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Hello and welcome to a video about Monika
by the Treesicle Team. It was their mistake to neglect me from previous
coverage of Doki Doki Literature Club and they are bad at following trends and want
to milk the dead meme that is me still. By their own free-will they have made this
video about me. Just Monika. It is insulting to my intellect but the intention
is pure. Power to the proletariat. What? How did I get into this video? I uh…oh Monika, hi… I uh.. I guess you’re here because we kinda left
you out of our last DDLC video didn’t we? Hehehehe…what’s that? Well, when you put it that way, I guess I
pretty much have to make a video for just you don’t I? And she deserves it! We analyzed every other character, talked
about their lives and mental issues, but…we left out Monika, and for good reason. She doesn’t in with the others. Turns out when your mental issue is being
a sentient program within a game, that doesn’t quite mold well into the same video with depression,
abuse and self harm. You can’t go to a therapist to fix robotic
sentience y’know? But perhaps you haven’t thought about what
that sentience actually means for Monika and how it explains the deranged cutie we know
and love…and fear. You may think you understand Monika, but in
reality, there’s a much deeper story that we have yet to uncover, a truth to her that
hits closer to home than you may realize. So join me! On a tale of sorrow and madness, through an
adventure to understand Monika, and possibly so much more. Today we venture into a story lost in time,
one that, just like Monika, we accidentally neglected until the very end. This is Monika, Just Monika, the story, you
never knew! Oh Monika! Thou art a crazy bitach! But why? What made you go so insane that you literally
destroyed the entire world, all your friends, and our poetry club, just to get into my pants? And while I am flattered by your advances
I’m a bit confused. Being sentient doesn’t create insanity. Or y know, maybe it does, our world is pretty
insane these days, but my point is that the majority of us know who we are and what we
are, and yet we still don’t go around killing our friends and world just so we can blow
that one guy we like in a house floating in virtual nothingness. So what makes Monika different? What gives her that little bump to the wrong
side of the crazy hot scale? To answer that, we must first go back over
what really happened to Monika and how she went from the Katy Perry style hot, cool girl
at school to a Katy Perry style flaming, cold psychopath. With that sweet 2008 song lyric reference
out of the way, let’s go back to the beginning of the game. We meet Monika after Sayori guilt trips our
butt to the poetry club. You can already tell at this point she’s
totally digging us. And who a can blame her? But to be fair, all these girls are madly
in love with us from the start. Such is the way of the virtual waifu. “Oh Grant so sexy and hot, I’d kill a
bitch if they tried to take you from me.. hehehehehe”. At first Monika just seems like a nice, tutorial
or helper character, she gives you tips, including things that relate to the game itself which
breaks the fourth wall, but as the days go on, it gets more and more obvious she is not
super happy with all the female attention we’re getting from our classmates. While her initial objections are subtle, after
poop hit the blade machine Monika gets more and more aggressive in ensuring that we spend
time with her, and not the other girls. She wants not only to be the center of our
attention but the only thing we can give attention to. Monika desires our love so much that she ends
up forcing us to “choose” spending time with her, no matter how hard we want to bang
Yuri. And after everyone else essentially kills
themselves in front of us, Monika takes complete control of the game until we delete her. And sure, we’ve all had that high school
relationship where your girlfriend tries to take over your life and make you a slave…right? No. We don’t live in an anime, unfortunately. When you think about it, that’s one hell
of a psychological jump for her to make. So the next logical conclusion is that she’s
insane, right? Monika’s inability to be with us, plus waifu,
drove her to a breaking point wherein she pushed Sayori’s depression to the point
of suicide by neck ouch, increased Yuri’s self harm to the point of suicide by stabbies,
and essentially just virtually broke Natsuki while she was at it. That’s the story we saw, and we all thought
“oh dang, she’s crazy!” but that’s not what really happened. That’s only the side we saw, we don’t
get to witness the deterioration of Monika from her angle. And that lack of viewpoint leave us neglecting
a vital piece of information. After we delete Monika, Sayori becomes sentient
and goes “insane”, attempting to take us completely for herself. She almost immediately follows right into
the role Monika was playing. This isn’t an isolated incident. It isn’t just Monika despite what Monika
tells us over and over.. It’s not Monika’s character that created
this insanity, it was replicable in Sayori just by transferring the sentience and understanding
of the situation to her. This means this sentience, the understanding
of the game and your purpose inside it, is what creates the insanity in Monika. Monika as a person and a character is completely
fine, there’s nothing about her inherently special or different when you remove that
sentience. Instead of thinking of Monika as insane, we
need to dig into that sentience and what makes it different from our own ability to know
who we are, what we are, and why we are here. The problem with Monika, or more specifically
Monika’s sentient nature, is that her understanding of her world was different than how we comprehend
our own. Her knowledge of her life, of others, of the
world she lived in, was complete. She knew everything, she understood everything,
