers of tables and figures continue in the two parts. I want those of the second part to be different. Thanks

  7. How do you now get the table of contents to link to each of the headers please?  Is there a different process?  Thanks!

  8. Thank you for posting! Another tidbit that could help would be to add how to hyperlink the TOC to the headings in the document. For those of you looking for that… I finally figured out that if you add " h" to the end of the field code you'll hyperlink the TOC.

  9. Great video thanks. Is it possible to create an other table of contents above the hole document showing all the document parts, without messing up the other table of contents below it? I assume you have to make a bookmark consisting out of other bookmarks. I wonder if that would be possible because most of the text will be in two bookmarks.

  10. Okay I did this because I needed to make my table of contents go under separate headings and it looks great but now my TOC is no longer clickable, meaning I can´t Control + click to arrive at a certain page in the document and I don´t know how to automatically update it as I continue to make changes to the document.

  11. Wonderful clear explanation – thank heavens for skilled people like you who are willing to share your knowledge.  I'd never have worked that one out intuitively!  I too would be interested to know how to indicate multiple levels within the TOC, but am sure I'll eventually figure it out.  Good on you for helping others like this. 

  12. hi
    its not working for me ive selected lines of text in the document which are on different pages but its not working.

    is it because the lines of text is on random pages and not in one paragraph/ page like your video shows?

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