Montana backyard shed as writer's retreat & guest cabin

42 thoughts on “Montana backyard shed as writer's retreat & guest cabin

  1. In other places this is a dwelling unit as it is used as a guesthouse. Iguess Montana is not all open spaces as her neighborhood is pretty tight. How western that the houses are Capes.!

  2. Cute tiny house!! I live in Big Arm MT, NORTH of Missoula about an hour n half way. We Live on the West shore of Flathead Lake.
    I really want to build my own tiny house. Loved that she used lake bottom trees. Great job on recycling!! Great view from window.
    Live life n enjoy!!

  3. Love this writing getaway. I also love the roll of toilet paper on the desk, lol. Maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't buy Kleenex?

  4. Found that whittlin words are best held between these 2 vice jaws and base.
    "Whatever gets you up in the middle of the night to write… never needs correction."
    -Saul Bellow
    "There are Artists that will wrest you up, and place you into them… rather than them, into you." -gilpin 8-10-16
    "Artists… Are These, Not They… Who realign the rollovers in the blade of your discernment?
    -gilpin 8-10-16

  5. From one writer to another, your space is nice 🙂 and I like the view. As for your writing, do you belong to a critique group or have someone else give you feedback?

  6. Writing in a private space and one that's also available for guests and supplies books for them: the perfect use of space! 😊 (I think.)

  7. I live in Missoula and having a hard time finding a place to park my 26ft RV, I am in the process of renovating it. love this video!

  8. This accessory dwelling is neat; s just wondering is there a rule to limit how many accessory dwellings units a property may contain?

  9. When you write you can express  thoughts without having to worry/think about how you look when speaking directly to someone ?  makes sense to me anyways !

  10. News clip –
    Apartment buyers in ridiculously expensive Hong Kong are now eagerly paying up to the equivalent of $500,000 (U.S.) for units not much bigger than a U.S. parking space (and typically physically self-measured by the applicant's wing-span). An agent told The Wall Street Journal in June that, for example, standard furniture does not fit the units and that having guests over requires sitting on the window sill. (The Journal pointed out that a typical such "mosquito" apartment unit in Hong Kong is 180 square feet, way smaller than the 304 of a basketball court's "lane" subject to a "3-second" violation.) A government lottery for subsidized units rewards barely one of every 100 applicants. [Wall Street Journal, 6-3-2015]

  11. Very well done! Just stumbled upon your channel & wow! Very well executed with good audio & editing too! We do property videos as well and we can tell lots of hard work went into this! You've got a new Subscriber and we're looking forward to more of your videos!

  12. Annie Dillard made the case for having your writing desk face a blank wall so you won't spend your writing time staring out the window, distracted by what's outside, and I tend to agree. But she gets points for having DeLillo's White Noise in her book lineup.

  13. I would love a place like that with just a grand piano, a shelf full of music, and a desk with staff paper and writing utensils.

  14. Hope you interviewed "The Minimalists," while your in Missoula. They would make an appropriate story on your channel.

  15. I liked the pace of this story, with lots of silences. Really got a feel for the space. And the idea that being disconnected from the Internet allows for a deeper connection to her writing and herself. I am wishing to know more about the house, like who designed and built it, and where the other materials that she didn't mention came from. Thanks for a great video!

  16. dear kirsten… 60fps really harshly increases the processing power required to see your videos in a decent quality. for footage like yours its not necessary and doesn't add much to the viewing experience but costs a lot of energy and bandwidth…  you can even try it out yourself by monitoring your pcs thermal output or cpu/gpu usage while running 720/1080p60 against its 30 counterpart.  thanks for your work and the amazing quality of your content 🙂 best wishes, felix

  17. Love the design of the house. Does the owner have any heat outlet installed in the cabin (or will she be planning to install one in the future)? Because it would function better in the winter time (I'm from Canada, not sure about Missoula weather condition).

  18. Nice retreat. That aside, please run that extension cord through some PVC pipes. Safety first.

  19. You pay your taxes for your little piece of paradise and some "nosy parker" has nothing better to do than complain to the City because you want to do something more with your plot than cover it with the same blank green lawn they think everyone should have to conform with them…nice retreat…to heck with the neighbor!

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