Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Rudyard Kipling Collection Overview

hello welcome to a new video of Appa my name is Jose abloom and today I would like to tell something in this video a rather wonderful mumbler writers edition 2019 Rudyard Kipling a collection this is mom lost twenty eight writes edition collection since 1992 mumbler owners great writers whose works have become part of world literature with the moon bla limited writers edition the stories these writers created still fascinated millions of people and indeed the lives of their artists were often just as multifaceted and as rich as their novels the writers editions are only available in a limited number worldwide which is guaranteed by mumbler the number that is engraved on the cap is proof of its uniqueness mooom blood that Akkad's the writers edition of 2019 – Rudyard Kipling Kipling was born in Bombay India in 1865 and was an English journalist and writer he spent the first five years of his life in India with his family after that they moved to South Sea and he received his education there once Kipling turned 18 he returned to India and travelled as a correspondent through what is today Pakistan Mia Mars South Africa and Australia and he lived for several years in the USA it was upon his return when he found his love for writing and was inspired by the Indian jungle in 1894 he wrote his most successful book The Jungle Book the story follows the life of a little boy called Mowgli was raised in the Indian jungle by wolves and how he becomes the enemy of Shere Khan the tiger and the friend of Baloo the bear did you know that stories about being raised by wolves also exist Italian and Central Asian culture Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome were said to have been raised by a she-wolf the same story was told about the founder of dr. by Empire but let's go back to Rudyard Kipling in 1907 at the age of 41 Kipling was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature making him the first English language writer to receive the prize and it's youngest recipient to that date Kipling kept writing until the early 1930s on the night of 12th of January 1936 he suffered a hemorrhage in his small intestine he underwent surgery but died less than a week later on the 18th of January in 1936 at the age of 70 Kipling was the junction of India and the British Empire he was a connection between east and west and saw the beauty of both sides this tribute for the literary legacy cost Kipling which so richly portraits the treasures of India and all its exotic sights sounds tastes and smells mobile made two editions honoring Kipling there is a limited edition of only 1895 found events that is called the homage to Kipling a tribute to if while this piece shows the characters from The Jungle Book the number 1895 is referring to the poem if which was written in 1895 as a tribute to lay under Starr Jameson there's also a limited edition that comes as a fountain pen limited to 9800 pieces a rollerball limited to eight thousand six hundred pieces a ballpoint pen which is limited to ten thousand three hundred pieces and there are 1300 sets made including a mechanical pencil both editions have the same overall body which is inspired by the anchors of the Kings anchor story from the second Jungle Book the cap and barrel of the Kipling writers edition pen is made of modern jungle green resin with a matte finish set off by platinum coated details this color combination took its inspiration from the cover of the first US edition of Kipling's masterpiece The Jungle Book one of the main features of this piece besides the very attractive green color is the impact folk acid wolf's head and eclipta I think I don't have to say that also for this detail the inspiration was stood by The Jungle Book but a little boy Mowgli was raised by the wolf pack a fun fact is that it's actually the first time a bigger piece like an entire wolf head is cast and finished with a refined med service by Moonglow the cap is engraved with Kipling's handwritten initials RK which were taken from an original tied letter from Kipling which he initially by hand the cap ring is engraved with twice the name moon blah in capitals the beginning and end of the plume F is engraved on the cap top ring and the canary the cap top ring says if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs while the cone ring is engraved with the text you will be a man my son the top of the cap is crowned with a moon block emblem in precious resin if you twist the cap off the piston find open a beautiful 18 karat gold nib reviews the nib is finely engraved with a globe Kipling collected in his office globes and it's also symbolized Kipling as a Globetrotter above the globe you can find the numbers 4810 as a reference of the moon blah mountain in meters and underneath the globe you can find the numbers 2019 as this is the 2019 writers edition and the name of mum blah in capitals please know the small grip section is made of shiny precious resin instead of the met precious resin and the large step done from the barrel if you hold the pen higher than usual this might become a problem for you the 1895 limited edition looks spectacular the complete pen has a champagne tone gold overlay which is light and bright just like the Indian Sun I'm gonna need the overlay the barrels made of precious jungle green lacquer while the cap is made of precious jungle green resin the beautiful overlay on the cap is inspired by the story of ghost hunting from The Jungle Book which is a short story of Mowgli and the monkeys all the pattern on the barrel depicts texture of a tiger which refers to the almighty Tiger of the jungle Shere Khan the multi layered look gives depth and texture you can feel it is quite impressive if your zodiac animal is for example a monkey or a tiger this pen will fit you perfectly also on this edition a wolf hat is beautifully formed on the top of the clip on the cap you can find an engraving of cold layers which is an abundant human city in the jungle book the inspiration for this engraving was taken by the city Chittorgarh which Kipling visited the cap top of the 1895 limited edition is finished with a molar of blue moon blue emblem when you unscrew the cap you notice that the grip section is finely engraved with their handwritten initials of Kipling and the champagne tone 18 carat gold nib is revealed the nib is finely engraved with the head of an elephant and reminds us of the elephant which can be found on the cover of the jungle book the writers edition of mumbler always comes in their recognisable book form books the pen lays in a soft velvet bed to protect the pen from any scratches inside a box you can find the service booklet and the warranty and information book with the 1895 limited edition there's also a letter included which contains the poom if the jungle green or resin version is available as a fountain pen with the pistol in the mechanism Barolo bow which uses the standard rollable or fineliner ethos and the ballpoint pen which uses two Moonglow ballpoint refills there's also mechanical pencil failable which only comes in a set the 1895 limited edition only comes as a piston fountain pen to complete this beautiful set mumbler also created for the Kipling writers edition a special in water with jungle green ink inside an old book would have Wolf Pack printed on it and a matching pen pouch to keep the pen safe the writers edition pants are always very heavy because of the materials used the jungle green resin edition wait 54 grams capped and 30 grams uncapped while the 1895 limited edition is a little heavier it is 83 grams it is not possible to post either of these pens the writers edition fountain pens are based on the 146 model to compare the size of the pens here you see a lineup with the moon bla 149 the mullah 146 the moon bla 145 the moon block a plane the moon block patron of art Hadrian edition the Visconti Homo sapiens and the pelican and 800 and here you see the Pens uncapped this was our overview of the mumbler right this edition of 2019 if you are interested in these beautiful pants after watching the video you're welcome to make your purchase in our webstore let us know about your experience with rudyard kipling or the jungle book and share your thoughts and special moments use human blog in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe you

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  1. Nice review specially historical background of the edition of the pen. I appreciate your style of the review.

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