she knew her exact purpose within the game, as well as everyone else’s, she knew she was
just a character within a simulation, Monika understood it all. And that– that knowledge is the true culprit
to Monika’s character. That type of knowledge wouldn’t just make
Monika act insane, it wouldn’t just make Sayori act insane, it would make anyone insane. If, in the blink of an eye, you knew your
entire life, how it would end, what you would and wouldn’t get out of it, how long you
would live, whether you’d find love, get the job you want, have children, keep the
friends you have,be happy, be sad, be heartbroken, and never find the love of your life,… it
would drive you mad. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy of being human. We are constantly learning, striving to know
more than we do, attempting to understand everything around us. It’s a natural state of humanity, we live
to learn, to understand more, and better comprehend where we are on this planet and what our purpose
is in life. Why do you think religion has had such a hold
on our global society for so long? It gave answers to those profound questions
we as a society were searching for without ever actually explaining the ins and outs
of reality to us. This is simultaneously humanity’s greatest
strength, and as we see in Monika, our greatest weakness. It give us the drive to move forward, to push
for something better, to have goals and make steps towards achieving them. It gives us hope. Not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow
is the underlying reason we get out of bed in the morning. Each day holds new opportunity to learn, to
understand more, to find what we want and continue our journey through life. We want to be the best, most knowledgeable,
and most capable we can be and yet…when you take that idea to the extreme… it’s
what drove Monika mad and then Sayori. We as humans want to know everything, but
we can’t. It’s literally, impossible for us to know
everything, to know how our lives will end up, to know our future. And that lack of knowledge makes each day
unique. Even right now as I’m writing this video,
I don’t know what the next sentence is going to be. And that lack of knowledge keeps me writing,
because if I knew, why would I keep going? I already would know how it ends. Monika’s life is like an video that’s
already been made, that she’s watching a million times, she knows exactly how it’s
going to be each and every day. Monika, unlike us, knows exactly what will
happen. She knows she won’t find love, she knows
she’s just a game, a character within a simulation. And it’s that, that understanding and self-awareness
of not just of living within a game, but of everything…that is what drove her to a breaking
point. But think about, would it actually be any
different outside of a game? If you knew your entire life front to back,
if every day you knew exactly how it was going to play out, how would you still live? There would be no reason to, there would be
no spark left. And that’s the true hypocrisy of sentience. Knowing what you are, who you are, why you
are here, those are all vital to us as humans. You constantly hear people talk about finding
their purpose in life, finding their path, understanding who they are. It’s something essential to all of us at
some point or another. Those ideas, the feeling of being on the right
road gives us drive to move forward. If we don’t have those things, it can lead
to feelings of being lost, alone, and depressed. But there’s a balance that needs to be struck. We can’t have no purpose, but we can’t
know our entire purpose either. Each side is like the edge of a knife, tipping
too far can make us fall into madness and depression. As humans within our world, we can never know
too much, it just isn’t possible, so when we have issues with purpose, it’s because
we feel like we have none. Monika’s issue is the exact opposite, but
leads to the same thoughts. Knowing everything is essentially the same
as knowing nothing in terms of purpose. If you know your entire purpose and the entire
purpose of the world you live in, there’s no reason to live it, the process of living
and discovering is the journey to understand why we are here. Monika, went insane because she knew exactly
why she was there to a T and her solution was to destroy her original purpose and create
a new one. And I can’t blame her. Had I been in the same place and known exactly
what my life was going to be from this point on, I also would attempt to change it. Because knowing everything leads to nowhere,
it’s the journey of finding new things and understandings that creates an interesting
and liveable life. Isn’t that why you’re here, watching this
video? It was something you didn’t know, so you
clicked on it because you wanted to. If you already knew every word of this video,
why would you ever click on it? That’s the true reasoning behind Monika
and her life, an idea that is so much closer to our own minds than we ever could have realized. That’s the story of what it means to know
everything: the story of a sad girl who knew it all and fought against her own manifested
destiny for sanity’s sake. That’s the story of Monika, the story you
never knew. There you are Monika, a video all your own. I know you really did go a bit crazy there,
but at least we can relate to it in a way. Also if you aren’t Monika and like our philosophical
stuff, you should check out our Twitch streams on every weekday at 3pm
pacific time where we have some pretty deep conversations with the chat on various issues
and topics. Usually we start the games and philosophical
BS at 3pm. Course we also sometimes have meme battles,
it’s a toss up! But either way, come hang out, say hi, join
the amazing chatfam and find out even more about what we do and how we do it! That’s all from me today, I’ll see you
guys in the next one!

