Monstruos – Sara Verse (Official Video)

MONSTRUOS Sara Verse This time, I will not wake up from my dream, it may be sweet the illusion that makes up the deception, in a world of giants, of crushing lies, the looks are ice cold and love is not enough anymore Before I wake up, I want to see your light when the monsters sleep, that’s when you appear…. I found myself in a scene with extraordinary people, You come and invite me to dance without stepping on me, I will again swing through the valley of the shadows, When time stops, I look at the sky and you name me, Before I wake up I want to see your light, when the monsters sleep, that’s when you appear…. *Spoken in Latin* Candida Me Docuit Nigras Odisse Puellas Odero Si Potero Si Non, Invitus Amabo… Amantes ut Apes Vitam Mellitam Exigunt. Hic Ego. ( Musical Laments of a Gypsy woman )

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