"Missing" – Rakesh Tiwari | UnErase Poetry

47 thoughts on “"Missing" – Rakesh Tiwari | UnErase Poetry

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  2. अब तू नहीं तेरी याद है,
    तेरी याद में तेरी बात है;

    visit this link for full poetry –> @t

  3. Love u sir!!!! Right now I am not in condition to write sth different or unique like other viewers.But I can only say is that THANK YOU sir and love uhhh

  4. There are things that sometimes move you emotionally, and then there are things that changes your behavior, habits, and it makes you do something differently. This is the later one.

  5. Splendid or any other word isn't just enough to describe this piece of writing…hats off to this man who spoke with poring it all out

  6. You depict how rootless hence free we are to pass unnoticed. Thank you for reminding us, we have a bigger responsibility.

  7. @Rakesh Tiwari sir… I don't have any words to describe your poetry…. Bt really its very deep… Nd meaningfully…!!! Thank u soo much sir…

  8. Hey rakesh ur too good bro❤️🔥 the way ur speaking💞 ur voice ur guitarist everting was prfct god bless uh✨ ur each nd every word touch my heart❣

  9. Please, we don't need this ordinary music (no offense) to compliment this beyond ordinary poetry. My opinion, haters no space.

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