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After being in the industry for such a long time I’ve definitely learned how important it is
to really take care of yourself so that way you can give so much more back in everything you do and to everyone you meet Morning! Spirituality, health and wellness is something that
I’ve been so passionate about from such a young age I love constantly learning about the mind,
body, spirit connection and I feel we can really learn something from
each other if we’re able to share that knowledge and I’m so excited to share with you some
of the tools that have worked for me and I really hope that they’ll work for you too In this series, I’ll be opening up my little
black book of wellness to share to you all the special people and
practices that really helped me in my life Subscribe to the Bazaar channel so you don’t miss an episode First up, how to cultivate a healthy mind I’m super excited to introduce you to my wonderful
friend Holly Star Holly Star is an intuitive energy healer I love to do many different types of meditations and TM meditation is Transcendental meditation where you get a mantra that’s specifically for you and you’re not allowed to tell anyone else
the mantra medication in general is just an incredible
tool for me to just really calm my mind and help me go
deep inside myself You start to find your own language with it You know just like crystals are medicines or herbs are whatever you start to resonate to certain ones and I feel like meditation I think just keeps
leading you down into a deeper and deeper path to get to know the self You really begin to create a relationship
to what the self is and it’s connecting into it a little by more by universal force I use crystals throughout my daily life and
throughout my house and even in my skincare line Kora Organics Cause I really believe in the healing power
of crystals so crystals have been used for thousands of
years they have incredible benefits what’s your take on crystals I think each one has their own resonates and I think you know everybody has their own
unique experience with them I think for some people they uplift some people there’s transformational qualities So you’re saying amethyst you feel is good
for opening the intuition yes opening the intuition and I think it’s
a great creative stone just cause it’s more of a visionary stone and I think it connects with kinda finding
home which is inside of ourself I believe I think it’s a great mirror for that so every time I come in I notice at the entry
point this huge clear crystal quartz that is undeniable I feel like clear quartz always have this
way of really setting a tone of positivity higher vibrations When people are coming through my front door It’s just great to kinda clear the energy
and set the intention of positivity before they work in the door and that’s why I really like having the clear
quartz in the front yeah it’s a great welcoming Another important part of my daily routine
is the use of aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. Different essential oils are super helpful for your general state of
well-being one of my favorite aromatherapy to use is this little heart chakra aromatherapy blend This oil was actually created for me by my
aromatherapist when I was going through a challenging time
in my life it really helped transformed that negativity
that I was feeling at the time and I carry it with me all the time now in my handbag and I put it on throughout the day all my pulse points so I put it on my wrist here and I put it behind my ears and I put it on in my actual heart chakra and I find it that it really helps and it’s little things like this that you find that really can work for you It’s a supercharged blend for aromatherapy oil and these oils really help support your heart
chakra and your general well-being Next is the use of positive affirmations We have the power over our mind and if we
choose positive thoughts then we can uplift ourselves and we can uplift those around us I’m such a big believer that I’ve written
two books, actually for young women Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself with that I’ve made these little positive
affirmation cards so, I can keep these little affirmation card
next my bed at night and so when I wake up in the morning, I pick
them up and I shuffle them Then I just randomly pick a card I’m the creator of my life nothing happens
by chance Every thought Every action has a reaction I choose my words and thoughts carefully as they create my world so there you go just as what I was talking about so sometime’s I’ll even right a positive affirmation
on my mirror just as a little reminder one of my favorite messages is actually a positive message from my mother and that is “Shine Your Light” Shine your light Finally I like to trade screen time for green time so sometimes if I’m feeling overwhelmed or
exhausted I’ll simply walk outside and put my feet in
the grass and it really helps energize and ground me It connects me to nature and really helps
me be in the present moment It’s a simple and effective tool

100 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr’s Guide to De-Stressing | Little Black Book | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. how to de stress like miranda kerr: have no problems, be a millionaire, be married to a billionaire, have access to people and things a normal person doesn't

  2. one time in high school I was experiencing a really bad high and one of my friends gave me a clear crystal quartz to hold and I really cant explain it but I just felt the paranoia and fear slowly leave my body and it really helped calm me down.. idk if it was the placebo effect or something but wow I was amazed lol

  3. Every video she participates in now are all just promotional advertisements of her brand. They simply signed her and she agrees off of business inventory. There's really nothing special/uplifting when I see her talking about her products half of the time

  4. It must veeery relaxing to live off your body (looks) and being married to a billionaire. There's no real talent in her success such as intelligence and don't start telling me that she's got her own brand! When you've made enough money off your body it's really a no brainer to start a company.

  5. Seems to me the real key to successfully de-stressing is to have a steady and reliable source of income and to have passed that career-oriented phase in life.

  6. When I first saw it in the up next bar I thought it says How to Stress like Supermodel Miranda Kerr and I was super confused like there a proper way to stress. Then when I click on it, I notice it say destress which make more sense.

  7. I was meditating to Om Mani Padme Hum just a while ago and here I am watching this video of Miranda. It is like a message to me to continue on the path. The POSITIVE change I notice in every area of my life after finding peace within me is just incredible , eventhough I am very new to the subject. It is something you have to experience on your own to know how it actually feels like. Thanks to the new found peace I can now deal with people and do my studies and work very well. I am not affected by what happens in the outside world as PEACE is within me and PEACE is my number one concern. Peace to all!!!!!!