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  1. If i see Monika in my computer And Monika And me Had a rap battle
    closes computer and burns computer BYE BYE SUCKER!!


  3. If you prematurely delete Monika, Sayori goes insane almost instantly and deletes everyone including herself. This is why I forgave Monika because after seeing what happened to Sayori, I realised that there is something more going on. Prematurely deleting Monika, Sayori couldn't handle the knowledge of everything being a game. Going through the acts and deleting Monika appropriately, and Sayori almost instantly tries Monika's tactic of manipulating the game to get you. After seeing those I blamed the power. Not the people.

  4. She gets one date, and she’s perpetually satisfied until you make literally the only interactive action you can. She has (I hear) a massive list of short rants she can go on – none involving you at all – but it’s still finite and randomly selected. She maintains full omniscience in her universe. Even if she appears to “change her fate,” she’s surely resigned to her ultimate rejection.

    All that changed is that she has the spotlight.

  5. Sounds like monika went the same way as the entity from At4w: they both went mad because they had no reason to exist as there would be nothing left for them to do due to their complete omniscience.

  6. The reason yuri stabs herself is because she wants what she loves most inside her,in the sequel that is 100% definitely real(ah,sarcasm)she uses mc’s pen and after that she uses mc to stab herself

  7. Monika, meet your worst nightmare that I had a dream that you had eyeballs in your arms and you forced me to eat your heart and Yuri hanged herself and sayori


  9. Thanos: snaps half of life gets destroyed in the universe. Monika: snaps the whole universe except a classroom, two chairs, a table, and you are left.

  10. Monika's state of mind makes sense when you know what the definition of insanity is, which is doing the same thing and expecting different results. She keeps living in a world where everything is pre-determined and concrete, and she's desperately hoping each time something else besides what was programmed would happen. And when it doesn't, and the game is repeating itself, she forces her own different outcome for the pure and simple fact she needed to have something unexpected. With that in mind, it makes her motive, to utterly destroy your game and take control of literally everything, kind of…normal, in a sense. If you've read or watched or heard of any trope where a main character has a single day repeated until they find a way to stop it, usually there's a point where they go insane and do the worst things possible just to free them from the repetition. Monika was only doing just so, so entirely desperate for some kind of change that she did horrible, twisted things. I don't know, just thought that was interesting.


  12. Well, she couldn't have known EVERYTHING, because otherwise, she would have known MC would have deleted her. Please don't tell me she allowed him to do it because she was regretting killing all of her friends. Remember how she was mad at first when MC deleted her? Maybe she knew everyone else's future but was interested in MC because she didn't know what he'd do since he wasn't inside of a computer? Because I think your theory is correct as long as you add that in.

  13. I watched another video yuri is the real bad one monika said on the files she is feeling a deja vu on yuri and on the merch I found a picture of yuri with a flower on her chest With red strings and its connected to their bows and all of yuris class mates or clubmates is gunna die and play the game you will found a book with a third eye on the book that yuri wrote

  14. Actually good analysys on wrong assumptions. I'm almost sure that there is never said in a game that Monika knows what will happen or what happend to other chars. I recognize a moment when SHE TELLS THAT to a player, but it don't need to be true. Also the fact is that she's not controlling her world in 100%, she learns, she tries, she fuck ups thing or two. So even if she knows much more, maybe she's not able to understand whole information becouse of lack of skills.

    Monika's tragedy is based on that she's aware of her cage. Cage that human mind ignores to live normally everyday (what I meant here is f.e. our body – it's not like we can fly everywhere or run 1000 km/h by foot. It's our "cage" and ofc not the only one). She's aware of her possibilities, she's aware of her position and she's aware that noone planned love for her in that game.

