Module Two: 2-2 Literature Review Practice

Welcome to Module Two everyone! The focus of
this video is the 2-2 Literature Review practice assignment. I want to kind of
quickly go over the expectations for this that may answer some questions that
you may have about the assignment. This is the Guidelines and Rubric document,
which I highly recommend that you look over before attempting this assignment so you know what the expectations are. There are two requirements for this
journal activity. So it is a journal activity that is going to be private between you and I.
The two activities, two reading activities that you had before completing this
assignment is: 1) to read chapter six in the APA Publication Manual (6th edition)
that’s on citing sources and the second is to click the hyperlink within the
rubric and read the article Positive and Negative Perfectionism and the Big Five
Personality Factors. This is the sample article, everyone’s
going to use this to complete this practice literature review. Now this assignment
is a direct lead into the 3-2 Final Project One Milestone One: Literature
Review Draft assignment, which we do in Module Three. So you’re going to get some
practice here in Module Two and going to apply that information and those skills
for your assignment and your first milestone assignment for final project
one do in the next module. The requirements are listed here in bullet
format. Okay but i’m going to take you to
another document which is also available to to kind of help you. You have a
template that has this information on it and I would recommend that you download
this template, it’s a Word document. This Literature Review Template will be used – you’ll fill in the information
underneath these bold questions that outline the requirements and you fill in
your answers underneath there, save the document, and this is what you’re going
to submit for this assignment. This is also the Literature Review
Template that you’re going to submit in Module Three, but will have all three
articles, but we’ll get to that next week. For now just focus on this. Let me jump
back, okay, and I want to take you to a sample.
This sample, this Example Literature Review, is also available to you and I
recommend looking at it as you complete yours to make sure you have the
necessary elements for your literature review. First item – all you’re going to do
here is use the APA citation format for listing your reference. So how would this
reference show up at the end of a paper in the reference section? And that’s what
you’re going to do here, use the APA guide for that. The second requirement – what’s
the purpose of the article? So what they’re asking here is what knowledge is
this article contributing to what we already know about a given topic? So
parental and adolescent personality. that’s what this article’s focus is on. What is
this contributing? The article you’re going to review, what is the purpose of
that article? You’re going to state that there. The hypothesis or claims – what do
the researchers think they will find? What do they think they will find when
they’re conducting their study? That’s their hypothesis. What claims are they making?
What variables are factors are being looked at? That’s the next itemright here. Are they
looking at specific elements of the big five? Are looking at gender? Temperament?
What variables are being looked at, are under investigation so to speak? Moving down, historical significance, this
sometimes trip students up, but what this means is how does this research fit into
the overall picture of what we understand about a given topic? About
personality or temperament or extraversion and children as it says
there? How does this contribute
knowledge and how does lead to future investigations for future research? It’s important that you get this down
because you are going to be developing a research study, you’re going
to be designing a research study and research is a cyclical process. When a
study publishes its findings those findings then lead to new studies and
contribute knowledge and understanding or clarification on
what we already know. Okay, second-to-last – what type of research
design is used? Did the researchers use questionnaires? If so, you can list
the type of questionnaires or discuss them. Statistical analysis – you can if you want,
you can discuss what statistical analyses were used in the study. Was
it a correlational study? Was it an experiment? Was it a case study? Looking at these
elements of research design will help you when it comes time to develop
your own study. And then the last part of this is, do you think the research in the
article was conducted in ethical manner? Why or why not? This is important – don’t just say yes or
no, but why or why not? Explain. Support why
you think it was or wasn’t an ethical study. If you have any questions as
you get underway with this assignment please feel free to email me.

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