  8. wake up people. she has master PR and marketing projecting this new age/hippie good girl image. JHO Low say it all, she also slept around in hollywood – Leo di Caprio, Justin bieber whilst being a married woman, hence why Orlando bloom left her and they divorced also receiving a nice entitlement/divorce settlement. Sure she works and has made some money, but not enough to span a life time, and not to her own doing…accepting gifts from frauds, selling yourself as an escort and also a divorce settlement does not make you self made.
    Before you say – I am jealous, how do I know her?…well I am a Sydney girl and know personally her previous yoga teacher, masseuse, beautician, hair dresser and model booker at her previous agency – whom she never gave a xmas card to her after being her agent for 10 years…and the above including David Jones and Vicoria's secret – they dumped her becuase of her difficult behaviour. It doesn't matter – truth prevails and god always rewards integrity and authenticity. I'm afraid there is no escape to karma, if it doesn't catch you in this life time…..it will surely in the following life times…she should know this..if not she is destined to learn

  9. I always love watching MK video wellness and health video..please start your YouTube channel..I wanted your kora product but they are so costly..I tried adopting your health routine,flax seeds have become my favorite even chia seeds..tc

  10. Great video!! she is so lovely! _ Larimar, Clear Topaz + Rhodochrosite are my favorite crystals to use on the daily! What are y'alls?

  11. the key word she says at the beginning is constant learning and I add constant effort. she is a truly lovely lady. some tips may be over some of us but a few good changes are possible. no stress xoxoxo

  12. Wonderful in theory and I genuinely love her positive vibe. However, I take issue with the idea that we have 'power over our minds.' Sadly, it's not true. The subconscious is in the driving seat, as it controls our primitive urges. People who live with mental illness particularly struggle with negative thoughts and feelings. To suggest that affirmations are the answer is incorrect and disheartening. Harper's Bazaar, you have a great opportunity to educate others RE wellness. I'm disappointed that what you've chosen to circulate is either misleading or excluding to those below a certain income.

  13. It's funny how people commenting on Miranda using her own products, I mean, if she doesn't use them herself, people should start to be suspicious… Just saying

  14. Her vibe is very relaxing. Despite her luxurious lifestyle, who she’s married to, or what she has, everyone can learn from a little self love and positive thoughts each day. Her lifestyle may not be relatable to most, but a positive message is a positive message. Love yourself and take care of yourself. Kudos to her. I can’t be mad at her blessings.

  15. Amazing. Beautiful mind beautiful person.
    Love how as a celebrity she is more calm, and is aware of herself in a deeper level than many average people.

  16. Thank you for sharing, Miranda. I'm inspired by how you balance your body, mind, & spirit in spite of your busy career & personal life.

  17. As a fellow aussie, I love her.. But beware as she is being deceived by the new age. A very dangerous path connected to the kingdom of darkness. Jesus loves you Miranda.. Seek him.. He is not a Universal Consciousness Guru as the new age teaches.. I used to be involved with meditation and a year ago I would have agreed with you.. But you are putting your soul at risk.. I see how different you act compared to your younger self. Jesus Christ is the way Miranda and he longs for you, his daughter to seek him and come home <3 He will give you true peace and love. God bless you Miranda is Jesus name <3 Love You x

  18. Meditating is cool, but crystals are just rocks. Anything can give you positivity, self love, confidence, intuition, etc as long as you belive it does.

  19. It is good she is sharing her routines but I hope there are subtitles about this. :'( Most of people will have advantage to learn more especially people who have special needs.

  20. Kora Organics is so gooood, I tried so many products but kora is so far the best! it works for me so well. I don't think she is fake about promoting her products. if I have a brand that I put so much into I'll promote it too. It's honest. And these​ products are so good..

  21. What she list i did those when my ex and i broke up…i even put shells in my house lol its helped me alot to have peace of mind.

  22. I love Miranda and I been listening to her advices. I start to meditate more and appreciate the nature around me. I’m happier and my colleagues even noticed my growing skin. Thank you the angel.

  23. LOL. Nothing "exotic" or great about her routine. She just copy/follow Hindu Indian culture like Yog, Kundalini Yoga, healing, crystal usage and bla blah…uses Turmeric in everything🙄 and try to preach it as something "exotic". Eff off. All of these so called routines have been practised in India for "thousands" of years. PRETENTIOUS as heck.

  24. Im so happy that I have started watching your channel, it is so uplifting and reminds me that we can make all these changes for ourself.

  25. I really like Miranda and she seems like a really nice person, but she comes across very naive and I do worry she gets exploited somewhat…I know between her and her partner they have plenty of money but she doesn’t realise she’s being sold BS left right and centre by “gurus” with the sole intention of taking her money under the guise of “spirituality and wellness”… your “expert” thinks you need to do this or that on a regular basis which requires their services, or you need to buy such and such product made especially tailored for you and your personal energy… Miranda I’ve got a rock for you that will protect you from Tigers (it only works though in countries you don’t find Tigers so keep that in mind), I’ve also got an energy detection stick that will alert you to the aura of any great whites looking to attack (it does only work inland however)

    She just seems surrounded by experts and gurus that want to act like friends while they line their pockets for the service and that’s not friendship, how many would stick around with their spiritual advice if she went broke

  26. Having rich husband is the key. I dont believe in the crystal or stone its just our mind that think it does something when it doesn't.

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