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  1. I just finished reading Ulysses and your video really made for a great reference on Modernist literature , there were these elements(as mentioned) in the novel, since this was my first modernist novel I was baffled at first by the Stream of Consciousness technique but it ultimately grew on me and I was able to enjoy the novel immensely.

  2. Your elaboration is magnificent and more focused of realism … All these are exactly explained more clearly as it happened earlier and some are still persisting the society… A clear image u gave thank you.

  3. It must not necesarrily be internaly linked but i find it interesting that introspection goes hand in hand with the detachment from the world here. like the the things happening ( ww1 eg.) were to cruel and inhuman to be real. So the outside looked at as something unreal while the personal contemplation of it was the main concern. The world still was their home though .

  4. Can u answer me quickly plz I need u answer some questions to me about modern drama
    What the nature of Md
    Major theme in md
    School and movement in Md
    Various techniques also in modern drama tomorrow I have lecture about it so u can answer me and I’ll be thankful for u 💞

  5. Thank you for this! just starting my literature journey in undergraduate level and this provided clarity 🙂

  6. Not wishing to take you to task, however, I checked out the Wikipedia entry concerning T.S.Eliot. His father and grandfather who lived in America, Saint Louis if my memory serves. T.S. Eliot tracing his ancestry to SW England and returning to England.

  7. I've watched this video and the video you did about Postmodernism. I have to say they are superb! Absolutely superb!

  8. who was the woman who was speaking about the shattering of peoples' consciousness after WW1? Thank you! great video!

  9. thank you so much about your video. I can understand clearly, and it's useful for me because I got this topic to do my assignment. could I make a reference from your video?

  10. Thank you greatly for taking the time to make this! Brilliantly informative and yet, not overwhelming.

  11. i really like the way youre replying to every comment; most of the youtubers dont bother to answer the questions, I subscribed mainly because of that 🙂
    oh and a very comprehensive video though.

  12. hello! I'm doing a project/presentation in college on modernism and war poetry. This has been very helpful, thank you so much, but what is Wilfred Owen? surely a modernist poet? or a Georgian poet?

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