Mother and son duo inspire future authors

well summer reading often inspires you to find a book or you know head out to the beach or the nightstand and catch up on that reading our first guests are here to inspire future authors putting their thoughts to pages or in this case an e-book the Internet has changed the game so much and has made it even easier to enter into the business joining us now to talk about the ways to become a self-publishing author CB and Dan Hoffman a mother and son do-it-yourself publishing team thank you guys for being here this morning we're so happy to have you so first of all once you tell us how you got into the self-publishing business okay so I was walking home from work in New York City and I said CV let me hear your book and she said she was accustomed to coming here she was an assassin embroiled in a sultry web of blackmailing and I said what and so out of that love for the content we started this business Wow so what is your so what is your background and your mom's backgrounds well I've been retired for three years now from teaching high school in Orange County Public Schools and I was an editor and writer before that for different companies and so now I'm not only writing but he kind of pushed me toward recording my books for and you know most people say you need to laser focus in on what it is that you do best well for us it's like the shotgun approach so it's like okay we got to record an audio book we got to make a podcast we got to make print books we got to make the ebooks we got to make a website we got it yeah like do everything social media the marketing the promotion the whole bit so you have a variety of books that you touch on lots of topics and age groups so tell us about that as well as what geared you toward also helping other people get their books out well what started me writing I got I got this dream the day before I stepped into the public schools for the first time and I saw the first line she was accustomed to coming here she was an assassin and it was on a legal pad I went down all the blank lines to the bottom and it said and she fell into the arms of God so I woke up said oh my gosh I better write this down this sounds like a book so that's what started the writing and so we have a trilogy of Alexa Sylvan novels and then from there I wrote too many choices because I promised my last English class at East River High School I promised I might write one about them so it's a comedy drama which is pretty well descriptive of high school so cuz I had a lot of cheerleaders and football players and I mean all of them are in that and then Royal conspiracies because I love swashbuckle and it's important to say that her books are clean there's no sex or drugs or cussing I don't know how it be writing a sex scene with your mom anyway but she wants to make sure that all of her students can read the books in the young years and can listen to the audio books and there's not going to be any blushing moments for the parents in the car and so it's it's a messages of repentance reconciliation and forgiveness I think that's so important today because everyone's on a hair-trigger and everyone's so easily offended you know so this is kind of you know wholesome good stuff that you can read and share and and you know we hope to spread a good message so for folks today at home who are like well I have a book inside of me just dying to get out where do we start or maybe for me yeah it's a long road you have to determined and never give up and then you have to write it you have to do research wherever research is needed you've got to write it you've got to edit it or or have someone that can edit it for you and you've got to revise you've got to be willing to revise I feel like I'm teaching English again you got a revise yeah it can't be no drafts later yeah so and then you've got to send it off for copywriting and you should only use the government copyright you can find it online a copyright gov because there are others who try to act like they're gonna do it for you and self-publishing has really changed the game you know a lot of people think of used to if you didn't have like an actual publishing house like oh that book but that's not the case anymore right well and that's true and we found out that less than 1% of first-time authors ever get a book deal so even if you get that book deal you have to do all the marketing and promotion yourself and they're going to expect you to really really do that otherwise you'll become an out-of-print author and that's even worse than you know never having gotten a deal in the first place that's true and so you go over a lot of these tips material yes yes well we're working on an audio drama podcast where we add the sound effects and the music and world yeah this literally our to-do list is always five pages long even week please go to CB Hoffmann and that's HOF f MA in slash how-to and as we publish guides we're gonna be sharing these guides with people that we learned the hard way have really extensive writing guide right now for fiction and nonfiction I notice you're looking at me when you say that is not it's not as hard the way I laid it out for you gonna go there yeah please got the funding ten we'd be happy to help thank you guys writing yeah yeah all right let's all get started on our books

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