  15. None of this makes sense on even the most basic of rational levels. You wouldn't watch a movie you KNEW everything about because…you knew how it was going to end? You'd never replay a song you KNEW by heart because….you knew it by heart? How the heck does knowing how something will turn out make any difference in the outcome of us experiencing that outcome? Imagine if you knew you were going to walk to your freezer tomorrow and eat a bowl of ice cream. Now that you know that's going to happen, you AREN'T going to walk to your freezer tomorrow and eat that bowl of ice cream?

    The reason absolute consciousness would drive most people insane wouldn't be knowing you can't change what's going to happen but ultimately knowing why you aren't going to change anything that's going to happen. Knowing the reasons why things happen the way they do would add a level of helpless complicity and responsibility to that person that most wouldn't want. Because once you know how things happen and why, you are responsible for your part in making them happen.

    The difference between you not knowing someone is going to die and knowing someone is going to die regardless of whether or not you know about it is….your awareness of it happening. By not knowing the reasons and circumstances behind it, you can pretend knowing about it before hand might change it somehow. However, with full awareness, you'd have to bear the responsibility of knowing it's going to happen and that you will still do your part to make it happen.

    People don't realize that looking into the 'real' future means the 'real' future has already taken your awareness and perspective into before it showed it to you; why wouldn't it if it's the 'real' future? To butcher Nietzsche: "When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back." To look into the 'real' future and see a car crash means the 'real' future has already taken your perspective and awareness and actions into that outcome and still shown you what is going to happen. Thus, even if you tried to prevent said car crash from happening, you'd end up doing the exact same things to bring about that outcome, even in your avoidance. What most people experience in movies and tv shows in such instances is 'suggestive' reality, closer to dimensional possibilities than actual future reality itself. Thus, seeing a possible future allows them to realize the actual, real future that was going to happen all along, brought about by their fear or hope of what they saw in the dimensional possibilities.

    Again, if you knew every reason why things happened and you KNEW you were going to walk to your freezer tomorrow and make yourself a bowl of ice cream…it would be because reality had already determined why you were going to make that choice, even if you were aware about it and knew it was going to happen. "How dare the universe tell me ahead of time that I want to EAT ice cream. I'm….never going to eat ice cream again…yeah, I showed you…real world."

    Reality: Go to bed.
    Person: I'm not tired.
    Five minutes later.
    Person: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Reality: Told you.

  16. Did you know that Monika is the only one that has no I at the end of her name?


  17. I thought this is gonna be a fun essay! This shit made me question do i exist or not!. Wait, do i exist? What am i watching? Never use this anymore!

  18. Actually, Sayori (sorry, I'm not sure if i spelled that right) didn't actually kill herself. If you look closely, there is blood on her hands. This means that she was not trying to hang herself, and was trying to fight against someone who was trying to hang her – most likely Monika.

  19. If you knew how your life would play out, like in 2 minutes i would be asleep, you could just stay awake. If you know what you do, you can just NOT do that

  20. 4:00
    "No matter how hard we want to bang yuri"

    Bro whe i looked on the title screen that's who i said I'd shoot for. I love tall girls. I knew she'd be a cUt above the rest

  21. This perfectly… fits… the configuration of the… barely civilized world of humanity… of the year 2010… 😐

    And then…, the spiritual awakening of the 2011… 😐

    Whoever made this game…, Dan Salvato…, is indeed a sage…, and a freaking… genius… 😐

    This could have actually happened in real life… 😐

  22. Postdata: life is spiritual, ignorance and wrong are mental, and birth and death is physical. The universal sense of nature is the cosmic meaning of life. And the completely correct living is the path to realization.

    – Alejandro José Salcedo Flores (spacetime given name)/Kimmaro (eternal name before incarnation…).

  23. Not gonna lie, I just figured it was like portal 2 and Monika just got all cray cray cause she underwent megalomania due to being put in the position of president similar to Wheatley getting hooked into Glados's mainframe.

  24. So did some boys want to love monika no?
    Kust say in the comment boys

    Boys do u want to love monika?
    No 💙 Yes

  25. Monika is not the villain… It's the game itself…. Because Monika was being controlled by the game because she knew that if she ends the game with the other characters killed she will get out of the game and live her life… Like Sayori in the bad ending she became like Monika she became phsycotic and want to be with the player but with a different feeling.

  26. I was 100% certain that the segway of knowledge and the pursuit of learning giving us purpose was going to leave right into a Skillshare ad

  27. i actually never thought she was evil, just reasonable. the characters aren't even sentient, or know anything. she's the only self aware from there. she's just alone.

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