Mobirise Publish by FTP | Video 23 of 27

27 thoughts on “Mobirise Publish by FTP | Video 23 of 27

  1. the beautiful thing about Mobirise is tht you can design without coding but when you want to upload, you become a coder. what a pain!

  2. I ftp correctly the normal way with firezilla, and upload asset files and index, and the background doesnt appear, god, where could it be? then i up load all fines and nothing, background still doesnt show, help!!!! no background, i can see the background just when i published in my computer but not when i refreshed and send it in filezilla

  3. Great video Brian! Nice laid back approach which helps reduce the anxiety. I was able to upload my first Mobirise website into the file tree of my current website on the server, as per your instructions. I went to my server and can see the subfolder that I created with all the assets and pages. But, for some odd reason I am unable to view it. Apparently, I am not typing the correct address. Seeing that it's piggybacking on my current website, it appears that I only need to type is my current website address, forward slash subfolder, forward slash index.html, but that doesn't work. I tried various combinations, including using the FTP at the beginning, but nothing works. Even though the folder and files for the Mobi site are there, perhaps the upload wasn't done correctly? Interestingly, when I clicked on Publish and changed it to FTP, Mobirise has already generated the entire address, including the host IP and user name, so I just went with it and only had to enter my password and the folder name. Strangely, when I left the FTP edit window and came back to the Publish window, the folder field was blank, so I had to enter the folder name again a second time. That's didn't happen when you did it so perhaps that's where the upload got messed up. Your advice is welcome. Thanks, Paul

  4. You take something that seems daunting, and make it perfectly understandable. And your voice is really easy to listen to as well. Very calming, which is helpful when you're trying to learn something unfamiliar. Thank you, Brian!

  5. You said you'd discuss how to publish the site to a FOLDER on the root server and even show entering that path to a folder on your server to see the site – but you actually didn't show how you write that correct path in the FTP fields. I've tried a few different ways but I'm having no luck 🙁

  6. Could you possibly do a video on how to add google adsense to our site. Your videos have been a major help, keep up the good work

  7. Hey Brian, I have a problem with transfering my websites through fillzila. I saw your video on uploading to your server. Is there any way that you could explain on how to create the ftp when from scratch with the domain you purchase ? And also can you give me your website info so that I can better communicate with you. Thanks Henry.

  8. SA-weet I must have 5 mobsite builders on my desktop from JumpMobi to myMobiAdmin to wysiwyg all duds.And all those wso builders, they are not to sturdy… I even had the 1st version of MR from back in the day. Saw all these tutorials and upgraded to this new version. Deleted all those duds.
    Wanted to ask is there a technique to link/add TAP-TO-CALL via the buttons within MR html or can one use a TTC plugin using WP & MR? KUDOS Brian 😀 your the best man! this is a money maker for me @ 357$ a pop

  9. Which web-hosting company do you recommend for Mobirise sites? I was referred to HostGator, but I want to have options and properly the alternatives. Most of these companies support WordPress but Mobirise is sounding like a very new development to them.

    Thank you

  10. Everytime I try to save my project to a local folder on my computer it doesn't work. I don't understand it. What could possibly be the issue? Everytime I do it all that happens is a browser window is opened and nothing is saved in my destination file.

    And when I use the FTP it opens in the browser window but it is not attached to my domain…. I don't get it.

  11. Hello i'm making my website with mobirise, and i just register with site 5, i want to publish my website but i dont know how it works! – you need to move your files from your computer to the web host server. Once you move those files, you should be able to see your website at the domain that you chose – What does it means ? How do I do that ? Thank you

  12. When I want to publish my page on MobiRise it takes forever and I don't think it's actually doing anything. Anyoneelse have this problem?

  13. i have prepared the website and some pages of it
    now how do i host the file on real life internet

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