Minnie Darke: What I’m Reading (author of STAR-CROSSED)

Hello. I’m Minnie Darke, the
author of Star-Crossed, and this is what I’m reading. [MUSIC PLAYING] Above all else, I love
a good story well told. And Claire North’s The First
Fifteen Lives of Harry August is just that. Every time Harry
August dies, he finds himself returned to the
moment of his birth, able to live his life again
but with all the memories and knowledge that he’s gained
during his previous years on Earth. Now, where this story
gets really interesting is when Harry begins to
meet other people just like him, members
of the Cronus club, who can pass messages to
each other across the span of decades and even centuries. It’s mind-bending, but
in the best possible way. Another great story well told
is Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, a gorgeous blend of
fairy tale and fantasy. It’s the story of Agnieszka, who
becomes an apprentice of sorts to a wizard. But what I love about this story
is that as Agnieszka begins to explore her
facility for magic, she does so absolutely
on her own terms. Hers isn’t the institutionalized
book-bound magic of the wizard, but an entirely earthy,
intuitive magic. Now, Novik shows amazing
skill in describing what it feels like to learn
your own magic from the inside. At first glance, Bear
Town by Fredrik Backman is the story of a town obsessed
with the sport of ice hockey. Now, I’m Australian, and I
don’t know the first thing about ice hockey. But that’s fine because what
this novel is really about is human desire and ambition,
and how we damage and disfigure ourselves and each other when
those desires and ambitions get out of control or when we
perceive that we’ve failed. I don’t want to say
too much about the plot because I don’t want
to spoil anyone else’s reading of this novel. But for me, Bear Town is
an incredible portrait of the worst and the best
impulses of humankind. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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