MPS helps children get a 'Head Start' on education

while making sure every child has a head start in life Milwaukee Public Schools hoping to get your youngest children registered for the upcoming school year and Joey Williams is the early childhood learning manager for Milwaukee Public Schools she joins us now to talk about a week-long effort from the district thanks so much for coming in thank you for having me so you all are focusing this week you all are always focused on getting young kids registered for school why is early childhood education so important early childhood education is so important because those first 1825 days of life are critical for kids you know you want to set them up for success you want them to be able to have that educational experience so that as they go into kindergarten they're ready to learn they have a head start or a jump or a head start above others too you know students who typically don't have that experience we want to make sure the experiences are positive so that sets the presidents for future so starting them at 3 & 4 will provide that that opportunity you learn about academics you learn about self-regulation all life skills that we utilize later down the way in our own development and research shows that by the time child watch our child walks into kindergarten if they haven't gotten these skills down they'll be behind in kindergarten absolutely absolutely so the this week you are allowing parents to walk into central office and Lee Learning Center to register their three and four-year-olds yes this is just the latest effort that the district has taken aside to get some kids registered what else are you all doing absolutely so part of the registration this week you gotta come quick because so you can get your seats we have also Betty Bren who's a partner with us in MPs and they are offering family for a free free family registration for all of those families that come through our doors and the next week and thereafter there will be more opportunities for other events as an educator to have a partner like betty Brinn show families that this is important to have your child in school at three and four how does that make you feel wonderful I've been an educator for the last 17 years so I know the importance of starting them off early and having Betty Brennan as a children's museum partner you have other venues to explore and have your kids go and try activities and would be hands-on learning that needs to happen and get them ready for school before we had to break one last question Joe Andy you have been with the district for years you said you've been an educator for 17 years in early childhood education when you think you all are opening now eight learning centers specifically targeting three and four-year-olds can you tell us about that real quick so yeah so we actually received an additional eight sites so there will be three year old programming full-day programming for our families so those are offered we have both early start sites as well as traditional start so early starts is gonna be August 12 that's the first day of school and then traditional start will be after Labor Day which will be September 2nd so make sure that families come in and they register and be ready and be able to select those sites that they really want awesome well thank you so much for coming in you can find more information on headstart registration and all things MPs just head to TMJ for calm and search for links

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